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Discover all you need to know about your favorite celebrities here on thecelebritystats.com!

We are a team of journalists with a knack towards entertainment news. Before coming together to form this website, we were highly associated with some of the most influential entertainment companies in our region. However, due to multiple creative differences, we took this exciting route and haven’t looked back ever since.

thecelebritystats.com publishes content based on the everyday lives of upcoming as well as prominent celebrities. From revealing their net worth to exposing the spiciest detail about their secret beaus, our motto is provide every material necessary to make sure our viewers get to connect with their celebrities on a deeper level!

Join us on our journey as we bring to you the biggest and most popular chronicles in Hollywood and entertainment history!

Curious to know more about our team? Scroll below to learn more about the ultimate duo that makes things happen for thecelebritystats.com!

Our Team

The more the merrier seems applicable in theory for thecelebritystats.com, as all we need to cover the latest scoop about A-list celebrities are two pairs of reliable hands! Carry on to learn more about James Galfianakis and Jimmy Hopkins, the founding and loyal members of thecelebritystats.com!

Marc Lupo

Co-founder, Economist, JournalistMarc-Lupo

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Marc Lupo is the co-founder and CEO of thecelebritystats.com, a website that covers the biggest stories in entertainment news regarding A-list celebrities. His obsession about calculating assets of prominent figures over the world started at a young age. It initially started as a hobby when he was still in high school.

Through the help of his desktop, he used to surf through the web and learn about the lives of celebrities, athletes, and other prominent icons in early 2000s.

That hobby of his also led him to enroll at Eastern Michigan University for a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Economics; two feats that he later ditched to pursue a career in journalism.

While Marc is wise beyond his years and covers each issue like a veteran journalist, he’s very much a fresh face in the world of journalism. He uses his analytical abilities to measure the fortune of big names all over the world, and utilizes his capabilities as a wordsmith to put them down on paper for most write-ups covered on this website.

Samantha Rea

Journalist, Content WriterSamantha-Rea

Instagram, Twitter

Samantha Rea’ passion for journalism led her to join forces with Marc Lupo to form thecelebritystats.com in early 2009. Although she is always quoted as Marc ’ “sidekick,” the experience that Samantha has as a journalist goes beyond The Celebrity Stats.

She had a passion for writing in high school and planned to become an English Major after finishing his secondary education, but dropped out after spending a semester at Colorado State University.

Prior to working for this website, Samantha interned for various renowned magazines in the U.S that covered fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. While the work that he generated mostly catered to food, contemporary culture and fashion, Samantha discovered her love for journalism when She started partaking in interviews.

From local high school athletes to prominent actors that started on Broadway, Ria tried to keep her skillset as versatile as possible, which is very apparent on every piece of material that he curates for thecelebritystats.com.

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