Does Ja Morant Have A Wife? Revealing The Relationship Status Of The Most Explosive NBA Player

Does Ja Morant have a wife

The development of NBA prodigy Ja Morant has been nothing short of monumental. Over the span of only 3 years, Morant hasn’t just become the best player in the Memphis Grizzlies franchise, but has also added 4 awards under his belt, including the award for Rookie of the year in 2020.

The athletic point guard with a remarkable vertical and one-of-a-kind jams was destined for success. On top of averaging over 27 points per game last season, Ja was also a member on the 2022 All NBA Team, which is an impressive feat when you take into account just how young he is.

Although details about his professional career are always in the spotlight and can be found in a jiffy on the internet, spicy titbits about his personal life could be a rare find, especially when it comes to his love life. While people are certainly aware of his daughter, no one really knows whether Ja Morant has a wife, or anything about his baby mama, KK Dixon. However, that’s where we come in! Stay tuned and stick around to be provided with everything about Ja Morant and his alleged wife, KK Dixon!

KK Dixon: Ja Morant’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Ja Morant and KK Dixon

Despite having a 3 year old daughter, Ja Morant is still a bachelor to this day. However, prior to calling things off, his beau and babymama was KK Dixon.

Since KK Dixon wasn’t under the spotlight before being in a relationship with Ja Morant, there’s very little information on the web about her life as well as her current status. However, after doing some thorough research, we found out that KK Dixon was born in 2000 and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s from Antoine, a city in Arkansas, and is the daughter of DeShanon and Christal Dixon.

She is also the middle child of the family, and has an older brother, Tyrek Dixon, who plays varsity basketball, in addition to having a younger sister, BrayLee Dixon. Just like Ja Morant, KK Dixon also plays basketball, and even invests her time in volleyball at Fisk University, Arkansas.

Dixon and Morant kept a low profile when they first started dating, but went public in 2018. Around a year later, on August 7th, 2019, she gave birth to their baby daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant. Although they were together for a couple more years, Ja and Dixon called things off rather recently. Ja was also reported to be dating Abigail Russo afterwards; a claim that was debunked by the NBA star himself on Twitter.

All in all, while it is true that Ja shares a child with KK Dixon, the couple never got married. Even though they have unfollowed each other on Instagram shortly after calling it quits, KK Dixon is still in contact with Ja’s family members. Both of them are also a regular feature of Kaari’s Instagram account, which we believe is run by either Ja or Dixon.

Ja Morant: Net Worth, Assets, and More

Ja Morant net worth

Since Ja Morant was always the underdog in high school and was often shunned down by scouts due to his small frame and questionable height, working day in and day out was a common find in the routine of the point guard. All the hours he put in paid off, literally, and figuratively, as he is currently one of the best point guards in the association.

In addition to garnering a massive following, Ja Morant has also been collecting huge paychecks from the franchise of Grizzlies and from his sponsors.

In July, 2019, his 4-year rookie contract with the Grizzlies was worth around $39.8 million. However, after putting on a show a couple of months ago, the baller from South Carolina signed a five-year extension that includes a whopping guaranteed sum of $193 million! It is also said to increase to $231 million, but only if Ja Morant gets selected to an All-NBA team.

Morant also signed a multiyear endorsement deal for an unknown sum with Nike right after he was drafted by Memphis in 2019. On top of making millions from that venture, the NBA superstar will also be getting his own signature shoe over the next few years.

In August, 2022, Morant signed an endorsement deal with sports drink brand BodyArmor, shortly after joining American food delivery platform DoorDash for their PlayItForward Challenge.

Ja Morant’s fortune is completely on par with his skills on the court and will increase massively over the upcoming years. While his net worth currently stands around $10 million and he currently earns around $9.75 million on an annual basis as an athlete, Ja will be netting over $38 million a year from 2023, which excludes the sum that he makes from his endorsement deals.

A Closer Look Into Ja Morant’s Childhood and Personal Life

Ja Morant’s personal life

Ja Morant was born on 10 August, 2000, in Dalzell, South Carolina. His mother, Jamie Morant, was a point guard in high school, and played softball in college. His father, Tee Morant was teammates with NBA legend, Ray Allen, and played basketball at Claflin University. Even though Tee did want to pursue a semi-professional career in basketball after college, he forwent that dream of his to take care of Jamie, who was pregnant with Ja at the time, and became a barber instead.

Morant practiced in his backyard with his father, who taught him the basic fundamentals of basketball. He also taught him how to create space and take stepback jump shots and the art of floaters. Morant often played basketball against people that were drastically older than him during his childhood. For a season, he was also teammates with Zion Williamson, who went on to become the best player in his class.

Ja Morant attended Crestwood High School in Sumter, California and left as the all-time leading scorer for the school’s basketball team. Although he didn’t possess the dunk package that he’s prominent for at the moment, Ja was crowned the All-Region Most Valuable player 3 times before he left high school, and averaged 27 points per game. He also went from being 5’9 to 6’0 in his first three years with the team, which allowed him to sharpen his forte even further.

Prior to entering the NBA draft, Ja played for Murray State for two years. Although he averaged slightly above 10 points per game during his first season, he became the first ever player in the NCAA to average a double-double a season later.

Trivial Facts of Ja Morant: Height, Horoscope, Birthday and So On!

Now that you know more about his upbringing, his relationship status, and have a better understanding on his wealth, here’s a table featuring fun facts and information regarding Ja Morant that will surely fascinate you!

Name Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant
Also Known As Ja Morant
D.O.B August 10, 2000 (22 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Dalzell, South Carolina, US
Height 6’3 (1.91 m)
Relationship Status Single
Ex-Girlfriend KK Dixon (2018 – 2022)
Children 1
Net Worth 10 Million USD
Zodiac Leo
Occupation NBA Player
Career Information
High School Crestwood High School (Sumter, California, US)
College Murray State (2017-2019)
WNBA 2019/ Round 1/ Pick: 2nd Overall (Memphis Grizzlies)
Years Active 2017-Present

Bottom Line

Ja Morant surely proved all his haters wrong. He’s currently one of the many promising talents out there, and undoubtedly the biggest asset of Memphis Grizzlies. While the sky’s the ceiling for the 23-year old and the skills he possesses with a basketball aren’t fake, the rumors about him having a wife surely is the opposite. As of 2023, Ja Morant is single, but shares a wonderful daughter with ex-partner and beau, KK Dixon.

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