Greg Gutfeld Net Worth 2024: Estimating The Assets And Fortune Of The Libertarian

Wealth of Greg Gutfeld

On top of being the founder and host of renowned television talk show, Gutfeld, Gregory John Gutfeld is known for his sense of humour. He is also a political commentator and typically speaks for libertarianism. Gutfeld is also an author and has published over 10 books since 1998.

Having his own show and a massive fan base didn’t just allow Greg Gutfeld to rise to prominence and relevance, but also allowed him to add to his fortune tremendously. As of 2024, Greg Gutfeld has a net worth of a whopping $84 million, and if you’re wondering just how this fellow comedian earned every penny, stick around as we relieve you of that query of yours!

In addition to uncovering every aspect about Greg Gutfeld’s net worth, assets, and fortune, this article will also comprise materials that will reveal details regarding his personal life, trivial facts, and contain a career overview.

Greg Gutfeld Net Worth: The Massive Wealth Of The American Libertarian

Greg Gutfeld net worth

Taking into account just how renowned he is in this day and age, it comes as no surprise that his net worth currently stands at $84 million!

The primary source of his income is without a doubt, Gutfeld!. It made its debut in 2015, and has had 166 episodes as of 2021. On top of being the creator, Greg is also the presenter and the main host of the show. Gutfeld typically features segments that involve political satire, comedy, and discussions regarding recent events.

Gutfeld also earns a handsome fee for co-hosting The Five on Fox News. He’s been one of the leading members of the crew since 2011, and remains a primary contributor of the show as of 2024.

While a substantial portion of his income comes with the series of ventures and projects he’s involved in with Fox News, Gutfeld’s career as an author also enables him to add a chunk of fortune and wealth under his belt. He was named New York’s best selling author on multiple occasions, and mainly works on self-help books.

Although Greg Gutfeld never had endorsement deals, his late-night show, ”Gutfeld!” has had loads of sponsors over the past 7 years. While the sum of each deal was never disclosed, it is believed that Greg received remuneration from the sponsorship deals that were given to Gutfeld!

Greg Gutfeld currently nets $17 million on an annual basis through Gutfeld! Being a co-host of The Five is just as promising, as he collects a paycheck of $3 million each year. Taking into consideration the amount of $20 million that he earns from two of his major gigs, it’s safe to say that his current net worth of $84 million isn’t a sham. In fact, now that “Gutfeld!” has become the highest rated late-night show, we believe that his salary will increase accordingly!

Early Life

Gregory John Gutfeld, also known as Greg Gutfeld, was born on 12 September 1964 in San Mateo, California to Alfred and Jackie Gutfeld. He was raised Catholic and attended the all-boys school, Junipero Serra High School to pursue his secondary education.

He enrolled at University of Berkley, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in English. He graduated in the summer of 1987 and became an intern for The American Spectator right afterward. Greg was also a believer of conservatism prior to graduating from high school, but switched sides and became a liberatarian by the time he left college.

Career Overview

Greg Gutfeld career overview

After finishing college, Greg Gutfeld interned at The American Spectator under R.Emmett Tyrell. He later joined Prevention Magazine as a staff writer and also had a brief run as an editor for Rodale Press Inc.

In 1995, he became a staff writer at Men’s Health. He was also promoted to editor-in-chief, but later took his talents to Stuff, a magazine which was then owned by Dennis Publishing.

Gutfeld also worked for Dennis Publishing and was the head of ‘brain development.’ He was an editor at Maxim for 2 years, but transferred to Huffington Post after the UK based magazine failed to offer him an extension.

Gutfeld began his career as a late-night talk show host in 2007, when he hosted Red Eye, which discussed political issues as well as subjects on pop culture on the Fox News Channel. After receiving such a positive reception, Red Eye changed its name to Red Eye w/ Gutfeld for a brief period of time.

