Dude Perfect Net Worth 2023: The Current Status Of Their Enormous Fortune

Dude Perfect net worth

If you’re into perfectly timed trickshots that look effortless, Dude Perfect should definitely be a group that you’ve heard about at least once in your life!

Based in Frisco, Texas, Dude Perfect is a group of five that specialises in the art of timing. Their content mostly comprises different kinds of sport, but also comprises a series of videos in which they display their witty sense of humour and habit of making puns.

Dude Perfect was founded in 2009 and kick started their journey on YouTube in April of that year. While that clip of theirs blew up with 200,000 views in under a week, Dude Perfect is in a league of their own in the present tense. While the group of five averaged over 6.7 million views in their prime years, they average over 3.7 million views per video these days, and have a total view of a whopping 14.8 billion.

While the kind of content they produce on the regular is the key leader behind their success, it is also the reason behind their massive net worth of $50 million. From a series of successful ventures to various endorsement deals, make sure to move onto the next paragraph to learn just how Dude Perfect earned every penny!

The Members Of Dude Perfect

Members of Dude Perfect

Listed below are all the founding and current members of the 23rd most subscribed channel on YouTube, Dude Perfect! Make sure to read through them to learn a little more about the brilliant minds behind the group of five!

Tyler Toney: Tyler Toney is the founding member of Dude Perfect. He was born on 24 March, 1989 in Prosper, Texas, USA. While he is the youngest member of Dude Perfect, the rest of the members see him as the oldest and wisest. He graduated from Texas A&M University, and is usually the leader of the crew. He is typically the narrator in all the videos and prominent for the thick ginger beard he wears!

Garrett Hillbert: Garrett Hillbert is also one of the five founding members of Dude Perfect. He was born on May 13, 1987 and was the member who joined forces with Tyler in 2009 to kick start Dude Perfect. The first video that Dude Perfect released in April, 2009 was recorded in Garrett’s backyard, when the crew of 5 were playing basketball; Garrett’s favourite sport.

Coby Jones: Coby Jones was born on October 9, 1987 and is commonly dubbed as “Tall Guy” due to his athleticism. He’s originally from Plano, Texas, and met his buddies from Dude Perfect for the first time at Texas A&M.

Coby Cotton: Coby Cotton was born on July 17, 1987 in Dallas, Texas and is one of the leading members of Dude Perfect. On top of being slightly older than his identical twin, Cory, Coby Jones is mostly known for being the least athletic person on the team.

Cory Cotton: Cory Cotton was born on July 17, 1987 in Dallas, Texas. He is the younger identical twin of Cody, and first met the other members during his time at Texas A&M. Cory is a key member of Dude Perfect, but isn’t necessarily the best person to rely on when it comes to athletics. He has won the least amount of competitions amongst the crew, and is mostly known for using the phrase “Let’s Go!”

Dude Perfect Net Worth 2023: Taking A Closer Look Into All Their Assets

Dude Perfect’s net worth stands

As of 2023, Dude Perfect’s net worth stands at a whopping $50 million.

Dude Perfect started in 2009 and received a favourable amount of views on each content. However, the former roommates turned YouTubers didn’t rise to prominence before the years 2013 and 2014. They did so by displaying the love they had for sports in general through the means of recording and uploading a series of trickshots. In addition to making content of trickshots, the crew also created skits about typical stereotypes of different subjects, which usually allows them to expose the sense of humour that they have.

While a major portion of their current assets comes from the content they produce and publish on the video streaming platform, YouTube, the following that Dude Perfect has on social media is also one of the contributing factors. They currently have 58 million subscribers on YouTube, 19 million followers on Facebook, and a hefty amount of 11 million followers on the photo sharing and video streaming platform, Instagram.

Another reason behind their fortune is the amount of collaborations they’ve done so far. Due to the type of videos they initially rose to prominence for, Dude Perfect typically joined forces with athletes. Some noteworthy collaborations they’ve done feature the names of prominent athletes such as NBA stars Chris Paul and Boban Marjanovic, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, ten-pin bowler Jason Belmonte, and volleyball player Morgan Beck.

They also partnered up with NFL wide-receiver Odell Beckham Junior, The United States Olympic Team, tennis star Serena Williams, and travelled all the way to the UK to film with football players of Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea.

