Andrew Tate Net Worth: How Much Does This Kickboxing Champion Own?

Andrew Tate net worth

Andrew Tate is popular for his kickboxing career and online presence as an internet personality, but his recent popularity gained its fuel for all the wrong reasons. From kickboxing career to allegations of sexual harrassment and human trafficking, Tate’s career seems to have flipped upside down and it has taken a large chunk out of his bank account as well.

While all of these are in motion, fans are wondering one thing precisely about him, and that concerns Andrew Tate net worth. How much has this individual earned during his career? His current net worth is set between $300 million to $350 million overall, as of 2024.

What are his sources of income that contributed so significantly to his net worth? How much revenue does he generate each month? These are the questions that many don’t know the answer to, and a lot of you aspire to find out.

Thus, we’ve decorated our article around Andrew Tate’s life encompassing all of his engagements and endeavors. Following us along in this journey should equip you with detailed information about this kickboxer and you’ll realize the ways we’ve been able to accumulate his worth based on substantial facts.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Who is Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate was born as Emory Andrew Tate III on December 14, 1986 in Washington DC, USA hailing from a mixture of both Scottish and English descent. If his original name sounds familiar, then you’re probably a fan of chess, because his father was the late international chess master Emory Andrew Tate Jr who was famous back in the days when he participated in the sport.

Some argue that his father’s personal traits allowed Tate to become the cunning kickboxer that he had become later in his prime. At the age of four, Tate’s entire family moved back to London and he remained there until his retirement from the sport back in 2020.

His father was not only a master tactician, but also a US military during his young days. Such a combination of tactics along with physical durability translated into Tate from an early age. He even claims it himself that he is a tactician when he’s fighting on stage and not everything happens with the body as half of it comes from a sharp mind with keen observation as well.

Their move back to London was triggered by his father’s retirement and a low-paying job that wasn’t sufficient to feed Tate and his siblings properly. There has been a time when Tate had to move heavy fishing boxes at local markets very early on in the morning. All of the struggle, talent and willpower pushed him to the point where he transcended past every obstacle to become the kickboxer success story.

Kickboxing Career

Belonging to the light heavyweight weight division at the peak of his career, Tate hasn’t always been under this classification during his earlier days. Back in 2009, he participated in the cruiserweight category in Derby, England where he challenged for the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship. He achieved victory in this match and this rendered him the no. 1 spot in all of Europe at that particular weight class.

From this point onward, his career was on the rise and it seemed like nothing would be able to stop him med like nothing would hamper his constant progression toward success. Until his first title win, he was the proud holder of an astounding record of 17 wins in his 19 matches. Despite such a flow of victories however, Tate lost the battle for ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship against Jean-Luc Benoit.

He opted for a rematch against Benoit three months after his defeat and won the title. He then went on to win his second ISKA title in 2013 in France. At the peak of his career, Tate was able to obtain the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Championship after a split decision called in by the judges.

The flow of his kickboxing career was supported by his knack for MMA and boxing helped him secure some of the major victories in his career. After his move to Romania, Tate’s lifestyle took a different turn as he and his brother started making tons of money from their courses offered at Hustlers University and revenues generated from their Youtube Channel “Tate Speech”.

What Is Andrew Tate Net Worth?

Andrew Tate actual net worth

Now we have arrived at the topic of the day, which is “Andrew Tate net worth”. We are going to investigate his sources of income to critically assess his worth and present that to you. As we’ve mentioned, he has started offering courses at Hustlers University, an online institution that actually is Tate’s brain child and is seeing an avalanche of people taking in courses against amounts ranging between $60 to $250.

This is one of the most brilliant schemes that Tate and his brother have come up with. Hustlers University has been featured by tons of Youtubers, some endorsing it and some claiming it to be some sort of scam. When asked, Tate responded that during his kickboxing days, the highest amount of paycheck that he earned was worth $100,000. He then realized that kickboxing won’t earn him the lavish lifestyle that he always dreamed of.

Thus he shifted his focus to the directions of his institution and Youtube. It is claimed that he makes between $20,000 to $80,000 per month from his channel, and around $3 to $4 million from Hustlers University. Although his earnings are mostly speculation since he once stated that he earns around $4,000 per day which cannot be verified.

Based on all of these factors and data, our experts are almost certain that Andrew Tate net worth is between $300 million to $350 million. You’ll find his lifestyle in posh villas and riding expensive sports cars supporting our assessment.

Sexual Harrassment Allegations

You might be shocked to learn that your beloved kickboxing guru Andrew Tate has been banned from Twitter due to sexual harrassment allegations on more than one occasion. As Independent claims, Tate tweeted regarding a rape incident stating that women to some extent are to be held responsible for a rape to occur. This tweet met with severe backlash from the netizens that had Tate’s account suspended for a duration of time.

Afterwards, Cosmopolitan has picked up on another of his statements regarding mental illness. Tate declared that depression is not an actual illness, for which another of his Twitter accounts got banned. Until 2021, Tate had lost three of his Twitter accounts on different occasions. Twitter acknowledged the breach through their policy and finally blocked Tate completely from opening any account further.

Human Trafficking Controversy

As Tate has set his establishment in Bucharest, Romania, there has been multiple accusations against him regarding human trafficking. According to The Daily Beast, the Romanian police had busted Tate’s place and rescued two women, one American and one Romanian held against their will. There has been allegations of rape and the Romanian law enforcement agency is continuing their investigation.

Another controversy highlighted in The Mirror UK talks about a bondage sextape of Tate with his girlfriend that resulted in his removal from the renown show Big Brother back in 2016. These incidents altogether show what kind of a life Tate is living right now and leaves us lessons to be taken from them.


Now, we’ll take a brief look at Andrew Tate’s personal information along with professional records quickly to develop a better understanding of this kickboxer’s life and events.

Name Andrew Tate
Full Name Emory Andrew Tate III
Date of Birth December 14, 1986
Place of Birth Washington DC, USA
Current Residence Bucharest, Romania
Net Worth Between $300M to $350M
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 185 cm (73 in)
Weight 198 pounds (90 kg)
Career Awards 2014 Enfusion Live World Champion

2013 ISKA World Full-Contact Light CruiserweightChampion

2011 ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Champion


Andrew Tate’s life and activities are not something that we look forward to seeing in our beloved star. But it doesn’t change the fact how things are in his life and how he made his choices of doing or speaking about certain things. No matter what he has accomplished in his lifetime, or the amount of money he earns through them, in the end we should know where to draw the line between admiration and reprimandation.

However, whether he is guilty of his latest charges or not is up to the authorities. Our goal here was to investigate initially Andrew Tate net worth, which we’ve accumulated to sit between $300 million to $350 million. Our experts have broken down his sources of income and how much he earns each month from the individual sources.

There may be other sources of income for him as well, since a star with such high reach is supposed to receive other monetary offers as well. Regardless, in our pursuit of finding out how much he is worth, we have had the opportunity to learn almost all the major aspects of Tate’s life.

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