Is Andi Peters Gay? Rumors Finally Answered

Andi Eleazu Peters or more popularly known as Andi Peters is a British TV reporter who has been working in the TV and film industry for the last 35 years. Andi has hosted several TV shows and worked for various TV and Radio broadcasting companies.

This 5 feet 10 TV reporter is currently working for ITV but has previously worked for broadcasting companies like BBC, Thames Television, LWT and for Channel 4.

Due to his popularity on the British TV, there is a lot of chatter on Andi Peter’s partner and his sexuality. Some wonder if Andi Peter is married while others ask if Andi is gay. In this story we will discuss all about Andi Peter’s sexuality and marriage.

But before jumping into Andi’s love life, let’s get to know him a bit better.

Who Is Andi Peters?

Who is Adni Peters

Andi Peters is a TV presenter for some of the most well-known British TV media channels. He was born on July 29, 1970 and has been working in the TV and media industry for the last 35 years since 1988. Andi lives in Chelsea, London and was born there.

The 52 years old TV reporter has worked for the BBC and is most popularly known for presenting Children’s BBC. The presenter has also worked on roles such as Live & Kicking on the BBC.

He also worked for TV media channels such as the LWT and Channel 4 as a commissioning editor for the various youth programs. He also was credited for TV producers including The Noise, Top of the Pops  and Shipwrecked.

Later in his career he was appointed by ITV where he is currently working. The 5’11’’ presenter has hosted shows like Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, Dancing on Ice and The Big Reunion for ITV.

Apart from his TV career the presenter has also played a small role in Toy Story 2 as a voice actor for the Male Baggage Handler #1. Peter’s UK visa did not allow him to do the voiceover work directly. So, Pixar and Peter had to resort to live broadcasting for the voiceover. Peter also briefly worked for the Graham Norton Show as a radio host.

Is Andy Really Gay?

If you search on the internet for Andi Peters, one of the first results that will pop up is if Andi is gay. People on the internet are very curious about their favorite British TV reporter.

There is not much to go on about Andi Peter’s sexuality. The TV reporter has not formally acknowledged any of the sexuality rumors that have come his way. Andi has kept his private life very private as he does not discuss his private life on any TV show or productions.

Andi has been known for his quietness regarding his personal life. He generally reaches out to his followers on Twitter, and even there he has not disclosed his sexuality.

Is Andi Single?

Is Andi Single ! Andi Peters and Emma Forbes Hangover

But Andi has disclosed on his twitter that he is currently single and says he likes travel, food and fitness. In 2016, Andi revealed the actual reason behind him being a single man on his twitter account. He revealed to his followers on twitter that he’s single because…erm… he’s a superhero? Andi posted this in a post on his official Twitter page. Well, this could be true, as we can see from his shredded body on insta.

Aside from the jokes and giggles, the question still remains. Is Andi Peters gay? There is no solid proof that Andi Peters is heterosexual and he is not married, there are some speculations that he is in reality, gay. But these are simply speculations until Andi decides to share with his followers his real sexuality.

Is Andi and Emma Forbes A Couple?

Despite all the gay rumors about Andi, there are also speculations and rumors regarding Andi dating Emma Forbes, who is also a TV reporter and presenter based in Britain. Emma Forbes and Andi is seen on multiple occasions together.

This has roused speculations about them dating, but the pair has always denied these rumors.

Andi Dating His Producer?

Later Andi was also spotted on a rollercoaster ride with his producer Claire. Fans started a storm on the topic and speculated that Andi Peters was actually dating Claire. But Andi in his Good Morning Britain show accidentally spilled that Claire is in fact his producer who has just been engaged.

So, no. Claire and Anti were not in a relationship.

Former Marriages and Children

Since then, Andi has not posted any official relationship status on his Twitter account or in any social media accounts. Like always, Andi has kept his personal life private away from the prying eyes of social media websites.

Andi is not known to have any children, nor has any former marriage ever been reported. Andi has always stated that he is single and has not shared any status regarding his sexuality. So, there is no definite answer to if Andi is really gay. May be he is, may be he is not. We’ll never be sure until Andi himself spills the beans.

We have gathered all the information on our end and have not been able to come to a conclusion. But Andi may very well be one of the “Forever bachelors” of the TV industry.

Andi Peters At a Glance

Throughout his career on British TV Andi has made his mark and has had a successful career. Andi has worked for several TV media companies and has earned his repute in the industry.

There is a lot of information scattered around the internet about Andi. For your convenience, we have put together some key information about Andi Peters that you might want to see at a glance.

Full name Andi Eleazu Peters
Profession British TV Presenter
Birth date July 29, 1970
Naitonality British
Years on TV 1988 to Present
Height 5’10’’
Weight 73 Kg
Lives in Chelsea, London
Relationship Status Single

What is The Net Worth of Andi?

As we have said, Andi has been working in the TV Industry for the last 35 years and has been pretty popular at that. Andi throughout his years has accumulated a net worth of $4 million.

A consistent performance in the TV and film industry for the last 35 years has earned Andi Peteres a large number of followings on the internet. Furthering this is his insane dedication to his physique as he constantly shares his ripped-out photos on Instagram.

With his earnings from both TV presentations and production he has earned a good sum of money. On average, Andi makes about $43,320 a year.  But with the following that Andi has made Andi’s net worth is only to reach higher.


To sum up our discussion on Andi Peters, he is a famous British TV news presenter and has worked tirelessly for the last 35 years to make his name on TV. Andi has exquisite physique for his age and regularly works out.

Due to his shredded looks, his followers have often rumored that Andi is in Reality gay. But   we have searched though his social media and the internet and have not found any solid proof that he is in fact gay.

Rather Andi Peters is a single person and perhaps will always be so.

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