Bandman Kevo Net Worth, Yearly Income & Career Overview

Bandman Kevo net worth

Bandman Kevo is an American rapper who is not only popular & revered for his songs, but also for the fact that he’s a social media influencer, entrepreneur and music producer. He often writes his own lyrics for which he’s regarded as a poet by his followers.

Through numerous channels his fans & admirers are seeking for one fact, which is: Bandman Kevo net worth. Despite his popularity, such assessments for rising stars aren’t easy to find since statisticians don’t always concern themselves on such matters.

So we’ve taken things into our hands to go through Bandman Kevo’s career, personal life and other records to evaluate his sources of income and determine his approximate net worth. Stick around for a detailed breakdown and a rough estimation of his yearly income as well!

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

Bandman Kevo worth

Now comes the real question: how much is Bandman Kevo worth? The approximate assessment of his net worth suggests that his belongings are worth around 3 to 4 million USD.

His initial income sources are his musical albums, composition and production. Apart from that, he receives honors from performing on stage.

In the online portion, he has a Youtube channel with currently 491k subscribers that generates a handsome amount for him. Also, his vlod contents have gained him enough popularity to be a part of merchandising & brand advertisement.

He even sold content on management, NFT and similar knowledge-based utilities in his OnlyFans account, which saw him earn an astonishing 10,000 USD on the first day.

Bandman Kevo net worth is further backed up by evidence that he lives in an expensive household that the fans are able to see in his social media posts. Kevo has a knack for collecting luxury vehicles, and owning such assets support our claim to his initial net worth.

All things combined, our experts have assessed that Bandman Kevo earns around 400k USD per year, and it can climb even upwards should he manage to gain more reach.

Bandman Kevo Biography

An overall account of Bandman Kevo should be able to generate a summarized idea of his life and it is given below:

Real Name Kevin Ford
Height 69 in (175 cm)
Weight 176 lbs
Net Worth $3-$4M
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Current Representative Universal Records
Youtube Subscribers 487k

Career Summary

Bandman Kevo’s real name is Kevin Ford, who was born on February 16, 1990. Currently 22 years of age, this rapstar hails from Chicago, Illinois and is a graduate in his academic life. Also going by the name “The Finesse God”, Kevo aspires to reach inside the Billboard Hot 100 with his musical piece one day.

Kevo has been a singer & songwriter from a young age, and in 2012 he was able to release his debut single titled “How We Do It”. It received the basic recognition required to work on his further projects like “Uber”, “Who Is Dat”, “Baller In Me” etc.

Kevo comes from a family financially struggling to survive in the society, and as a consequence it initially saw him drop out of high school. And despite all the musical success he gained later on, this probably is the initial influence that led him towards a path of wrong choices.

Till date, Kevo is producing rap music that engages his fans because of the authenticity and appeal that he is able to arouse. Fans urge him to focus more on his music than his other entrepreneurship projects to reach the height of success that his talent deserves.

Scam Controversy

Career Summary

Kevo’s initial controversy dates back in 2012, right before his first debut solo track. After dropping out of school, he searched for alternate measures to get a proper degree that he would be able to use for job reference.

In such pursuit, he picked up a fake Diploma certificate and used it to get a job at local stores. But he eventually felt that the pay wasn’t enough for him. At that point of searching for an alternate mode of earning bigger, Kevo ran into a group of rappers who relished in scamming others.

He found charm in their company, as they made music and invented music-related ways to trick people into losing their money. Kevo too had gotten used to the custom, and before it could get any worse, he got arrested from Indiana Walmert.

After his release, he felt that all his crimes had been purged and he could get a clean slate for a fresh start. But instead, he found himself mingling with some more scams, one of which was called “cracking cards” on the streets.

According to The Guardian, Kevo and co. would present themselves as musical enthusiasts & producers who live a lavish lifestyle. And to participate in their cause, the victims would provide their credit card info that was misused by Kevo’s gang to steal their money.

And for a while it couldn’t be brought to justice because the victims were willingly providing the information. By generating fake deposit slips and utilizing the latency of getting money out of ATM booths, the Kevo gang made thousands worth of illegal money.

Eventually all the scammers were arrested including Kevo, and it took him to serve a 22 months sentence before getting back out and concentrating solely on his music again.

Recent Arrest

Back in 2021, the popular rapper ran into drudgery with the police again, this time with five charges at once. The charges included two firearm charges, one assault, one resisting and one tampering charges. He received bail and has been on probation ever since, but it didn’t hamper his music and Youtube channel contents.


Bandman Kevo net worth can be a matter of contention due to his illegal activities all through his career. Some argue that Kevo owns a lot more assets than he shows, which should increase his net worth by a significant margin.

But there are others who believe that Kevo has come clean by shedding all the illegal activities from his past, and the most recent occurrence is nothing but a misunderstanding. His dear fans firmly believe in their favorite rapper’s capabilities, and are certain that his current belongings are only the ones that he has gained through his earnest works.

No matter what everyone thinks about his sources of earning or his pickle with the cops, you must admit that his music deserves a wider audience and a broader field to be developed on.

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