Is Benji Krol Gay? Deciphering The Sexual Orientation Of This TikTok Megastar

Is Benji Krol Gay

If you’ve ever been to TikTok, you’ve probably seen his videos pop out every now and then. He is none other than Benji Krol. This Brazilian influencer with soft boy antics is blowing up everywhere. With popularity comes the rumors especially when someone has such a rollercoaster ride of a dating life as he is.

He initially started his career using the app and then he switched to more popular websites where he could show his makeup and dancing skills. He quickly got attention from teens especially the females for his dreamy eyes, curly hair, and overall aesthetic vibe. As we are in Generation Z, the first thing that comes to our minds when we see a pretty boy is if he is gay or not.

Well, today we are going clear all the doubts about his sexual orientation. It has to be kept in mind that there are a lot of unreliable sources spreading false information. We have only gathered valid sources and taken a deep dive into his personal life and didn’t forget to include all the spicy stuff for the gossip lovers out there. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Is Benji Krol Gay? Dissecting Benji Krol’s Dating Life To Find The Answer

Benji Krol’s Dating Life

While numerous articles are saying he is gay, we can’t take their word for it. That’s why only for your sake, we’ve made a valiant effort in digging up his past relationships to give you an honest verdict without sugarcoating it.

His dating life is as messy as his hair. He first embarked on his quest for finding love by dating Antonio Garza. The couple seemed quite happy and there were no red flags. Both of them had similar interests as well. But unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long and they broke up in 2019 ending their 3-year relationship.

Then came the story of Jorge Garay. Perhaps this is the darkest chapter of Benji Krol’s life. The explanation for that we will get to later. He began dating this fellow TikTok star in 2020 but was short-lived as Benji claimed that Jorge left him in the hospital and never came back.  They were also involved in a grooming incident that left a mark on Benji’s career till now. In the midst of all this, he also dated another Instagram influencer called Renata Ri.

So, you can understand that Benji Krol has pretty much dated both men and women and has admittedly said he loves both of them. In a 2019 tweet, he sighed at why everyone was so beautiful. So, it is clear that Benji Krol is bisexual meaning he has a sexual interest in men and women.

 Single Or Taken? Who Is Benji Krol Dating Now?

Who Is Benji Krol Dating Now

The most recent of his dating endeavors was Yvan Chirade. Yvan is a moderately popular YouTube artist posting sketch videos of famous artists such as Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, and many more. The relationship seemed casual and both didn’t seem to talk a whole lot regarding it.

In October 2022, the couple decided to part ways. As of now, Benji Krol is Single. So, ladies and gents, what are you waiting for? Slide into his DMs.

Serious Grooming Allegation Clouding Benji Krol’s Career: Everything You Need To Know

As we have previously mentioned, Benji and Jorge were in a relationship in 2020. Soon they became partners in crime as well. In August 2020, an anonymous twitter user suddenly accused Benji and Jorge of sexually grooming him.

He claimed he is just 15 years old. Now this could’ve been an act of a troll as an incident like this are the quintessential elements of people trolling celebrities and trying to cloud their careers.

But the accusations were so serious that it actually brought a lot of attention. The accuser further explained how Benji Krol used to video call him and talk about sexually explicit things. He also claimed to have shared nudes with him. The story opened the eyes of many who thought TikTok to be a wonderland.

Benji Krol’s Honest Response To The Allegations

Benji Krol didn’t initially respond to the allegations. After some time, he admitted that the claims of the accuser were true in some parts and some parts were fabricated. His fans were supportive while some wondered why his response was so late. He then cleared it up by posting that he replied so late because of being hospitalized.

He later released a long video explaining all the parts of the accusation and clearing up all the doubts in September 2020.

In the video, he states how Jorge was the one who manipulated and forced him to converse with the accuser. He also tried to back himself up by saying that the boy’s real age was 16 and it was not illegal to have sexual conversations with him as the age of consent in Spain is 16.

Suicidal Attempt: Stirring Up More Controversy

Benji Krol's Controversy

The grooming accusations led to shedding light on how his ex-partner Jorge forced him into doing things. In his words, Jorge was the real perpetrator and after manipulating him into messaging the accuser, he blocked Benji.

This event put a toll on his mental state which led him to take an unfortunate path. He attempted suicide and was admitted to the hospital.

Benji Krol further explained that after all this he and Jorge rudely parted ways. All this toll would cause him to be quite vulnerable and leave a mark on his career which is difficult to remove.

How Much is The Net Worth of Benji Krol: Is It Truly In Millions?

Benji Krol has an enormous amount of dedicated fans across multiple social media platforms. His main source of income is the ad revenue he gets from his content, mainly videos. Also, he has associated himself with a wide range of pain sponsorship which gives him an external boost in his income.

Furthermore, he sells his merchandise on his own website and a bunch of other platforms. Combining all this, his net worth racks up to a staggering 1 million. He is just 22 years old and making a million. How impressive is that!

Fun Facts of Benji Krol: Age, Fashion, Zodiac Sign, And Much More

We have already covered all the juicy news regarding Benji Krol and also answered the question “Is Benji Krol Gay?” Here are some fun facts about him that will intrigue you. Did you know that his zodiac animal is a dragon? To find out more about him, give the table a quick look.

Name Benji Krol
Net Worth $1 Million
Nationality Brazilian
Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters)
Weight 173 pounds
Shoe Size 9 (UK)
Birth year 14th December 2020 (22 years Old)
Religion Christian
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationship status Single
Siblings 2
Current Residence Madrid, Spain
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Zodiac Animal Dragon
Educational Qualification Graduate
Years Active 2014-Present

How Benji Krol Went From A Unknown Boy To The Front Page Of YouTube

Like most TikTok celebrities, Benji Krol burst into the mainstream quite suddenly. One moment he was a nobody, another moment he was one of the biggest names in TikTok. He started his journey on TikTok in 2016 by posting short videos of lip-syncing popular songs and showing off his looks. He created his youtube back in 2014 but only started to post regularly in 2018.

People found a keen interest in this cute boy and began to draw their attention towards him. Within years, Benji Krol gained millions of followers on different platforms. Currently, he has an astounding 30.9 million followers on his Tik Tok account. His youtube numbers are a bit low but still impressive with a follower of 1.46 million.

In his Instagram, he regularly posts travel vlogs, make-up tutorials, and collaborations with other famous artists. He has a loyal follower base of 2.45 million people on Instagram and gets an average of 100K views in each of his posts.

Early Life Of Benji Krol and The Impact Of It On His Career

On the day of 14th December 2000, a boy was born in Brazil. Who would’ve known this boy would be the megastar he is now? His family was well off with a Christian mindset. Benji Krol himself believes in the concept of religion and practices it occasionally.  Although born in Brazil, he spent most of his time in Spain.

He began his school in Madrid. After completing his initial study, he was admitted into a private school where he graduated. During this time, he found a keen interest in the entertainment industry and wanted to be in it. So he started doing small skits and tutorials. This propelled him to be the influencer we see him as today.

Final Impression

Today, we end the debate of “Is Benji Crol Gay?” No, he is not. His wild antics and publicized dating life hints that he has an interest in both genders. Therefore, he is bisexual. He has openly admitted himself to it. But who knows? With an idiosyncratic character such as he is, he might have a change of heart in the future.

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