Angie Varona Facts: From Her Early Life, Net Worth To Endorsements In 2024

Angie Varona facts

It’s a surprise that Angie Varona is currently where she is now – a popular model on social media and an influencer that many love & follow in the current era of internet culture. Her story of redemption is just as remarkable as her current degree of influence on the netizens who relishe on admiring talented & good looking models through the spectrum of contemporary media outlets.

We know it’s important for her followers to support her influence & growth as a model, but we also believe that it’s equally important to know about her backstory because it can be a highly inspiring tale for many out there. Whether you want to be like Angie Varona, an individual endowed with millions of followers, or are simply looking to know more about her, this is THE place to be for you.

Our article places Ange Varona at the center of this article and explores her past, her journey into pop cultural references and every intricate detail you might have wondered about her. Our experts have not only assessed her net worth, but also have explained her sources of income. By the end, you’ll learn what it takes to be such a prominent model and how many sacrifices it takes for someone to reach the pinnacle of success.

Who Is Angie Varona?

Who Is Angie Varona

If you have very little idea about who Angie Varona is, let us enlighten you in this regard. Born as Angeline Varona on April 25, 1993 in Miami, Florida, USA, she became popular only at the age of 14, and that for all the wrong reasons. The incident that brought her initially under the spotlight was her exposing selfies stored in her PhotoBucket account getting leaked on the internet by a hacker.

How she coped with such an incident is discussed in our following section, for now we’ll focus on how much she’s gained afterward, getting past her teenage years. She is currently admired by millions of fans all over the world as stats suggest. Her Instagram account currently has 3.6 million followers while her Facebook page has 2.9 million.

Added to that, she has around a million subscribers on her TikTok profile with over 8.5 million overall likes. These numbers speak for the individual’s degree of popularity on the internet and gives us an idea of the level of influence she has over the netizens. Her venture into OnlyFans has been welcomed with open arms by her fans as her subscriber number spiked up to just below half a million in a very short span of time.

Early Life

Angie Varona early life

Her early life details haven’t been made known to everyone since she preferred maintaining her privacy, and we should most certainly respect that. The few facts that we know about her childhood is that she was born to Juan and Maria Varona in the Florida area and attended her schooling in the John Ferguson Senior High School.

Due to the PhotoBucket leakage, her school life had gotten sour since her classmates kept calling her a pornstar, apart from all the other means of bullying she received during the days. After changing two schools, Angie had to settle for home schooling because of the treatments she’s received from all her fellow students at each of the institutions.

She’s been through depression, emotional vulnerability and thoughts of committing murder at that stage, as you can fully understand what a 14 year old teenager can feel like after going through all these adversities at such an early age. Still, she held on and came back strongly putting faith in herself, as a result in her academic career she kept pursuing her dream.

She has completed her graduation in Political Science and International Relations and is right now pursuing a Law degree in the same university. The level of mental strength and courage required to push through such difficulty and reach the stage where she is now is truly remarkable. And in her modeling career, we’ll see how she managed to flourish in the following section.

Career Journey

Angeline Varona career journey

The first step of her journey into the modeling arena wasn’t something that shouldn’t happen to anyone in the world as it’s unethical and can completely destroy a person’s life. Angie however, being the strong individual as she is, decided to utilize that fame after long episodes of depression and anxiety to become a model on social media.

Miami News portal covers the ABC News’ Nightline broadcast where Terry Moran claimed that it was a good thing that the leak incident happened to her. But we firmly believe it’s a completely subjective opinion, even threatening to some extent and it shouldn’t encourage anyone else to go through what she had to at any stage of life.

Now back to Angie Varona. Her first Instagram post was seen in 2012 on which she eventually broadened her field of work. Most of her pictures are bold – like in lingerie, bikini or undergarments because she realized how beautiful she looks in the pictures and how much people love admiring her work. Her followers skyrocketed in a few years, opening doors of more possibilities in the modeling scene.

Her parents discussed on ABC News how they felt when they learned about the picture leak incident, and what goes through the minds of the parents of a 14 year old. They were no less devastated than Angie and contacted the police for a remedy. The police gave up soon after as the spreading could not be prevented. Angie somehow succeeded on her venture after what happened onwards, but it doesn’t mean the same would happen to everyone else.

Angie Varona Net Worth

Angie Varona has multiple sources of income right now, all thanks to the popularity she’s been able to generate on her social media fronts. She earns from her OnlyFans subscriptions frequently along with her endorsements with numerous brands. Angie participates in photo & video shoots that adds revenue to her bank account, along with her commercials, acting and social media posts.

From all these sources, our experts have assessed that Angie Varona net worth in 2024 is set approximately around $1 million. She generates a yearly income around half a million US dollars and that too is constantly on the rise. We hope it won’t take much long for her to gain recognition from Hollywood or a similar scale of production to boost her career even further!

Personal Life

Angeline Varona personal life

In her personal life, Angie currently resides in a luxurious house in Miami, Florida which is one of her few establishments all across the country. She lives with her immediate family there and it gives us a glimpse of her caring nature that we most certainly should admire. She has one brother whose name has never been disclosed in public for obvious reasons.

In the relationship scene, it’s quite unclear whom she is currently with as two names pop up connected to her romantically. One is Juan Pablo Ignacio and the other is Rick Arredondo, a managing partner in American Medical Academy, with whom she’s been for approximately a couple of years as multiple sources tell us.

Some sources suggest that things ended between Angue and Ignacio long ago, and she’s currently dating Arredondo. While other sources claim that Angie is married to Ignacio according to a statement she made after joining OnlyFans. But there have been plenty of pictures showing Angie and Arredondo together, so it’s still a mystery on who she is currently with, and what their relationship status is.


In this section, we’ll present you with all the necessary details about Angie Varona, starting from her personal information to her professional, so that you can gain a thorough understanding of this fashion model at a glance in the shortest possible time.

Full Name Angeline Varona or Angie Varona
Date of Birth April 25, 1993
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, USA
Parents Juan and Maria Varona
No. of Siblings 1
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Net Worth $1M
Followers Instagram (3.6M)
Facebook (2.9M)TikTok (970.6K)
OnlyFans (430.4K)
Relationship Status In a relationship
Height 158 cm (62 in)
Weight 110 pounds (50 kg)
Academic Qualifications Degree in Political Science and International Relations


We’ve covered the long and difficult journey of Angie Varona from her early fame in the most improper way to a flourishing modeling career that she’s living right now. Although we admire her career path now, but in no way should we encourage the early trauma that could almost be regarded as child pornography which helped her career get a boost in popularity.

You don’t want to receive rape threats or sexually explicit letters from unknown men from different areas, all of which Angie had to endure at such an early age. So it’s a lesson for all on how things can easily go downhill if such incidents occur.

Now, we can admire Angie for her courage and her talent in the world of modeling, and encourage her to progress even further in her career. And with the help of this article, you now know a great deal about this 29 year old model who aspires to do greater things in her coming days!

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