Azealia Banks Net Worth 2024: Unveiling The Massive Fortune of The Self Proclaimed SeaQueen

Azealia Banks net worth

2011 was undoubtedly a great year for American rapper Azealia Banks, when she entered the music industry with the release of “212”, which instantly caught fire and made her an iconic figure. Due to her abilities and exceptional skills on the mic at that time, people famously dubbed her as “Slay-Z”, due to the similarity of her rap delivery in contrast to that of Jay Z, American artist, music producer, and businessman.

Even though the rapper has since lost the spark she once had, her first track “212” is still an iconic piece of work to this day. The Harlem based rapper also signed multiple endorsement deals due to the commercial success of her first track, through which she has garnered quite an admirable amount of fortune. Currently, she is said to have a net worth of $3 million in total.

Moving on, if you’re wondering just how Azealia Banks managed to attain such a substantial amount of net worth of $3 million despite declining as an artist, you’ve hit the jackpot! In this article, we’ll carry out a deep rewind on just that, so, make sure to move on to the segment below to find the answer to your question.

The Shocking Net Worth Of American Hip-hop Sensation Azealia Banks!

Hip-hop Sensation Azealia Banks

Taking into account the fame and fortune that she earned, it’s safe to say that Azealia Banks’ net worth of $3 million is most definitely believable. While the artist did peak relatively early as a rapper and is only known for one track in particular that was released in 2011, in addition to the remuneration she has made as a one-hit wonder, the endorsement deals she had with Beats by Dre, Whitenicious, Mac Cosmetics, and Alexander Wang surely added a handsome amount of funds to her pre-existing fortune.

Furthermore, although the SeaQueen hasn’t risen to prominence through her music in quite some time now, she is still very much active in the industry, and headlines multiple shows on the regular, which surely enables her to collect big paychecks every now and then.

Life Before Fame: A Rewind On Azealia Banks’ Personal Life and Early Beginnings

Azealia Banks’ Personal Life

Born in Manhattan, New York, on May 31, 1991, Azealia’s life was full of hurdles. Her father lost his battle against pancreatic cancer when she was just 2 years old. Eager for a fresh start, her mother, alongside her and her two siblings moved to Harlem for a fresh start.

However, things went south rather quickly for the Banks’ family, when Azealia’s mother became abusive following her father’s death. According to Azealia, her mother used to beat the American rapper as well as her two siblings with a baseball bat on the regular, bang their heads against walls, and make derogatory remarks about their physical appearances. Azealia even mentioned one night on which her mother threw out any and every food from the refrigerator to starve the whole family. The abuse was so severe and persistent in the later years, that Azealia left the home and moved in with her older sister at age 14.

Before pursuing a career in music, Azealia had a passion for dancing and acting. Before dropping out of highschool, she used to partake in various musicals. Her talents as a dancer, singer and actor was evident during one musical in particular, which featured a comedy-esque musical installment of The City of Angels. In fact, an agent even picked her up due to her remarkable performance, who later sent her for multiple acting gigs; all of which were unsuccessful.

Heartbroken and devastated by the aftermath, Azealia turned to music when she was 16 to cope with the sense of unfulfillment. She eventually found so much joy in the art of making music, that she dismissed her thoughts of finishing secondary education to invest in her dreams of becoming a musical prodigy.

Azealia is very open about her mental health issues. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and also expressed her interest in ending her life through euthanasia in 2020.

She also admitted to bleaching her skin in 2016 to get rid of blemishes that were caused when she was on birth control. In December of the same year, Azealia also shed light on the miscarriage she had and seeked advice from her fans to cope with the severity of the situation.

Mini Overview: Fun Facts and Trivia about Azealia Banks

Here’s a brief overview on and a series of fascinating facts and trivia regarding Azealia Banks that we’re sure you had no prior knowledge of! Scroll below to receive information about the artists the Manhattan-born rapper used to look up to as a kid.

Name Azealia Amanda Banks
Also Known As Miss Bank$, Azilka
D.O.B May 31, 1991 (31 Years Old)
Sex Female
Hometown Harlem, New York, U.S.
Height 5’2 (1.6m)
Sexuality Bisexual
Net Worth 3 Million USD (2024)
Zodiac Gemini
Occupation Rapper
Partner(s) Ryder Ripps (February 2021- March 2021)
Inspiration(s) Beyonce, Aaliyah
Alter Ego Yung Rapunxel

Sexuality, Perception of the LGBTQ+ Community, and Controversies

Azealia Banks surely was the recipient of a positive reception when she made her debut as a hip-hop artist, however, the rapper is mostly notorious these days for her antics on social media and making controversial remarks every now and then about colleagues and the LGBTQ+ community.

Azealia Banks controversies

Despite identifying as bisexual, the artist has been labelled a “bully” rather than an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. She has been accused of both homophobia and transphobia. The first instance came in 2015, when she used foul language against a flight attendant, which contained homophobic slurs. She also shamed the LGBTQ+ community later that year for being ‘weak individuals’ and put them in the same category as KKK, a group that is composed of white supremacists.

Azealia was also slammed by fans and avid users of social media in 2016 when she went after musician Zayn Malik and actress Skai Jackson with a rant that was full of profanity, racism and homophobia. That action of hers came with unavoidable repercussions as she was dropped by her record label as well as slashed from the lineup of multiple music festivals. Additionally, since it all took place on social networking platform Twitter, her account was suspended indefinitely and remains banned to this day.

The musician caused quite the stir once again earlier this year, when she released stories on her Instagram about the Russo-Ukrainian War, where she repeatedly berated Ukraine as well as people of the country with vile words. She even called Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, her favorite “super-villain.”

Bottom Line

We hope every section in this article was effective and relative enough to support the actual net worth of Azealia Banks, which currently stands at $3 million.

Additionally, we hope you enjoyed gaining a closer insight on Azealia Banks’ upbringing, early life, and learning more about her zodiac sign. Even though the rapper is mostly known for her cynical remarks and vile acts these days, investing in her skills as a musician was surely a blessing for all of us, and truly paid off for her; literally and figuratively.

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