In 2011, he joined Fox News show The Five as a co-host and panellist. After spending 4 good years as a co-host, Gutfeld was offered to host his own show, Gutfeld!, on Fox Channel in 2015. He was later replaced by Tom Shillue to become the exclusive and only host of The Greg Gutfeld Show.

As of 2024, The Greg Gutfeld Show, which is currently known as “Gutfeld!,” is considered one of the highest rated late-night talk shows. It currently generates more viewers than Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show, and The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

Greg Gutfeld: Birthday, Horoscope, Height and More

Now that you’ve learned more about Greg Gutfeld’s past life, net worth, and acquired knowledge about how he got his breakthrough, here’s a table containing trivial facts about the host of “Gutfeld” that you must have been unaware of!

Name Gregory John Gutfeld
Also Known As Greg Gutfeld
D.O.B September 12, 1964 (58 years old)
Sex Male
Hometown San Mateo, California
Height 5’9 (1.75m)
Weight 198 lbs (98 kg)
Relationship Status Married; Elena Moussa (2004)
Net Worth 84 Million USD
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Occupation Comedian, Television Personality, Author
Alma Mater Junipero Serra High School; University of Berkeley
Years Active 1999 – Present
Hair Colour Grey

Personal Life

Greg met his wife Elena Moussa in 2004 when he was attending a conference for Maxim. In addition to being a publisher of Maxim Russia, Elena pursued a career in modelling. She also founded her own design company, The Moussa Project, in 2011.

Greg and Elena had a platonic relationship at first, however, after being flirtatious on various occasions, Greg finally asked Elena out on a date, to which she said yes. The couple were very much in love shortly afterward, and tied the knot in a civil ceremony in New York during winter of 2004.

Greg is very vocal about his fascination with cars and also considers himself to be a car collector. Even though he never unveiled the collection of cars he has, it is believed that the arsenal features vehicles like McLaren 720S, Ford F150, and Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Greg considers himself an “agnostic atheist” and is a fan of heavy metal and hard rock. One of his favourite bands included Power Trip. Gutfeld was seen paying tribute to Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale after he tragically passed away in 2020.


Greg Gutfeld controversies

Being a talk show host isn’t always sunshines and rainbows. Sometimes, the things you say tend to be used against you, which appears to be the case for Greg Gutfeld. Over the past decade or so, Gutfeld has been in deep waters on various occasions.

During a Red Eye segment in 2009, Greg poked fun at the Canadian Armed forces and Canadian lieutenant General Andrew Leslie when he stated that the service members might require a one-year synchronised break once the mission against Afghanistan concluded in 2011. The comedian was slammed for his remarks, and even issued an apology in the following episode of Red Eye to Canadians and fellow fans around the world for his poor choice of words.

Greg was also met with harsh criticism a year later, when he expressed his plans of constructing New York’s first Islamic-friendly gay bar next to the Islamic Community.

Gutfeld once again garnered negative attention during the 2020 US Presidential Election when he stated that the voting system was flawed and requested for an audit and investigation in some states. He also sided with Trump supporters in 2021, when a series of them invaded and attacked the United States Capitol.

In 2022, after Russia invaded Ukraine, Greg Gutfeld stated how news channels and media companies were manipulating the audience with clips from the event for their own financial gain. However, he was later rebuked by colleague, Fox News foreign affairs correspondent, Benjamin Hall for his oblivious remarks. Hall severely injured himself a few days later. Fox News cameraman and journalist Pierre Zakrzewski also passed away after being attacked by Russian Forces.


Regardless of how controversial some of his takes might be, Greg Gutfeld is without a doubt one of the frontrunners in the world of late night talk shows and is undoubtedly one of the better television hosts out there at the moment. While being good at his job surely added to his success, being the face of “Gutfeld!” allowed him to increase his earnings as well.

At the moment, his net worth stands at a whopping $84 million, which will increase significantly in the upcoming years if “Gutfeld!” keeps setting new records.

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