Is 6ix9ine Gay? Discovering The True Orientation Of The Infamous Rapper

The rap scene had been tame for a long time with nothing outrageous popping out. Rappers were playing it safe and didn’t want to involve themselves in any controversies. Then suddenly, everything changed. An Argentinian boy named 6ix9ine came into the scene with rainbow-colored hair and tattoos all over his body. As if his name and clothing weren’t enough to cause mayhem in the media, his music styles incorporated screaming loudly in the mic.

No one could think of this guy seriously and he was quickly considered a troll. But everyone came to their senses when 6ix9ine released his first solo song, “Gummo”. This song became a gigantic hit and 6ix9ine was no longer a meme. He became one of the most notorious rappers of all time after 2pac.

As quickly as his popularity grew, the controversies began to rack up. His wild antics and his weird choice of clothing began to stir up rumors of whether he was gay or not. So today, we are going to put an end to the debate once in for all. Stay with us till the end to find out the answer to the question “Is Tekashi69 gay or not”

Public Perception Of The Bizarre Yet Entertaining Rapper

Ever since his debut, the general public seemed to be intrigued by this Argentinian rapper’s wild antics. He frequently went on feuds with other people from his social media platforms. Aside from that, his use of guns and drugs was apparent in his music videos. He also associated himself with dangerous gangs and even was accused of using a child for a sexual video.

The most interesting thing is that no one really cared for 6ix9ine that much. Everybody enjoyed the madness sprawling over the internet. The music itself wasn’t that bad. In fact, some of his songs are quite addictive and will keep on ringing in your head for a long time.

Because of his behaviors and personality, most people thought of him as a meme. They harpooned him every now and then. 6ix9ine became a target for bullying on the internet. No matter how hard and masculine he wanted to portray in the media with his frequent sightings and music videos featuring women, no one took him seriously even for a bit.

How A Single Photo Changed 6ix9ine’s Life: Does 6ix9ine Have A Boyfriend?

6ix9ine’s Life

The internet is forever. This is a statement that many people take too lightly and later regret. The same thing happened in the case of 6ix9ine. One day, a photo began to surface on the Twitter of 6ix9ine kissing an unknown man.

This quickly caused a frenzy on Twitter with many people calling him out. Despite not coming from a verified source, fans quickly assumed that the man was his boyfriend and they were madly in love with each other. Several memes were generated regarding the matter. Many people even joked about how his tattoos and clothing were foreshadowing his gayness and everyone should’ve known before.

Later, it was found out that the photo was from a music video and there was no authenticity to it. Twitter themselves claimed that the photos were not genuine. But despite the validation, people still troll 6ix9ine to this day. In their minds, 6ix9ine was, is, and always will be gay.

Is Tekashi69 Gay? Exploring His Past Entanglements To Put An End To The Rumors

In each of his videos, you will see that he is romanticizing with a bunch of women. He basically objectifies the women, making them pour liquid and money over him. This is mainly to portray that 6ix9ine is quite handsome and attractive. But is he truly? We will let you be the judge of that.

With his numerous controversies over the years, it might seem unbelievable to find out that 6ix9ine has had a bunch of romantic relationships over the years. Sadly, none of them seem to extend for a long time.

His most talked about relationship has to be the one with OhSoYouJade. The couple began dating in 2018 and everything was quite okay. Jade was a former bartender who seemed genuinely interested in 6ix9ine. The relationship began to take the serious route when he gifted her a watch for 35000 dollars. The two dated for a year and parted ways to find new opportunities.

Aside from Jade, 6ix9ine had a one-year relationship with Marlayna M. Before this encounter, he also hooked up with several other models such as Cuban Doll and Celina Powell. Even after searching the darkest corners of the Internet, we couldn’t find a single instance of him being in a relationship with another man. So it is safe to say that 6ix9ine is not gay. He is heterosexual.

6ix9ine’s Response To The Allegation Adding Fuel To The Fire

6ix9ine’s Response To The Allegation

Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Responding way too vocally can make things much worse than it is. Because most of the time, we notice that the stars who respond harshly are insecure about the situation and have something to hide behind their screams. Always remember that an empty vessel makes the most noise.

In terms of 6ix9ine, he kept his cool and seemed very nonchalant about the whole gay situation. In just one of his Instagram posts, he claimed that he is not gay and told his fans that he knew how to count to ten.

Despite a lot of backlash coming his way regarding his orientation, he never responded to anything more than that. Perhaps he has bigger things to worry about than the gay allegations. In reality, he is going to jail for illegal possession of guns and even murder attempts. So, it’s quite understandable that he doesn’t care much about what people think about his sexual orientation.

What Is 6ix9ine’s Net Worth In 2023? Deep Dive Into The Lavish Lifestyle Of The Flamboyant Rapper

Despite being into trouble and writing enormous amounts of checks for them, 6ix9ine still has an incredible amount of money laying around. His music consistency ranks in the billboard top 100s. Therefore, he earns quite some money from the record labels and gets revenue from the albums he sells every year. Multiple of his songs have surpassed the 500M viewers milestone. So, he gets a lot of revenue.

As you might’ve already guessed seeing his flamboyant style and clothing, 6ix9ine spends a hefty amount of money buying jewelry and getting expensive tattoos. Furthermore, he lives a lavish lifestyle which consists of agonistic apartments and sporting cars. He also spends quite a lot of money on trips and women.

Additionally, he has gotten himself involved in multiple lawsuits and hiring those lawyers ain’t cheap. But despite his enormous spending, his net worth is still quite high. As of 2023, 6ix9ine’s net worth has been reported to be near 10 million dollars.

Intriguing Facts and Trivas Regarding 6ix9ine: Everything You Need To Know About This Notorious Rapper

While researching about 6in9ine, we understood that there is a whole lot more than meets the eye. There is quite a rabbit hole with layers after layers of interesting information about this rapper’s life.

Do you consider yourself to be an avid 6ix9ine fan? Then take a good look at some of the facts. How many did you already know? Let us know in the comment section.

Name Daniel Hernandez
Net Worth $10 million
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 5 inches (170 centimeters)
Weight 140 pounds (63.5 kg)
Shoe Size Unknown
Birth year 8th May, 1996 (27 years old)
Religion Christian
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship status Taken
Siblings One
Current Residence Florida
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Zodiac Animal Bull
Eye Color Dark Brown
Educational Qualification Left High School After Tenth Grade

 Mourning For His Stepfather’s Death To Gaining Infamous Status In The Rap Scene

6ix9ine had quite a rough childhood which may have affected his behavior and attitude towards life in the later stages. He didn’t know who his original biological father was. His mother had convinced him that his father was dead. But in reality, 6ix9ine’s father was a heroin addict who left home when he was just nine years old. It was obviously a huge blow for him.

The emotional trauma further escalated when his stepfather died later. The emotional stress was so great that he couldn’t stand it. He lost his stability and started to lose a lot of weight. Things were so severe that he was given therapy and later was hospitalized.

But even after all this, 6ix9ine turned his life around when he started to rap when he was just 12 years old. After signing to a major label, there was no turning back from him. He gained infamy as the bad boy of the rap scene that we know and love to hate today.

Final Verdict

No matter how much you hate him for his actions, you can’t deny that 6ix9ine has left quite an impact on the rap scene. His unique screaming styled rap along with weird clothes made everyone remember him for a long time. Sadly, he was more preoccupied with maintaining a street persona than the rapping which eventually led to his downfall.

But one thing that most of the media have gotten twisted about is his sexuality. In reality, he is quite straight as he never had any sort of relationship with men. That picture of him with his supposed boyfriend was just a hoax.

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