Is Bad Bunny Gay? All That We Know Regarding The Latin Superstar’s Orientation!

The rise of Bad Bunny is surely in full bloom as of 2024, but is also not a surprising one. In fact, when you look into his portfolio, you’ll realize just how far the Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter has come since the existence of his formative years, and just how crucial hard work is.

Bad Bunny is definitely one of the most popular musicians of this era. Winning back to back to back accolades for being the Most Streamed Artist on Spotify, it’s safe to say that his music and abilities as a professional artist need no introduction. Not everything is colourful in his life, however, especially when his sexuality is thrown into the mix.

While the musician is currently dipping his toe in every pool that he finds, he’s also having to battle baseless allegations regarding his sexuality, most of which plead that Bad Bunny is indeed, gay. However, before coming to that conclusion on your own, be sure to join us on this journey, as we unveil to you all the materials regarding this matter, and all the evidence we have that makes each claim invalid!

How The Rumors Started

Taking into account the grip he has on the world we live in today, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Bad Bunny’s life is full of admirable highs, and questionable lows; most of which lean towards his sexuality.

Since the musician is known for having a rather fluid taste in fashion which involves nail polish, floral patterns, highlights, and outgrown nails, his gender orientation has been in question for quite some time now. However, it seems as though the wait is finally over. In other words, to learn whether the rumours that wind back to the last quarter of 2020 are true, don’t forget to move on to the next portion of this article.

Breaking Down Bad Bunny’s Relationship Timeline To Unveil His Sexuality: Is He Really Gay?

Breaking Down Bad Bunny’s Relationship

While the speculations continue to grow, we believe the only thing we can do to inspect the validity of each claim is his dating history, which implies otherwise.

Bad Bunny may have been irrelevant before 2018 prior to his collaboration with household names like Drake. However, his dating life was very much in full bloom, and exposed to the public eye after 2010.

During his time at the University of Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny was in a relationship with his collegiate sweetheart, Carliz De La Cruz, between the years 2011 and 2012. While the gravity of their bond was never unveiled to media outlets or to the world, it is believed that De La Cruz also managed his finances and acted as Bad Bunny’s manager during the formative years of his career. While it is also unknown whether the two are still in touch as of 2024, the couple split some time between 2011 and 2012.

After becoming a local sensation in 2017, Bunny was romantically linked with Gabriela Berlingeri, whom he met at a family dinner during that time. His girlfriend at the time, who also happens to be a model and a renowned designer in South America, not only provided him with emotional support, but also went above and beyond to land Bad Bunny a collaboration with Jenifer Lopez, which helped his career tremendously during that phase.

While the couple were quite active and never hesitated to take the spotlight at events, Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri parted ways in 2022, bringing a 5-year entanglement to an end. During his time with Gabriela, Bad Bunny also found himself on the cover of tabloids, when he was spotted with Rosalia in the midst of 2019.

Who Is Bad Bunny Dating In 2024? All You Need To Know About His Current Affair!

Who Is Bad Bunny Dating

Bad Bunny is currently involved with American model and personality Kendall Jenner, whom he met through mutuals once he moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of 2023. After going on multiple “low-profile” dates, the pair were caught in public in February 2023, which took the world by storm. Soon after, the pair confirmed their relationship, which winds back to March of this year.

The couple have made various public appearances together, from dates to WWE pay-per-views to high-profile music events.

They were also spotted rooting for the Lakers in May during Game 6 between the Lakers and Warriors at the Staples Center.

Kendall and Bad Bunny made the headlines yet again when the pair were seen leaving Dave Chapelle’s Comedy Club in the first week of August 2023, implying that their bond is very much resilient at the moment.

Bad Bunny’s Net Worth In 2024: The Lavish Life Of The Puerto Rican Megastar!

Bad Bunny had to battle through adversity since 2014. And although it took another 4 years for the Latino to make his mark in his region and on a global scale, he is currently not just suffering from success, but also being rewarded with tons of fortune while he’s at it.

As of August 2023, Bad Bunny’s net worth carries a sum of $40 million. And while the number of accolades and positives he found as a musician is surely the primary reason behind his fortune, alongside it are multiple business decisions that worked in his favor.

During 2022, a year or two into his breakthrough, Bad Bunny hosted a tour titled El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, which collected over $117 million in tickets alone. He subsequently hosted another tour, The World’s Hottest Tour, which garnered over $300 million. While the sum he collected from both tours remains unknown, we believe that the paycheck was, without a doubt, quite hefty.

In addition to earning royalties from his streams on Spotify, which currently stands at a total sum of 49 billion, Bad Bunny also earns from various endorsement deals, which involve lifestyle brands such as Adidas, and snack brand Cheetos. Bunny is often seen promoting the beer brand Corona, which also pays him a commission-based salary.

