Is Brendan Fraser Gay? Unveiling The Current State Of The Oscar-Winning Veteran’s Closet!

Is Brendan Fraser Gay

The talents and abilities of Brendan Fraser as an actor are surely not swept under the rug, glorified best by fans and fanatics from the 90s. The actor cemented his place in Hollywood as one of the greats pretty early on in his career, with successful films like George of the Jungle and taking up the lead role in The Mummy franchise, directed by Stephen Sommers, before disappearing from the public eye indefinitely.

And although the 54-year-old has since made his return and landed himself on the radar of relevance once again with the help of the 2022 film The Whale, he has found himself in deep water yet again, this time for his sexual orientation.

As of late, multiple tabloids have looked into the actor’s personal life, making that lean on Brendan Fraser being gay. However, since the sources coming out with allegations are notorious for doing anything for clicks, stay with us throughout the end of this article to find the reality of Brendan Fraser’s sexuality, and have a closer look at his personal life.

Is Brendan Fraser Gay? Using Facts and Figures To Debunk The Claim

Using facts of Brendan Fraser

While Brendan Fraser is a well-respected actor in Hollywood right now, many are also scorning the actor for obtaining their 5 minutes of fame, making false claims regarding his sexuality. And since the 54-year-old also played a gay character in his latest successful project, The Whale, it seems as though the tabloids are doing anything they can to stir the pot.

However, the claims seem quite irrelevant as they are baseless, especially when you take his dating history into account.

Brendan Fraser has always been quite private yet public about his love life, which was first exposed to media outlets in 1993, when the actor met his first wife, Afton Smith.

Smith and Fraser first ran into each other at a house party thrown by Winona Ryder, where they instantly connected. The pair started dating shortly after, tying the knot in 1998. As of 2024, the two also share three sons to themselves, despite parting ways as a couple in 2007.

After his divorce, Fraser spent the subsequent years trying to make ends meet and pay alimony for his sons. He was also in debt around that time due to a decline in his acting career. Additionally, although they remained separated, Afton and Brendan spent tons of time ensuring a good upbringing for their kids, a decision they are still praised for. It did come with a fair share of drawbacks, however, since both of them weren’t able to explore their options until 2022.

Who Is Brendan Fraser Dating At The Moment? All That We Know About Jeanne Moore!

The previous remarks we’ve made are also backed up by his current dating life, which has been in full bloom for a while. In fact, as of 2022, Brendan Fraser has been romantically involved with Jeanne Moore, a fellow make-up artist.

The couple made their debut during the screening of The Whale in 2022, and even made their red-carpet debut during the Academy Awards of this year. Many claim that the two frequently spend tons of time at home. Jeanne also looks after Brendan’s kids from his previous marriage.

The actor has also supported her in her campaigns, preferably by attending all her events.

Fun Trivia Facts About Brendan Fraser: Birthday, Horoscope, Family, and More!

Now that you’re in the loop regarding Brendan Fraser’s love life and current gender orientation, here are some revolutionary facts about the actor that you can easily unwind to and enjoy!

Name Brendan James Fraser
Date of Birth December 3, 1968 (54 years Old)
Hometown Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Height 6’3 (1.91m)
Siblings 3
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Occupation Actor
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Dating
Partner(s) Afton Smith (1993-2007); Jeanne Moore (2022-present)
Children 3
Net Worth $20 Million (2024)
Years Active 1991- present

Calculating Brendan Fraser’s Net Worth In 2024: Digging Deep To Find The Substantial Wealth Of The Hollywood Veteran!

Brendan Fraser’s comeback to Hollywood is surely something that most don’t disregard, as the gravity of it was too powerful to sweep under the rug. However, another element that he has substantially improved through years of hard work is his net worth, which wasn’t always in the best situation.

After finding his breakthrough in the late 90s through the box-office hit, George of the Jungle, Brendan was on the radar of every Hollywood director and admired by his peers. During that time, with the help of George of the Jungle, the actor also tasted what it was like to be a millionaire.

Throughout the early 2000s, Brendan appeared to be making tons of financial gain, preferably with the help of The Mummy, for which he was paid over $14 million to carry out his services. He made a similar sum for the sequel, and collected an average $10 million paycheck from then on.

However, tragedy struck his life shortly after, mainly when his body started giving in to all the stunts that he had carried out during his youth. In fact, the actor had multiple surgeries later in his career, which included a vocal cord repair, a knee replacement, and multiple procedures for spinal compression problems. In total, the actor spent millions on healing and recovering from prior injuries.

The actor spent a couple of years fighting for his place in Hollywood, from which he was blackballed. During that time, Brendan mostly took up minor roles on TV shows to pay an alimony of $900,000. Things slowly recovered from then on, especially after he secured his place in The Whale, which provided him with a remuneration of $12 million.

At the moment, Brendan Fraser’s net worth stands at a generous sum of $20 million, primarily generated from his career as an actor. Brendan is also a part-time business tycoon, investing in land and properties in New York.

Early and Personal Life

Early and Personal Life

Brendan Fraser was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, to a sales counsellor and a journalist. He shares his parents with 3 of his brothers, all of whom are older than Brendan.

Prior to hopping on the cruise to Hollywood, Brendan was a huge fan of theatre. He completed his secondary education and graduated from a private boarding school in Canada, enrolling at the Cornish College of the Arts, based in Seattle, Washington, for his tertiary education. Since he and his family moved a lot as a kid, Brendan was also known for being quite adaptive.

While he had hopes of completing a master’s degree right after collecting his bachelor’s, Brendan ditched that desire of his to fulfil his dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor, which did require him to struggle during the formative years, but panned out quite nicely during the late 90s.

Groping Allegations In 2003, Blackballing, And Eventual Comeback

At the peak of his career, Brendan found himself contemplating multiple million-dollar gigs, endorsement deals, and long-term blooming projects. However, in the midst of that, Brendan was also groped by Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which he opened up about in 2018. Things went south rather quickly for the actor right after the admission, especially after his mom’s passing shortly after. Brendan was also supposedly blacklisted from Hollywood, which not only made him suffer from financial hardship, but also took a toll on his mental health.

While Philip Berk did admit to playfully groping Brendan in his memoir, My Journey From Darkest Africa to the Bright Lights of Hollywood, he initially stated that the actor’s claims were fabricated. And while Brendan’s career and mental health suffered endlessly for half a decade, the Canadian actor eventually made a monumental comeback with the help of his role in The Whale.

Concluding Remarks

Even after all these years, it seems as though Brendan Fraser’s career is still as active and relevant as ever, especially if you take into account his future projects. However, the claims regarding his sexuality remain as baseless as they initially appeared to be. In other words, Brendan Fraser is not, in fact, gay.

In fact, upon further inspection, it was unveiled that Brendan shares three lovely children with his ex-wife Afton Smith, whom he shared a romantic relationship with between the years 1993 and 2007. And while the actor did take a break from dating for around a decade, he is currently in the arms of Jeanne Moore, a make-up artist who mostly caters to actors and actresses in Hollywood.

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