Drake’s Wife Trainer: Who Is He & Why Is He Currently Trending?

Drake's Wife Trainer

Many people on the internet have been recently arguing over a particular issue lately, and that is regarding Drake’s wife trainer. Picking up from Drake’s wife Sophie Brussaux, the fans discovered her trainer from her social media profile who was seen in training action with her in France.

Avid pop culture consumers are scratching their heads over this issue to learn what actually is going on there. Our experts have analyzed the situation in detail and come up with an assessment. If you follow along, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Drake’s wife trainer.

While doing so, you’ll get an insight into the lives of Drake & Sophie with their child Adonis. Exploring her life will offer us a proper understanding of Sophie’s trainer and by the end of this article, everything will be made clear as crystal to all the readers.

Who Is Drake’s Wife Trainer?

Who Is Drake’s Wife Trainer

Being a part of the trendy news consumer, you must wonder what’s the big fuss about Drake’s wife’s trainer. We are going to discuss him elaborately in this section as well as why this is trending in the news portals.

Let’s start with this question: who exactly is training Drake’s wife Sophie Brussaux? The answer is, Hamza Lavezzi. He is currently working as the personal trainer for Sophie B. Now comes the second question: what are they training for? Well, this answer isn’t as straightforward as the previous one.

Sophie B has picked up an interest in street fighting and as mentioned earlier in this article. In her social media videos, she was seen in intense battles with hardcore professionals in the scene. In one of her videos, Sophie B put her caption in French which translates into English saying ‘white belt’, which connotes the level of prowess she has been able to master in this field.

Hamza Lavezzi’s fame surfaced after Sophie B posted her training video on Instagram. She was seen sparring with a trainer throwing vigorous punches at each other in the most captivating manner. That’s where her fans picked up the cue and went crazy to learn who her trainer is!

Drake’s Wife: Sophie Brussaux

Drake’s Wife Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux is a French-origin painter born in Bordeaux, France on August 1, 1989. Formerly known as Rosee Divine, Brussaux initially appeared in music videos as a model. Afterward, her skills with the brush and painting saw her rise in popularity in the scene of painting with much admiration from the likes of Pope Francis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even the Obama family.

In the art world, she is popularly regarded as Sophie B and she has been able to hold her exhibitions in the cities of New York, London and Milan. According to The Sun, Sophie Brussaux has approximately a net worth of $1 million accumulated from selling her paintings and exhibitions.

Her artworks are created following the surrealist trend with feminist conceptions as the driving force. Combining these two, Brussaux has been able to arouse the aesthetic sense of the observers and landed positive critiques for most of her works.

In recent times, this individual has become a prime contender in the fans’ limelight due to her involvement in the Street Fight Training Academy in France. She had shared a video of her training, from which the mass media had been thriving to know about Drake’s wife trainer. Jump to our next section if you want the answer because it’s right there!

Drake’s Career Overview

Drake is one of the most influential and prominent musicians hailing from Canada. Born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, he is widely revered for his RAP and hip-hop music that have captivating attributes in the contemporary world of music. Drake’s father was American and his mother Canadian, and when they divorced Drake was only 5 years old.

He moved to Toronto with his mother where he was admitted to the local school. But due to economic strain and being constantly bullied due to his religious background, which overlapped with his interest in acting that had been contradicting his education, he decided to drop out of school. He did however go back to complete his high school diploma in later years.

In the early 2000s, Drake began his acting career which didn’t actually take off. Side by side, he started to work in the music arena as well. After a decade, Drake’s music took off and was received warmly by the popular culture. From that point onward, Drake never had to look back.

With his unique mix of hip-hop trends, Drake has been able to win 10 prominent awards in his entire life along with numerous nominations. He has appeared in multiple films and TV shows, most of which as himself or as a voice actor.

Drake & Sophie’s Relationship

The duo’s relationship isn’t of the orthodox kind, rather it has been kept hidden for a longer amount of time. These two had initially been linked back in 2017, but until 2018 Drake had kept it very silent about the ongoings between the two.

It was heard that Drake had been paying for child support as the two bore a child together. They named him Adonis and he is currently over 4 years old. In recent times, Drake and Sophie seem to have mended their relationship in a constructive direction, and we as fans can certainly hope that they’ll sort it out. If this happens, Adonis will be able to grow up with both of his parents.

Sophie B’s street fighting and her trainer also received much attention since she posted a picture of her wearing black fighting robes along with Adonis, where she calls herself a proud mom, as mentioned in the People Magazine.


In this section, we briefly go over some of the facts about Drake’s wife Sophie B to gain a better understanding of her life.

Name Sophie Brussaux
Former Stage Name Rosee Divine
Date of Birth August 1, 1989
Place of Birth Bordeaux, France
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net Worth $1M
Partner Drake
No. of Children 1 (Adonis)


Now that you’ve reached the end, you now know who Drake’s wife trainer is and what Sophie B had been doing with him in France. We must admire and appreciate her interest in the field of street fighting. From our article, you probably have picked up the trainer’s name: Hamza Lavezzi.

We hope that you’ve been able to gather a better understanding of Sophie B & Drake’s life while being on the quest to find out about her trainer. It’s amazing how one small thing can inspire us to look into another relevant thing that helps us broaden our perspective!

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