Since 2023, Bad Bunny has partnered up with WWE, and has made various appearances for tons of their Pay Per Views. While the most notable ones were the contributions he made to Wrestlemania 37 and Backlash, it is believed that the Puerto Rican makes around $100,000 per appearance. The entertainment company also sells merchandise under his name, which has accumulated over $500,000 in sales already.

Bad Bunny is also quite active in Hollywood, appearing in several star-studded films since 2022. For his role in Bullet Train, the musician collected a generous sum of $150,000.

When he’s not making big moves to shape the future of music, Bad Bunny is acknowledged for being a business tycoon. He became the co-owner of the Puerto Rican basketball team of Cangrejeros de Santurce in 2021, purchasing a restaurant in Miami later that year to enhance his finances. For headlining at Coachella, Bad Bunny earned a reported sum of $5 million!

Based on his current status in the world of pop culture and Hollywood, we have no doubt that Bad Bunny’s net worth will increase massively over the following years, especially if he keeps making smart business moves. However, if all else fails, the musician can always increase his $40 million net worth with his mortgages, which are mostly situated in Los Angeles, California.

Fun Trivia Facts Regarding Bad Bunny: Height, Weight, Birthday, and More!

Now that we’ve unveiled almost everything one needs to know about Bad Bunny’s sexuality, here is a table comprising enjoyable facts and trivia surrounding the Puerto Rican musician and entertainer that you can effortlessly unwind with!

Name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio
Also known as Bad Bunny
Date of birth March 10, 1994 (29 years old)
Hometown Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Occupation Musician, Actor, Entertainer
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height and Weight 6’0 (1.83m)
Sexual orientation Straight
Relationship status Taken
Partner(s) Kate Beckinsale (2017-2018); Lucy Hale; Jessica Lord (2023-present)
Net worth $40 Million (2024)
Years Active 2014 – present

Career Overview: From Soundcloud Rapper To Biggest Artist On The Planet

Starting his career on the music streaming platform SoundCloud in 2014, Bad Bunny first rose to prominence in 2018, when he was featured on a song of Cardi B’s; 2 years after being a local sensation. He collaborated with Drake shortly after, further increasing his ceiling later that year.

Everything Bad Bunny touched turned to gold from then on, including Oasis, a collaborative album that the artist released with J. Balvin in 2019. The success of the album was carried forward by YHLQMDLG and Las que no iban a salir, both of which found tons of global fame and enabled him to add to his accomplishments between 2019 and 2020. He then released his fourth and fifth albums, El Último Tour Del Mundo and Un Verano Sin Ti, both of which sealed his legacy in the world of music.

As of 2024, Bad Bunny isn’t just the only artist to carry the award for becoming the most streamed musician on Spotify for 3 consecutive years, but also a holder of 3 Grammy Awards, 3 Latin Grammy Awards, and 8 Billboard Music Awards. In addition to being the most streamed musician on Spotify last year, Bad Bunny also collected the title of Artist of the Year at the Apple Music Awards, 2022.

Early Life and Current Image On Pop Culture

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, also known by his stage name Bad Bunny, was born on March 10, 1994, in Vega Baja, a small town in Puerto Rico. He was born to a family of 5, featuring a father who was a truck driver, and a mother who happened to be a school teacher. Bunny also shares his parents with 2 younger siblings.

While most gave into crime and chaos, Bunny stayed in to spend intimate moments with his family. Prior to uploading music on SoundCloud, Bad Bunny would go to church with his mom, where he was a member of the church choir. He soon ditched the choir to invest his talents into producing music, mainly after being introduced to artists such as Daddy Yankee and Hector Lavoe.

While Bad Bunny had to work tirelessly to make ends meet during the early months of 2014, he is currently one of the biggest entertainers and musicians in the world. He is known for his transparent persona, and his flamboyant personality, regularly experimenting with his wardrobe to maximize comfort. He is also big on helping the members of the LGBTQ+ Community, and regularly partakes in protests as of 2024.

Final Impression

All in all, upon further inspection, it seems as though Bad Bunny currently identifies as heterosexual. The Puerto Rican is new to stardom, but has been very public about his dating life since 2017.

While he was romantically linked with Gabriela Berlingeri, Puerto Rican model and businesswoman, between the years 2017 and 2022, he is currently heavily linked with American model and personality Kendall Jenner, mostly known for being one of the leading stars in the American TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The two were first seen together in the first half of 2023, and confirmed all the rumors and claims a couple of months later at Coachella. They were also spotted at multiple NBA games, WWE events, and regularly attend red-carpet events in the company of one another.
However, while the current relationship status of Bad Bunny implies that he doesn’t swing that way, the Puerto Rican musician is quite open about how fluid he is. He has previously stated how he remains uncertain about his sexual orientation, claiming that he wouldn’t be surprised if he falls in love with a person of the same gender in the future, leaving the state of his sexuality as open as they come.

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