Is 50 Cent Alive? Is He Dead? We’ll Verify With Credible Sources

Is 50 Cent alive

50 Cent is one of those individuals who has had the most diverse ups and downs in his long career. From criminal activities, charges, and drug allegations to becoming one of the most highly revered RAP artists, 50 Cent has been able to occupy the limelight for news portals one way or another.

Among such activities, he has been surrounded by death even before he gained popularity. It’s not only him that faced-off with death numerous times, but also the ones he has worked with had direct interactions with life-ending experiences.

Due to such an unpredictable lifestyle, often there lands some news asking: is 50 Cent alive in 2023? It’s mostly due to his past & present mingling with death and the declining situation of his life. If you have to answer in short whether he is dead or not, we’d have to say, no, 50 Cent is not dead and is still breathing well.

But what exactly happened in his life that makes people ask this question so frequently? Our article is solely targeting this knowledge and investigates deep into his life to find the answer for your ease of mind!

Is 50 Cent Alive?

Is 50 Cent dead

Now we come to the money question that you’ve been waiting to hear about. We can state with utmost certainty that 50 Cent is alive and kicking as of 2023. What we are now going to explore is why people are asking this question, and what actually happened in the past for such questions to gain credibility.

Jackson has always been surrounded by death. The most recent incident regarding someone close to him happened in early June 2022. Pasha Bleasdell is the individual who passed away due to a brain tumor. This individual artist was featured in music videos of numerous artists such as Nelly and 50 Cent himself. Director X shared this tragic news in an Instagram post.

The most near-death experience that Jackson had gone through was the time he was shot nine times in his body – yes! Nine times! Any other person might have died at the scene, but Jackson was not only like Lazarus in spirit, rather even more because he avoided death completely and came back to tell his tale.

This happened back in 2000 when he used to live with his grandmother, and BBC has featured it thoroughly for the avid readers. Jackson ended up with shattered bones and a damaged tongue which made him change his rapping style, and it probably happened for somewhat better because you’ve seen his enormous success afterward.

In 2012, Jackson had been brought into the emergency of New York Hospital Queens after getting hit by a truck while driving his SUV. The pop artist suffered minor neck damage and the photographs from the scene had his fans convinced that their icon was not coming back alive from this.

Also 2 years prior to that, Jackson had another incident with health decline leading him almost toward death. To star in a film that demanded a leaner version of him, Jackson only consumed water and exercised 3 hours every day which resulted in such depreciation.

Due to these numerous instances of 50 Cent being intertwined with death-related news, incidents, and near-death experiences, his fans are always afraid that any day they might hear the news of his demise from a random accident or something similar. These are the parts of his life that fuel questions like: ‘is 50 Cent alive?’ that his fans eagerly look forward to finding out.


It’s time for us to have an overview of 50 Cent’s life, career, and personal achievements at one glance to gain a comprehensive idea about this hip-hop artist’s life.

Rapper Name 50 Cent
Real Name Curtis James Jackson III
Date of Birth July 6, 1975
Place of Birth Queens, New York City, USA
Height 72 in (183 cm)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth $40M
Relationship Status Single
No. of Children 2 (Marquise & Sire Jackson)
Awards 1 Grammy

13 Billboard Music Awards

6 World Music Awards

3  American Music Awards

4 BET Awards

Personal Information

Let’s scroll through the personal life of 50 Cent to understand him as an individual than as a rapper whom we know so little about. His birth name is Curtis James Jackson III and he was born on July 6, 1975, in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York City, US. After taking part in the hip-hop culture, he has endorsed the 50 Cent name because of the nice ring it has to it for an artist in this business.

The LADbible Group has investigated the early life of Jackson and found out that after his mother had been shot dead at a very early age. Jackson was taken in by his grandmother who always loved him selflessly. But in moments of crisis at such an early age, Jackson took refuge in drug selling and gun violence in the streets.

At the age of 15, Jackson was sent to Juvenile prison with drug-selling related allegations along with gun possession. He was sentenced to nine years but completed Juve in six months and received his high school diploma degree there. In the early 2000s, Jackson stepped foot into the music industry and was picked up by Eminem after hearing his mix tape along with Dr Dre.

Between the years 2000 to 2007, Jackson made his breakthrough into the world of music with his hit album of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which has been positively received by the likes of Rolling Stone magazine. It broke the record of CD sales as well as Billboard 200’s most played song on the radio in a very short amount of time!

After his success in music, 50 Cent invested in other forms of business covering a wide variety of options. His production included talent management, television, film, touring, and many more ventures among which many had seen initial success. Billboard has covered in detail how he progressed with his new ideas.


50 Cent controversies

Jackson has always had a knack for running into controversial situations. Apart from his criminal charges regarding drug and gun possession, he was accused of abusing multiple partners over a period of time and vandalizing their property.

Although there have been strong claims against his actions, CNN states that the court finds him ‘not guilty of the charges. The victim’s lawyer kept her identity a secret for obvious reasons, and if the famous rap artist had been found guilty, he would have faced 5 years in prison along with a $46,000 fine.

Apart from domestic abuse, Jackson had lit the internet on fire by calling out a tweet regarding the user ‘autistic’ as a derogatory term. He went on further to state that he doesn’t need such followers on his account. Later on, he was made to apologize in public via another tweet where he concedes that his comments were insensitive.

This wasn’t the first time he’s abused someone with an impairment. In 2016, Jackson had accused a janitor of being under the influence and the video of him disrespecting the individual had gone viral over the internet. The child’s parents had sued him and settled for $100,000 along with his apology. The couple donated the amount to Autism Speaks organization for a good cause.


In 2008, the fire at the Universal Studios backlot in Hollywood had burned music materials of hundreds of artists. Among such unfortunate individuals, Jackson was one. Such mishaps had long-term consequences on the individual’s revenue generation, as in 2015, Jackson pleaded to The Wall Street Journal for his bankruptcy.

He didn’t go out of business due to this, however, later on, Jackson went on to produce numerous albums, solo tracks, and television shows. Since his money was tight, he moved to Houston in the hopes of a low tax rate back in 2021. Jackson has ever since occupied himself with multi-faceted projects including writing crime shows, acting in movies, and launching new entrepreneurship ventures.


50 Cent’s life is metaphorically like a roller-coaster with many ups and downs from his pre-teenage days. It has been a difficult journey for him because of losing his parents so early on and being brought up in a neighborhood that challenges your every step.

His entire life should be taken as a lesson by all of us, not only on how to become successful in life or RAP magnificently but also on how to redeem ourselves after failing to cope a hundred times. In this regard, 50 Cent should remain a beacon of hope for never giving up.

It’s a miracle that this individual is still alive after so many attempts at his life, be that intentional or accidental. The fans are right to ask ‘is 50 Cent alive?’ after frequent news relating to death tied to his name. You can now rest assured that he is well & truly alive and is residing in Houston, spending time preparing his new projects.

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