Is Billie Eilish Pregnant? Rumor Or Reality In 2024?

Is Billie Eilish pregnant

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is such an individual who requires no introduction to the contemporary audience and subscribers of popular music as well as social media platforms. Recently there have been claims relating to her being pregnant based on multiple assumptions made on the internet.

Except for such claims, this individual is renowned for her soprano vocal range acknowledged by The Rolling Stone magazine who regard it as “ethereal”. This famous individual has touched the hearts of every listener with her musical magic.

She is not only known for her musical prowess, but also for all the achievements she has accomplished at such an early age. This talented singer mostly works with her brother Finneas O’Connell who himself is a musician and composer. Together they have produced tunes such as “No Time To Die” featured in the latest James Bond film in 2021.

Eilish is an activist on different issues and always remains at the center of talking points one way or another. Currently, her pregnancy rumor is the factor that’s keeping her under the limelight, which begs to ask one question: Is Billie Eilish pregnant? We are here to find it out!

Billie Eilish Pregnancy News

Billie Eilish pregnancy news

Since her rise in popularity after the release of “Ocean Eye” song at the age of 16, Billie Eilish has been linked with controversial rumors several times. One such controversy left the fans asking: is Billie Eilish pregnant? The short answer is: NO, she is not.

You might wonder how such rumors started to take place. Initially, Eilish has stated on several occasions that she’s been the recipient of body shaming for numerous times. Probably because of that, this star is seen wearing loose and baggy clothes out in public, which some of the online rumor preachers have interpreted as “maternity clothes”.

A twitter post asking ‘is Billie Eilish pregnant?’ started the bonfire of speculations, and a few of the hoax news creators had gone to the extent of photoshopping a baby bump over Eilish, which is a disgrace and should be brought to justice.

In short, Billie Eilish is nowhere near being pregnant at the moment, and the ones committing to spreading such accusations should take into account what negative repercussions these could make to an individual’s life.


Let’s now take a look at the overall life & achievements of Billie Eilish to get a brief & comprehensive understanding of our favorite star!

Full Name Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell
Date of Birth December 18, 2001
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Sibling Finneas O’Connell
Height 63 in (161 cm)
Weight 134 lbs
Net Worth $30M
Prominent Awards Oscar, Grammy, Billboard Music Award etc.
Billboard Hot 100 Entries 30
Religious Views Agnostic
Relationship Status Single
Instagram Followers 104 Million
Youtube Subscribers 45.8 Million

How Old Is Billie Eilish?

Eilish fans often ponder over the age of this famous artist, because it’s often difficult to swallow the fact that one could become so successful in life at a very early age. To know her actual age, we must take a look into her early childhood, where she was born and how she came to be today’s most revered musical performer.

Billie Eilish was born and raised in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California. Her parents are actors and musicians, thus they understand the trajectory of their child properly into stardom, as Vogue states that she has been able to reinvent the pop genre with her uniquely catchy & soothing music.

There is a mystery relating to her birth that was disclosed later on in her life. Eilish was conceived by IVF (in vitro fertilization), so technically she was made inside a lab. She was born on December 18, 2001 after a successful procedure and supported by the medical records, this celebrity is currently at 21 years of age.

Billie Eilish Oscars

Billie Eilish oscars

The date of 27 March 2022 is a record-breaking day for not only Billie Eilish, but for the ones who keep track of world records as well. On this day, the 94th Academy Awards ceremony,  also known as the Oscars, was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. It’s so significant because Billie Eilish had received her first ever Academy Award for the Best Original Song, and it broke all the previous records in the music & film industry.

Why it is so special is the fact that there’s a unique trend of “triple crown” of film music awards which includes Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy victory by an individual for the same film. Billie Eilish has been able to achieve this feat for the Bond film No Time To Die (2021) starring Daniel Craig.

Before the Oscar, Eilish had secured the Best Song Written for Visual Media at the 63rd Grammy Awards and Best Original Song at the 79th Golden Globe Awards for the same film. Guinness World Records has identified Eilish to be the youngest person with such a high degree achievement, at the age of only 20 years and 99 days!

Is Billie Eilish Married?

Eilish fans had always been keen on learning about her personal life, who she’s been dating or is she even married. In one recent interview with People Magazine, Eilish has stated clearly that she had split up from her ex, she’s happy being by herself at the moment, completely single and not seeing anyone.

It establishes the fact that she is indeed single and to answer your question: NO, Billie Eilish is not married.

Recent Works

Billie Eilish recent works

If you’re interested to know about what she’s been up to lately, then you’ve come to the right section. Eilish along with her brother Finneas have introduced the new ballad “TV” this June in Manchester, England in front of a live audience. Right before that, she was under the spotlight at the Coachella Music Festival in California and shared the glam with her brother on this occasion as well.

The sibling duo’s most recent work has been for the Pixar film Turning Red that was released back in March of 2022. Instead of singing, Eilish & Finneas were the lyricists for this production and it was vocally carried out by the fictional boy band named 4*Town. Pixar had honored them by sending in a specially made scrapbook for their contribution in the three songs included in the film.

Involvements With Social Issues

Billie Eilish has been a lover of animals since childhood. She received such influence from her parents who brought her up to be a vegetarian. This approach to understanding certain issues has created the foundation for Eilish to stand up for animal rights and call out any wrongdoings in this regard.

Except for endorsing veganism, Eilish has stood up against dairy and wool business, among which the most awareness she could raise was for the mink fur production. Minks are dark colored mammals and come from the same families as otters. Their fur industry is one of the most heinous businesses out there, and Eilish has always been vocal about this issue and has certainly reached the hearts of her fans with it.

Apart from her fans, PETA has also recognized her attempts at making people aware of animal rights. They have awarded her on two occasions, one of which has been the “Person of the Year” for 2021 because of her contributions for the cause.

She has also worked for public awareness during the 2020 US presidential election to get people involved in the voting process. In August 2020 she performed for the Democratic Party’s convention where she pledged her vow to Joe Biden’s campaign.

Eilish fans however believe in her so much that they had launched an online petition that read “Eilish For President” which saw an enormous amount of signing, but Eilish only appreciated the gesture with no intention of complying to this demand.

Billie Eilish: Lifetime Awards

Billie Eilish is an emphatic singer with many accolades in a very short amount of time. This individual has won an astonishing seven Grammy Awards! Additionally, she received five MTV Video Music Awards and numerous honors including Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, Teen Choice Awards and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Among the best of the best prizes, Eilish has been able to secure a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for her music in No Time To Die and lastly, a People’s Choice Award. If we had included the list of awards she had been nominated for, the list would have continued an entire page, and even that might not have sufficed.


Billie Eilish’ fandom has always been on the rise ever since she made her debut in the music industry. Such fame can often create false accusations and claims like ‘is Billie Eilish pregnant’ or ‘is she married’. These hoax news and rumors should never be given any valid consideration for the sake of your revered star.

If she becomes pregnant, and if she feels she wants to share it with her fans, let her do it by herself when (and if) she feels it’s necessary. Respecting her privacy is our responsibility as fans to show her support, and in the end we leave this article learning that she has never been pregnant and it was nothing but lies and rumors.

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