Is Bruno Mars Gay? The Truth About His Sexuality

Is Bruno Mars Gay

Peter Gene Hernandez, better known by his stage name, Bruno Mars is one of the most successful American singers ever. Being raised in a musical family, he started performing at a young age and has sold around 130 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of this generation.

Being famous and successful has worked out well for Bruno Mars as he has gathered the admiration of millions and garnered accolades very few can receive, but fame comes with consequences.

When someone as famous as Bruno Mars leads a private personal life, rumors are bound to circle around due to the massive interest from the mass. Bruno Mars has been faced with the allegations of being gay several times which still has not subsided.

There is a saying that when speculation is going on, there must be some truth behind it. Let’s investigate in order to comprehend whether there is any evidence behind the claims about his sexuality or all of it is hearsay!

Fun Facts and Trivia about Bruno Mars: Height, Weight, Hometown and More!

Here is a list of fun facts and trivia that might have been unknown to you; like did you know Bruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in a musical family and his zodiac sign is Libra? You will learn more information about him from the table below!

Full Name Peter Gene Hernandez
Sex Male
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Date of Birth October 8, 1985
Hometown Honolulu Hawaii
Father Peter Hernandez
Mother Bernadette San Pedro Biot
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Weight 148 lbs (67kg)
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner’s name Jessica Caban (2011 – Present)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net Worth Estimated $175 million
Years Active 2004 – Present

Is Bruno Mars Gay? A Deep Dive into the Story

Due to the private life Bruno Mars leads alongside his flamboyant style; many people believe him to be a closeted homosexual who still has not come out with his sexuality. Despite his response to this rumor, it’s still circulating and spiralled even more recently.

We are going to the bottom of this whole saga to identify whether Bruno Mars is a homosexual or a victim of baseless tittle-tattle. By focusing on the trigger point of the story, his response and relationship status, we will succeed in unveiling the mystery.

What Triggered the Rumor

Bruno Mars Gay Rumor

To uncover the truth, we first need to identify the trigger point from which this all started. Believe it or not, the rumor started circulating due to Bruno Mars’ appearance. Bruno Mars is known for his flamboyant and extravagant styling choice, which is common among homosexuals.

Amidst this speculation, an unnamed website reported that Bruno Mars has come out of the closet and admitted to being a homosexual in a radio show. The whole situation was sketchy as it was later published on 1st April, probably as an April’s fool joke.

But the situation quickly spiraled when the CNN website published a similar post. Even though it was soon removed from their website, people had already read the article and started conversing about it on social media.

His Response to the Allegations

Bruno Mars didn’t comment on the allegations, but his representative answered the rumor by calling it a false and fabricated story that does not contain an ounce of truth.

Even though he did not give any response by himself, his behavior showcases that the rumor didn’t affect him that much as he went on living his regular life. He even got to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine that month for his music and style, being the 10th man to achieve this accolade.

His Past and Current Relationships

Bruno Mars Current Relationships

In order to further understand his sexuality, we can focus on his past and ongoing relationships. Despite rumors of being gay, he has been in numerous speculative and announced relationships with female celebrities.

Among these relationships, three appear to be the most talked about. Bruno Mars’ first well-known relationship was with dancer Chanel Malvar with whom he was together from 2007 to 2011. Their relationship was happy initially, but she later accused Bruno Mars of cheating, which caused their separation.

It’s alleged that Bruno Mars cheated on his then-girlfriend Chanel Malvar with none other than Rita Ora. She said they were in a brief relationship but called it off due to hectic schedules and workload.

In the last month of 2011, Bruno Mars was seen with model Jessica Pavan, and they have been together ever since. Despite being together for over 10 years, they still have yet to get married. That is one of the reasons many think of Bruno Mars as gay, but there is no hard evidence, as there can be a lot of reasoning behind it.

By investigating the story’s origin, his response and relationship history, it’s pretty safe to bet that Bruno Mars is not Gay; instead, all of it is speculation.

Bruno Mars Net Worth: Earnings, Real Estate and More!

Considering the amount of success Bruno Mars has had over the years, it’s safe to assume he has achieved a decent amount of wealth that very few can reach. He has been an active performer from an early age, which helped him reach the place he is today.

In our estimation, his net worth is around 175 million dollars which he accumulated from various brand deals and record sales. He has been one of the best-selling artists for the last ten years, which has garnered him around 300 million dollars before taxes or expenses.

In 2013, Bruno Mars bought the current luxurious home he is staying by spending around $6.5 million. It’s located in the studio city neighbourhood of Los Angeles, where every modern comforts are available, including steam baths, playing courts and swimming pools.

Final Verdict

By assessing the past and present relationships of Bruno Mars, we can conclude that Bruno Mars is not a homosexual. He has relationships with numerous women, and he has been living with his current girlfriend for more than 10 years.

The rumor about him being gay was always hearsay because of his striking, extravagant style. It was a coincidence that his styling choice is similar to flamboyant homosexuals.

The article behind this viral rumour was published on 1st April as an April’s fool joke, but because it got uploaded to CNN’s website, it was widely believed by the public.

Even though all the evidence indicates he is not gay, we can’t be sure 100%. Bruno Mars might be a deeply closeted homosexual, which will only be known if he wants to share it with the public.

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