Freddie Gibbs Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is The Star Currently?

Freddie Gibbs Net Worth

Freddie Gibbs has been taking over the internet by a long haul. His work in music and Hollywood stands out, to say the least. Despite his humble growing and background, he never gave up on his dreams to be a musician.

Hence, due to his resilience till present  he has been able to garner a total Net worth of $3 Million.

This article will explore the many sides of the story Freddie Gibbs has lived through the ages. We will do our best to explore his estimated net worth, his early life and some of his most outstanding achievements in the music industry.

Hence, without further ado, why don’t you keep Gibb’s song Gang Signs on loop while reading through the rest of this article?

Who is Freddie Gibbs and What is His Net Worth?

Who is Freddie Gibbs

Fredrick Jamel Tipton who was born in 14th June, 1982 Indiana, Gary is a Grammy nominated American rapper and lyricist aka Freddie Gibbs.

He had been jumping labels as he went from joining Interscope Records in 2006 to joining CTE World and then leaving that in 2013 to finally start on his very own label called ESGN.

ESGN was named after his debut studio album, “Evil Seeds Grow Naturally” which was also inspired by ESPN channel since he loved sports. His first debut album was canceled when he left Interscope years back. He later released the album under his own label.

His mixtapes under Young Jeezy’s CTE World also made ripples especially much critically praised, Baby Face Killa.

His album Alfredo with the hip hop producer The Alchemist was nominated for Grammys and was also critically acclaimed to be Freddie’s best works yet.

To this day he is proclaimed to be critically diverse and talented due to his stylistic rapping, many video game companies still use his songs in famous games like Sleeping Dogs, GTA V and Max Payne 3.

Given his sheer number of musical influences worldwide and his musical debuts reaching top charts and his history of working with big names such as Rick Ross, The Alchemist, Young Jeezy surely put him on a high pedestal.

His very own label ESGN also has been something of an achievement that left him to garner a high net worth.

As of 2023, Freddie Gibbs has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

It’s amazing considering how fast he rose to popularity and made a name for himself and left marks in the music industry all by himself, his hard work and passion throughout the years.

For a better understanding of how amazing Freddie truly is, let’s dive deep into some of his big highlights in early life.

Early Life and Biography

Early life of Freddie Gibbs

Fredrick’s life in Gary wasn’t easy to begin with, the city that has one of the highest crime rates and considered to be one of the most dangerous cities surely made Fredrick a survivor on the streets.

Long before Fredrick started his music career and dived into the world of Fame, his life mostly revolved around playing football for Ball State University, however eventually he was dropped from the college.

He was enlisted for the US army as per his pre-trial judgment due to charges for committing theft and guns. However, even that did not bode well after he had to be discharged dishonorably due to behavioral reasons.

After so many failures at many local 9-5 jobs. Soon, he turned to a life of hustling which became the inspiration behind his gangster life music later on.

Fortunately to his assistance came Finger Roll, who reportedly was the only person in Gary at the time to own a studio.

After Frederick got acquainted, using his street experiences and survival knowledge into the crime infested city of Gary, he knew he was going to pursue his musical career and so he did by joining Finger Roll’s label, No Tamin.

Soon began his rap career in 2004, after that it was mostly him releasing mixtapes till he signed up with Intercom Records in 2006. However his debut studio album didn’t make the light of the day then after it was dropped by the label.

Later on, he went back to self releasing mixtapes till he was signed into CTE world. From then on the only way for Frederick was up, he was continuously involved in making content with big artists and worked on features with the likes of Young thug, Asap Ferg, Juicy J, 2 Chainz, Pharell Williams, Jay Rock and many more.

Despite his prominence in the music industry, he still had feuds with stars such as Akademiks on social media.

When it comes to family, not much is known about his parents, although he had mentioned in his social media that his father is a police officer and his brother is a doctor. There however, still no official details regarding their names or where or how they are now.

As for his love life, he was engaged to the face of the beauty product line, Beauty Blender, Erica Dickerson in 2015, however, later she had called it off. They also have a daughter together named Irie Jane Gibbs.

There are rumors about Freddie Gibbs having another son who he abandoned, but there is no solid confirmation or any affirmation from the rapper himself.

However, the biggest shock about Gibb’s dangerous life was when he was almost a victim of a shootout after a show in brooklyn. Fortunately he was able to make it without any harm. Victims that were shot were later confirmed to be in stable condition and no one had lost their lives. It was surely a close call in Gibb’s life.

All in all, easy wouldn’t be the word we would use to describe Freddie Gibb’s life. He surely had it rough and his life probably didn’t go the way he might have wanted to.

He once hosted a GoFundMe for school supplies for the underprivileged children in Gary claiming he wishes he had this kind of support as a kid himself so that he didn’t have to turn to a darker path in life. Click on the link to learn more about this.

Although not much is known about his personal life, we have acquired as much as we can under the premises of his private life. This is a mini biography table summarizing some of his personal life details.

Real Name/Birth Name Freddie Gibbs
Birthday 14 June, 1982, Indiana, Gary
Nationality American
Age 40
Zodiac sign Gemini
Religion Muslim
Profession Musician/Lyricist/Label Owner
Ethnicity African-American
Marital Status Single/Not Known
Children 1

Career and Achievements

Some of Gibb’s released hit songs include the following in random order: Gangsta Sign, Crime Pays, Scarface, Scottie Beam, Flat Tummy Tea, 1985.One of his first mixtape was the “Full-metal Jackit” which he self-released in 2004 under No tamin of Finger Roll.

Freddie Gibbs career and achievements

When it comes to his notable albums, mixtapes and EPs, he also made ripples across several musical platforms with his big-shots. After his signing with CTE World, his next mixtape, “Cold Day In Hell” and his following mixtape “Baby Face Killa” that had the involvement of big names such as Juicy J, 2 Chainz and more.

In 2013, he found his own label named ESGN under which he also tried to release his Debut album named the same as ESGN, “Evil Seeds Grow Naturally” paying homage to blue-collar workers struggling to make their ends meet.

He had 4 solo albums till this date and had several collaborative albums out of which, The Alfredo with The Alchemist released in 2020 ended up being the biggest success. The album even got a nomination on the 63rd annual Grammy awards for best rap album 2020.

One huge career highlight of Freddie would also include how he battled his addiction against prescribed drugs and made it through. He now openly advocates against too much usage of drugs and is proud to have fought his urges.

Moreover, Freddie left a huge mark in the music industry through his achievements and personal growth. It is not very surprising his net worth is this high as of now.

Final Thoughts

Freddie Gibbs as a musician has obviously left a mark in the industry and is continuing to do so which explains his influence and high net worth.

Although he had a rocky early life and was involved in many unfortunate events later on. He still as an artist stands out in being able to pursue his dreams.

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