Is Anthony Padilla Gay? A Look At His Sexuality Closely!

Is Anthony Padilla gay

Anthony Padilla is an internet content creator who started his career as a Youtuber in 2005. He created Smosh, a YouTube channel that now has over 25 million subscribers alongside his friend Ian Hecox. It was later acquired by Defy Media in 2011 but Padilla and Hecox were still a part of it.

Due to creative differences, Anthony Padilla left the channel in 2017 and started his personal YouTube Channel named after his name. Though he left the channel created by him 12 years ago, he quickly found success in his new venture.

Fans loved his new content as well and his influence over them did not waver. From his first arrival to this day, Anthony Padilla’s sexuality has been a recurring topic.

His mannerism and styling choices are often questioned and the comment sections of his videos are often flooded with comments about him being gay.

By exploring the public and private life of Anthony Padilla, we can easily identify whether the speculations about Anthony Padilla’s sexual orientation have any basis or if all of them are baseless.

Pieces Of Information About Anthony Padilla That Might Surprise You

We are used to seeing Anthony Padilla regularly on his YouTube videos but if you come to think of it, there is much information about him that you are not aware of. The table below will help you to gather surprising facts about this YouTuber.

Full Name Daniel Anthony Padilla
Sex Male
Hometown Sacramento, California
Date of Birth 16 September 1987
Nationality American
Occupation Youtuber, Actor, Internet Celebrity
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.80 m)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Net Worth $14 million
Years Active 2005 – Present

Is Anthony Padilla Gay? How Did The Rumor Start?

Is Anthony Padilla gay the rumor

Anthony Padilla has been facing rumors about being gay for a long time. What might be the reason that a lot of people think of him as gay without any evidence?

To get to the bottom of the iceberg about Anthony Padilla’s sexuality, we need to identify how these rumors came to be. What’s the main reason behind people thinking he’s interested in men, let’s find out.

There are multiple reasons behind people questioning his sexual orientation. YouTuber Daniel Howell listed his ultimate gay crushes and Anthony Padilla’s name was mentioned. This resulted in many fans starting to wonder whether Padilla’s sexuality was exposed by Howell.

Some people believed the clip and were confident in their assessment that Padilla is definitely interested in men. In January of 2023, Padilla invited Dan Howell into his show and they talked about how both of them spend a day together, going to bars and enjoying themselves. It further spread the gay rumor.

Anthony Padilla’s dress-up, styling choice, and hygiene routine also play a huge role in people’s conception of his sexual orientation. He wears his hair with front curly fringes with one side cut short, a hairdo that people often connect with homosexuals.

Padilla also wears jewelry and dresses up fashionably which raises questions in a few fans’ minds.

Anthony Padilla’s Response To The Speculation

Anthony Padilla is aware of the rumor that is going on about his sexuality, the gay rumors. He published a video in 2017 concerning this topic that’s titled “Am I Gay?”.

In this video, he gives detailed information about how he has heard this question from a young age when he didn’t even know the meaning behind this word. That question was asked to him because he had brought a purple Mickey Mouse lunch box to his school.

He elaborated on how his YouTube comment section always has questions or statements that claim him to be homosexual because of his mannerism.

He gives a clear answer to the question by defining a gay as someone who is sexually interested in people of his/her own sex.

The video was made to clarify his sexuality and question people’s inclination to identify someone as gay to trivial factors without knowing much information about them due to their prejudice.

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating: Mykie?

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating

Anthony Padilla is currently in a relationship with Lauren Mychal who is better known as Mykie. She is a famous makeup artist who is popular for her awe-striking makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel Glam & Gore.

They started seeing each other in 2019. They secretly dated for around 5 months before making it official in December by posting about it on Instagram. They often appear in each other’s videos and post regularly on other social media platforms like Instagram.

If we are to believe their social media presence, they are really happy with each other and everything has aligned to their liking. They share their special moments with their fans by posting about them regularly.

Anthony Padilla’s Past Relationships

Before being with Mykie, Anthony Padilla has been romantically involved with some other women, a few of them were part of the YouTube Influencer community as well.

Anthony Padilla dated fellow YouTuber Kalel Cullen Smith. They were not public about their relationship at first and were together for around five years before getting separated from each other. Their breakup was ugly, and their posts on social media created a lot of controversy during that time.

Padilla called that relationship a wrong decision and thought he was being taken advantage of.  Smith did not hold back and posted some heated tweets but they were less aggressive.

After that messy breakup, Padilla was linked with two other women, one of them is a writer named Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and the other one is Miel Bredow. Despite these speculations, they are not properly confirmed.

Anthony Padilla’s Net Worth: An Overview of His Earnings & Assets

Anthony Padilla was one of the first YouTubers who achieved success for their content and still has kept their relevance after all these years.  His 18 years of career as an Internet personality has earned him an amount of money that can’t be reached easily.

In our estimation, Anthony Padilla’s net worth is around 14 million dollars. Most of these came from the success of Smosh’s YouTube Channel before finally parting ways.

After he parted ways with Defy Media, he started his own YouTube channel which has around 7.17 million subscribers. He basically has interviews with famous individuals in a one-on-one podcast setting.

He earns around 6 thousand dollars per day from YouTube ad revenues. Aside from that, he gets a decent sum from endorsement deals from brands like Audible, Surf Shark, and Expressvpn.

In 2020, Anthony Padilla bought a luxurious house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles with his girlfriend Mykie. They spent around 2.3 million dollars to buy this 2,642 square feet residence that contains multiple bedrooms and all modern facilities.

Final Statement

We have gone through the origin of the speculation, Padilla’s response, and his relationships throughout the years in this article. After accumulating all of these pieces of information, we can safely surmise that Anthony Padilla is not gay.

The rumor started to circulate due to his mannerism and styling choice which later escalated due to a misunderstood video by fans. Padilla himself published a video about the speculation which clearly states that he is not interested in men.

Furthermore, he has been a part of different relationships. While some were rumored, two of them were known to the public. One lasted for 5 years while his current one with Mykie has been going strong for more than 3 years.

As Padilla said in his video, his sexuality should not matter to us but a fan’s mind wants to know everything about his/her idol. I hope the article cleared up any confusion. If he ever came out as gay, that would be surprising but everyone will still love him as they do now.

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