What Are Felix Verdejo Net Worth & Earning Sources In 2024?

Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Felix Verdejo is worldwide revered for his talent in the boxing ring and the agile movements that are very difficult to follow, but equally mesmerizing to witness. The Puerto Rican boxer’s full name is Félix Gabriel Verdejo Sánchez and he was born on May 19, 1993.

Verdejo is known to the media for a lot of things that he has done in his life, ranging from career achievements to personal accusations that are of a highly serious level. The latter part of his life is still in question that is depending heavily on the court, but in his early life, he was one of those stars whose performance spoke for themselves.

Awarded with numerous titles, trophies and an astonishing record in the lightweight professional boxing scene, his fans often wonder about Felix Verdejo net worth. And after the murder trials and slowed down performance in boxing, this question demands answer even more so severely.

Thus, this article enlightens you with all the details regarding his net worth, and the relevant information to learn more about his sources of earning & points of spending with an insight into the most highlighted portions of his entire life.

Felix Verdejo Net Worth 2024

To have a complete understanding at a glance, check out the biography table added below with all the relevant information including Felix Verdejo net worth:

Full Name Félix Gabriel Verdejo Sánchez
Net Worth $30M
Nickname El Diamante (“The Diamond”)
Height 72 in (183 cm)
Weight 135 lbs
Place of Birth San Juan, Puerto Rico
Boxing Class Lightweight
Boxing Style Orthodox
Professional Boxing Records 27 wins – 2 losses

After going over his career summary, you might have been able to construct a general idea about Felix Verdejo net worth. A successful boxer who participated in the Olympics representing Puerto Rico and then became a rising star in the professional arena of boxing should most certainly have substantial assets and enough sponsorship deals to work with.

The Sun has compiled a study on his life and asserted that Felix Verdejo net worth is approximately 30 million USD.

It’s not a surprise really, because there are claims that Verdejo had received around 600k USD after the Olympics and made deals along the path of his career that were worth a handsome amount. Also, his lifestyle is also a living proof that $30M net worth is a valid assessment and the star might lose a chunk of this amount due to his murder controversy that we’ve covered in the following section.

Career Summary

Felix Verdejo career summary

Felix Verdejo’s career in the boxing arena is much like a shooting star – a story of high potential that just failed to live up to the promise. In retrospect, his career began as an amateur lightweight boxer trying to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. In order to do that, he had to participate & win the 2012 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament, which he successfully did.

He reached the quarter finals stage in the Summer Olympics in 2012 and it boosted his career by a significant margin. Because from then on, Verdejo was regarded as one of the greatest prospects and ESPN.com had named him as the ‘Prospect of the Year’ for 2014

Verdejo started regularly participating in WBO events in the lightweight class of boxers and was unbeaten by his opponents for a long time to come. He claimed the WBO Latino Championship title in his prime and had reached the no. 1 spot in the lightweight category.

Everything was looking good for Verdejo until he, along with his winning streak, faced numerous challenges that were very difficult to overcome. He got mixed up into the World Title run which saw him getting injured and forced out of boxing for a significant amount of time.

After his return, he seemed rusty and ended up picking up his first defeat in his professional career. WBO authorities sent him back months of progress and critics were left to believe that Verdejo hadn’t been able to deliver up to his potential. He picked up his second defeat in 2020 before taking a hiatus from boxing with an astounding 27 wins and 2 losses record in his career.

Murder Accusation

Murder accusation

While Felix Verdejo’s professional went in disarray, he found himself to be in even deeper trouble with the allegation of murder against him back in 2021. This allegation is still being worked on and the crime he is accused of is highly heinous.

Verdejo had been in a romantic entanglement with Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz in Puerto Rico. This individual went missing and was eventually found dead in a lake in San Juan. Her body was floating around the water and had been retrieved which created a landslide movement in the city against gender-based violence that has been a prominent issue in Puerto Rico.

Keishla Rodriguez had announced her pregnancy with Felix Verdejo and it apparently had turned into a matter of contention between them due to Verdejo not wanting to have the child. Shortly afterwards, Keishla went missing & was found dead, and Verdejo was accused of three charges including carjacking, murdering an infant and murdering his girlfriend.

After being indicted back for trials, he pleaded not guilty along with his companion initially, but was later on charged with a total of four crimes that are still in process. These allegations have been identified by BBC claiming that Verdejo had hit Keishla in the face and shot her after throwing her off the bridge into the water.

The trial of murder, carjacking, carrying firearms will begin on February 27, 2023 placing Felix Verdejo as the prime perpetrator in this hateful incident.

Final Verdict

Felix Verdejo’s career has been like a roller-coaster since the beginning, and incidents along with injuries prevented him to flourish the way everyone had expected him to be. As fans, we have to patiently wait for the result of his murder trial before making up our minds about him.

Because, if he is found innocent, he’d be needing our complete support after losing his girlfriend and a prolonged legal obligation that must have tormented his mind. And if he’s found guilty, then he shouldn’t receive any sympathy from us despite having a decorous career. That’s where we draw the line – calling a criminal, a criminal – don’t we?

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