Revealing Anna Delvey’s Real Net Worth in 2024

Anna Delvey’s real net worth

Anna Sorokina, also known as Anna Delvey, is a Russian con-artist who has garnered a massive amount of attention and created quite a buzz this year. While she has been monitored closely since 2019 due to committing fraudulent activities on numerous occasions, she obtained an enormous fan base this year after Netflix released the series, Inventing Anna, which highlights all the acts that the criminal took part in before she was ultimately caught red-handed by the law. The series was released in February, 2022, and remains one most watched shows on the platform to this day.

Apart from achieving recognition due to Netflix’s 9 episode installment of her real-life crimes, Anna Delvey is often talked about due to her surprisingly humongous net worth of $60 million, which will unfortunately keep growing with each day. To learn more about how she managed to turn $60 to $60 million over the course of a decade, move onto the next segment, where we’ll be carrying out a deep rewind of all the things she did that got her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Anna Delvey Net Worth 2024

Anna Sorokina

Before she gathered a consistent fan base for the popular Netflix series Inventing Anna and had a whopping net worth of $60 million, Anna Delvey committed a series of criminal acts while pretending to be a wealthy heiress.

It all started in 2013, when Anna Delvey decided to attend the 2013 New York Fashion Week. She ran into prominent actors, actresses and even a number of famous fashion designers at the event, and when asked about her identity, she replaced her last name from “Sorokina” to “Delvey” to keep her actual name a mystery. She also pretended to be a successor of an immensely wealthy family and would often boast about her clothing to the ones she would communicate with.

While pretending to be a German heiress in 2013, Anna would often attend high-end events and parties, where she would maximize the influence of her presence, and the services that the event offered, just to disperse without paying even the slightest percentage of the bill that she amassed.

In 2014, despite her habit of failing to pay those she owed money to, Anna Delvey was often an icon in the media because of her high-profile friends and affiliations. She was often seen dining out with prominent celebrities, which included famous CEOs, athletes, actors and models. She followed this scheme for another year before coming up with her most successful venture in 2016, an act that also led to her inevitable downfall.

In 2016, Anna Delvey came up with The Anna Delvey Foundation: A Soho based club for private members which also had similar qualities to that of an art foundation. Through that project, Anna hoped to collect her funds for the architecture by scamming wealthy members, which was unsuccessful. Through the help of the massive funding, her plan was to lease the Church Missions House entirely, and host pop-up shows as well as art exhibitions featuring renowned artists all over the city of New York as well as upcoming artists around the world. Apart from her unsuccessful project, she also left one of her friends with a $70,000 bill on a Moroccan vacation, an activity that would later bite her in the back.

In 2017, after failing to collect the assistance of wealthy investors, Anna Delvey took matters into her own hands to keep the existing dream of The Anna Delvey Foundation alive. She did so by seeking various loans of 10 million dollars through defrauding financial advisors, wealth managers, and accountants. To secure the funds even further, Anna also created fake paperwork and applied for a bank loan.

However, it all came crashing down for Anna Sorokina in 2017, when the supposed friend who covered for the $70,000 bill left during the Moroccan trip decided to turn her in. In October of that year, Anna was charged with an attempted theft of $22 million dollars as well as the theft of $300,000. She was put behind bars with 10 counts of theft, larceny, attempted theft, and attempted larceny due to successfully deceiving hotels and financial institutions on multiple occasions.

From October 2017 to 2019, Anna was incarcerated and recharged with 8 counts of theft, larceny, attempted theft and attempted larceny. As a result, she was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison. She was released on parole for good behavior in 2021, but was later reinforced just a month later by Customs and Immigration for overstaying her visa.

While she was the talk of the town for a short period of time between the years 2013 and 2021, her popularity was sealed in 2022, when Netflix bought the rights to her story with a sum that comprised a little over $300,000. From then on, her career took off, and today, she is known as not only an infamous fraudster, but also a celebrity.

In addition to her rise in popularity, her net worth also increased from $100,000 to 60 million! From 2013 to 2024, she had a consistent annual income of over $5 million. With the sudden rise in popularity, release of future projects, her current net worth is said to cross over $65 million by the time 2024 commences.

 Overview and Mini Biography

Listed below are some facts and trivias of infamous criminal, Anna Delvey. Did you know that her name isn’t actually Anna Delvey? Neither did we! Find out more on the segment below!

Real Name Anna Vadimovna Sorokina
Other Names Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokina, Anna Sorokin-Delvey
D.O.B January 23, 1991 (31 years old)
Sex Female
Hometown Domodedovo, Russia, SFSR, Soviet Union
Height 5’4 (1.64m)
Citizenship German
Net Worth 60 Million USD (2024)
Occupation Con Artist, Fraudster
Criminal Charge Grand Larceny, Second Degree Larceny, Theft Of Services
Conviction April 25, 2019; 3 years, 2 months ago
Criminal Status Detained
Penalty 4 to 12 years imprisonment, $200,000 fine, deportation to Germany

Anna Vadimovna Sorkina was born on 23 January, 1991 in Domodedovo, Moscow, Russia. Her father was a truck driver at the time while her mother was the owner of a grocery store.

They resided in Domodedovo till 2007, when they decided to give themselves a fresh start by moving to Germany. There, her father started his own HVAC company that specialized in efficient energy use while her mother supported the family by taking care of the people as well as their property.

In high school, Anna was described by her peers as reserved, and was often noted for her struggles with learning the German language. She was also known for her knack towards the art of fashion and would often entertain herself by purchasing magazines of Vogue, reading fashion blogs and following accounts on Flickr that specialized in creative arts.

She moved to London to attend the arts school Central Saint Martins, but dropped out in 2012 to move back to Germany. She later took her talents to Paris and started working as an intern for the French fashion magazine, “Purple”. A year into living in Paris, she started going by the name “Anna Delvey”, which she would later put to use when committing con-like activities.

Artshows and Future Projects

Artshows and future projects

When the Russian isn’t berated for her crimes, she is praised for her fascination towards art.

Her knack towards art was first showcased in March, 2022, when she launched the event “Free Anna Delvey” art show. It was active for a week, from March 17 to March 22, and comprised the work of 33 artists overall. The exhibition took place in the Lower East side of Manhattan. Critics stated that the exhibition portrayed Anna in a sympathetic and positive manner.

Anna’s second art show, titled “Allegedly” commenced in May of this year. It was held in the nightclub of the Public Hotel in Manhattan, where each artwork was displayed through various demonstrations made by prominent influencers such as Yuhua Hamasaki, a drag queen. The main agenda of the show was to display every controversial event Anna was involved in through her perspective. Despite the engaging agenda, critics were quick to call Anna’s art exhibition a scam.

Apart from the art shows, Anna Delvey has also expressed her interest towards NFT (non-fungible token) and will kick start her debut by releasing a collection of non-fungible tokens this June.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we hope you enjoyed learning about the staggering net worth of Anna Delvey and knowing a little about her upbringing, her past life, and her future projects. Although we are strongly against all the acts Anna Delvey committed prior to getting incarcerated in 2017, we hope she is able to turn her life around for the better, and amps up her net worth through the means of carrying out good deeds.

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