Hitman Holla Net Worth Calculated & Published [Latest 2024 Update]

Hitman Holla net worth

Hitman Holla’s fame for his unmatched performance in rap battles is on full ascension, with roaring fans boosting his morale while critics appreciation for his unique talent to dispossess his oppositions. When on the rise, the fans are often wondering about Hitman Holla net worth.

How much does he own? How much does he make? These are the questions that as dearest fans we seek answers to. And this article gives you just that, with the achievements of this rap-star and how it all contributes to how much Hitman Holla is worth.

How Much Is Hitman Holla Worth?

How much is Hitman Holla worth

Hitman Holla’s sources of income solely rely on his talent and performance. Apart from all the rap battles on television, they have gained popularity on Youtube as well with over millions of views and thousands of likes.

Also, Holla’s Instagram page has followers over one million, which allows him to promote brands and participate in advertisements. Apart from that, he earns from his movie, TV Show and live performances.

Additionally, Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon run a Youtube channel together with 185,000 subscribers until now and it generates a handsome amount of revenue as well.

Based on all these sources and subsidiary partnerships, The Sun has estimated that Hitman Holla net worth is approximately 3 million USD.

Biography: Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla’s career circled around his rap performances, and the specifics of his personal life are often left undiscussed. Scrolling over this section will give you a comprehensive idea about Holla’s life and you’ll know your favorite star a little better:

Real Name Gerald Fulton, Jr.
Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri
Height 70 in (177 cm)
Wild ‘N Out Appearances 6-16, 18-present
Total Youtube Views 42 million
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net Worth $3M
Earned Scholarship From California State Northridge

Who Is Hitman Holla?

Gerald Fulton, Jr. goes by his rapper name Hitman Holla, and is a professional battle rapper originating from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. In his 34 years of life, he has left behind some remarkable achievements in the arena of battle rap.

Formerly a college athlete, Hitman Holla identified his knack for raps at an early age. 2008 was the first year he decided to take part in a rap battle against RemyD that stood out to be listed in the top 25 rap battles ever on Youtube.

Holla performed on SMACK/URL on URLtv and Battle American Fight Klub after his initial impact as a battle rapper. His latter banishment from URL landed him as a recurring member of Wild ‘N Out starting from season 6, where you’ll be able to find him even today as an active rapper!

Apart from rap battles, he launched a solo track titled “Diddy Dum Dum” in 2017, and tried out an alternate path than music with an independent film She Ball in 2020 & the TV Show Games People Play the following year. This proves the diversity of this actor, rapper & athlete, and the extent one’s talent can take them.

Greatest Moment Of Rap Battle History

Who is Hitman Holla

Holla has always received his family’s support in his rap battle arena. Holla’s father Big Gerald is often seen in the crowd cheering his son’s performance which often ends with “ball game” or “yett yett”, leaving very little chance for his oppositions to fight back.

During a rap battle against Aye Verb, Holla’s father contributed to one of the most breathtaking scenes of the battle rap industry. Aye Verb addressed Big Gerald in his rap song, to which Gerald came back immediately with a “yes sir!” from the crowd, obliterating Aye Verb’s stand and setting the floor for Holla to steal the victory.

Such moments make for great spectacles and inspiration for future generations. Holla’s younger brother is no different since he got to witness such a marvelous happening before his eyes.

He joined the rap battle field as well and goes by the name “Showout”. The young prodigy is guaranteed to shine like his elder brother and maybe even go further in terms of talent – only time will tell us the extent of it.

The ‘Cinnamon’ Incident

Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon have gone through a life-threatening incident back in 2021. The couple had been in different cities due to personal obligations when Cinnamon realized a break-in at her home.

This incident received a wide retrospect of viewers and became a topic that has often been talked about. Even People’s Magazine has featured this story to show how safety is so fragile and how our most beloved stars can so easily fall into difficult situations.

She FaceTimed Holla straight away asking for instructions. Holla had advised her on how she should proceed with the intruder and ensure her safety.

It turned out there had been four invaders while Cinnamon was the only person at home. She retained her courage and tried to scare them away with her personal, licensed fire-arm that they had for safety reasons.

However, the outcome was shocking and almost tragic, as she got shot in the face from close range. She was rushed to the hospital and brought her fans down to tears.

Holla shared a picture of her in hospital bed stating that he’s very proud of her because of her courage and how she stood tall at such a moment of crisis.

He asked for love and prayers from all their fans & admirers for Cinnamon’s speedy recovery. The health-based risk was mitigated and despite two broken bones, she didn’t require any surgery or facial reconstruction.

The couple is now living together happier than ever and Cinnamon recovered back to full health after a certain period of time. While Holla is performing in rap battles on TV, the duo are also keeping up their vlog channel, sharing the bitter-sweet moments & events of their lives with their adoring viewers.


Hitman Holla net worth gives us an insight into this celebrity’s lifestyle and how much recognition he has been able to gain within a certain period of time in his career. The incident with Cinnamon is shocking and terrifying without any doubt, but it’s a safety-lesson for all of us as well.

His $3M worth of earnings & assets should see him lead a comfortable life with much potential to climb up even higher should his next projects take off. We, as his fans should support & encourage his enterprise to see our beloved star meet the accomplishments worthy of his talent.

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