Is Austin Butler Gay? Using Facts And Figures To Assess That Claim

Is Austin Butler Gay

While tons of actors are either concluding their careers in a gracious way or working on their final projects, on the other end of the spectrum are up-and-coming youngins who are either shaping their formative years as professional performers or have recently propelled themselves to stardom, like Austin Butler.

Austin Butler is commonly acknowledged for his role as Elvis Presley in the 2022 biopic, Elvis, but is also perceived as one of the most influential individuals in recent times. His fortes as an actor have earned him various positives, such as a Golden Globe award in 2022, but have also resulted in the curation of tons of negative promotion, mainly regarding his sexuality.

Austin Butler is beloved by all of Hollywood, but handpicks people when it comes to his personal life. And although that movement is definitely understandable, many news media outlets have exploited that element for their own gain, claiming that Austin Butler is gay. Move on to the next portion and stay tuned to learn how we debunked the former claim!

Is Austin Butler Gay? Using His Dating Life To Discover His Sexuality

Austin Butler sexuality

Prior to becoming an overnight sensation, Austin Butler was mostly known for his life as a television actor with a habit of landing recurring roles. His love life was just as private back then, but quickly caught the eye of tabloids like TMZ once he started dating Vanessa Hudgens, American actress mostly known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series.

In accordance with Daily Mail and spokespeople from Insider, it is believed that Austin and Vanessa had their first encounter in 2005, on the set of High School Musical. Although they were strictly acquainted and didn’t get to spend enough time with one another, they remained in touch through social media. Vanessa was also romantically involved with Zac Efron at the time, who starred as Troy Bolton, the protagonist of the High School Musical franchise.

While Austin and Vanessa were both busy shaping their lives as professional actors, they remained close friends, even in 2010. However, their dynamics changed in 2010 and went from being a platonic friendship to a romantic entanglement.

The pair were together for almost a decade, between 2011 and 2020, but went public in 2014 on social media. They were constantly seen hanging out with pals in Paris and attended various events together prior to the big reveal in 2014, but managed to keep things low-key. And while the two constantly went above and beyond for one another to make things work, and even pushed each other to take up career-changing roles, Austin and Vanessa split in late 2019.

Months after the breakup in 2020, Austin was reported to be linked with Australian actress Olivia Dejonge, whom he met on the set of “Elvis.” Though the two only dated briefly, rumours came swirling in during 2020 when the pair were seen getting cosy at the beach. And although the timeline of their relationship remains unknown, it is believed that the couple split in the midst of 2020, but are still fond of each other in a platonic way.

At one point in August 2021, Austin was seen with Lily-Rose Depp, French-American actress known for starring in The Idol, an American drama series that hit the shelves in 2023. Their bond appeared to be shortlived, however, as the duo were never seen again.

At the moment, Austin is dating American model and actress Kaia Gerber. The couple boasted about their relationship on social media in 2021, and regularly attend high-profile events and family gatherings together. Kaia Gerber was also said to be by Austin’s side when the 31-year-old won his first Golden Globe award in 2022, which isn’t just wholesome, but also puts rumours regarding Austin’s sexuality to a definite halt.

Renowned Facts and Trivia About Austin Butler: Height, Weight, Birthday and More!

Austin Butler recently rose to stardom after his portrayal of Elvis Presley, one of the most influential artists who had the world of Hollywood and music in the palm of his hands in the mid-19th century, caught fire overnight.

However, did you know that the 31-year-old also makes music during his spare time? If not, be sure to skim through the following table comprising juicy titbits and fascinating trivia regarding Austin Butler!

Name Austin Robert Butler
Date of Birth August 17, 1991 (31 Years Old)
Hometown Anaheim, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, Musician
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Dating
Partner(s) Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2019); Kaia Gerber (2021-present)
Net Worth $5 Million
Years Active 2005 – present

Austin Butler’s Net Worth In 2023: Unveiling The Current Fortune Of The Hollywood Heartthrob!

Austin Butler’s Net Worth

At the moment, Austin Butler is perceived as one of the frontrunners when it comes to his profession, especially from his generation. The 31-year-old’s method acting abilities not only obtained plenty of flowers from veterans in the scene, but also rewarded the American actor with multiple individual accolades, nominations, and the winner of a Golden Globe and BAFTA. And while taking up the role of Elvis eventually enabled him to take up multiple upcoming projects, the success of it also added to his fortune and net worth.

As of 2023, Austin’s estimated net worth stands at $5 million, but not all of it is new money. In fact, for Elvis, the best venture he’s been a part of so far, Austin Butler only took home an initial sum of $700,000. However, many believe that the actor is still rewarded through royalties to this day.

While most of his payouts are yet to be unveiled to the public eye, the paychecks he collected during his time as a television actor definitely helped him add to his current assets, with sums that were as hefty as a five-figure salary. Among all the minor and recurring roles he secured, Life Unexpected, Switched at Birth, and The Carrie Diaries were the most monetarily beneficial decisions.


All in all, when it comes to the film industry, Austin Butler definitely a force to be reckoned with! The American actor has multiple assets and fortes listed as his talents, one of which is his method acting technique.

His forte in method acting was probably overshadowed during his adolescent years when he mostly gravitated towards recurring roles on shows broadcasted by television networks such as Disney and Nickelodeon, but played a pivotal role in the recent success he found in 2022 as Elvis.

While his potential as a professional actor and the recent success he found are just helping him land bigger roles and better deals in Hollywood, Austin Butler is also having to grasp and deal with the dark side of news media, who are currently preying on the actor’s super low-key personal life by curating media that alleges that the actor is gay. The claim is the farthest thing from the truth in reality, however, as the actor has been romantically involved with American model Kaia Gerber since late-2021.

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