While they mainly preferred partnering up with sportspeople, Dude Perfect also made content with actor Paul Rudd, singer Luke Bryan, and High School Musical star, Zac Efron.
It doesn’t end there, we’re afraid, as a chunk of the net worth also comes from the fact that Dude Perfect are business tycoons. Together, they’ve created and launched two mobile games, titled Dude Perfect and Dude Perfect 2. They also released other games such as Endless Ducker and That’s Lit. Following the release of the mobile apps, Cory Cotton released a book called “Go Big,” in which he revealed all the secrets that one needs to know in order to make a venture as successful as Dude Perfect in a world that is influenced by social media.

After rising to stardom in 2014, the group of content creators also got their very own show on CMT titled “The Dude Perfect Show,” in 2015. The first season of the series aired on CMT in September 2016, and the second season was showcased on Viacom later that year.

Dude Perfect also partnered up with Serious Bean Co. to release a new flavour of baked beans. Subsequently, the comedy group also formed a union with TruLabs to sell customised products and merchandise.

Additionally, after going on their first live tour in 2019, Dude Perfect teamed up with YouTube Originals and released a documentary in 2020 called “Backstage Pass.” The documentary comprised all the pieces of footage that were recorded behind the scenes during their live tour, “Pound it, Noggin’.”

Taking into account all the collaborations, content and ventures it’s been a part of over the course of its career, Dude Perfect’s net worth of $50 million is very much accurate, and will surely reach newer heights over the upcoming years, especially when they finish setting up their $100 million home in 2023!

Career Overview and Future Projects

Dude Perfect career overview

Dude Perfect is a group of American content creators that produce videos related to sports and comedy. Prior to starting Dude Perfect, all five members used to be former roommates at Texas A&M University.

The first video they released was in 2009 and comprised footage of Tyler Toney, the founding member, doing trickshots in Garrett’s backyard. In the span of just a week, the video blew up with 200,000 views. The second video they released afterward was even more successful and garnered 18 million views in total. After the videos gained recognition, ESPN reached out to Dude Perfect and used their clips on prominent programs such as First Take, Pardon The Interruption, Around The Horn, and SportsNation.

Dude Perfect mainly garnered a following after releasing videos of members doing trickshots on YouTube. While the legitimacy regarding their content was surely questioned at first, the members revealed how they take multiple attempts and film multiple drafts before getting the job done after it was the main topic of discussion in an episode of Good Morning America.

In addition to having a primary channel for releasing all kinds of videos related to entertainment and sports, Dude Perfect also has two more channels. Dude Perfect Plus mainly contains vlogs that unveil segments that happen behind the scenes. Their third channel, titled Dude Perfect Gaming, covers videos in which the members play renowned video games such as FIFA and Mario Kart. They also have their own show called “Overtime,” on which the members carry out a series of fun activities and difficult challenges.

Through their content, Dude Perfect also broke 14 Guinness World Records from 2009 to 2019. Although some of the records have been snatched away from them, the group of five still holds 11 World Records as of 2023.

Although the group has already achieved their fair share of success, Dude Perfect is still very much active on YouTube. They post 4 times a month and mainly create skits about stereotypes and publish battle videos.

Trivial Facts About Dude Perfect: The Second Biggest Sports Channel On YouTube

Now that you know just how much they’re worth, remember to skim through the table below which contains trivial facts about Dude Perfect that you’ll thoroughly enjoy!

Channel Name Dude Perfect
Founded In 2009
Leading Members Tyler Toney, Garrett Hillbert, Cody Jones, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton
Type Of Content Sports, Comedy, Gaming, Entertainment
Total Views On YouTube 14.8 Billion
Social Media Youtube, Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth $50 Million
Years Active 2009 – Present


We hope you enjoyed learning about the members, early years, and the enormous net worth of $50 million that Dude Perfect currently attains. We also hope you enjoyed skimming through the trivial facts and learning about all the successful ventures that they’ve been a part of throughout the past two decades.

That’s all for now! If you did like our content, make sure to leave a comment below. If you want to read more articles about A-List Hollywood celebrities and be unveiled with scoops on their personal lives and fortune, check out the materials that are available on our website!

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