Is Carrot Top Gay? His Sexuality Revealed!

Is Carrot Top gay

Scott Thompson, better known by his stage name Carrot Top, is an American stand-up comedian and Actor. He is famous for his prop methods and earned a name for himself in the Las Vegas comedy scene.

Similar to many stand-up comedians, his career started by performing before small audiences. After some struggle for recognition, his life turned around when he appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.’ This guest appearance exposed him to a larger audience and opened pathways for future endeavors.

Recently, the rumor about Carrot Top’s sexuality has been a hot topic all over the internet. Few think of him as gay, while others argue him to be straight. There is a group of people who believe he’s interested in both men and women.

A proper inquiry can help us to identify whether there is any truth behind the gossip or is it only clickbait for clouts. Let’s investigate!

A Brief Biography of The American Comedian Carrot Top

Carrot Top has been a part of the stand-up comic scene for decades and has gathered a lot of fans over the years. The die-hard Carrot top fans know most information about the comedian that casual fans are not privy to. Here is a table full of information that might interest you.

Full Name Scott Thompson
Sex Male
Date of Birth 25 February 1965
Occupation Actor, Standup Comedian
Hometown Rockledge, Florida
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.78 m)
Weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Net Worth $70 million
Years Active 1985 – Present

Is Carrot Top Gay, Straight or Bisexual? A Thorough Investigation About His Sexuality

Is Carrot Top Gay, Straight or Bisexual

Carrot Top has been a part of the comic scene for a while and he often uses self-deprecating materials for his jokes. Sometimes his sexuality also works as a comic element, making everyone wonder what his true sexual orientation is.

Few of his fans think of Carrot Top as straight while others think he is gay. Some think he is sexually interested in both men and women, him being bisexual. To understand his true sexual orientation, we need to find the origin of the rumor and the stories about his dating life. These will provide us with a good overview.

The Real Reason Behind The Gossip

There are two reasons behind the gossip about Carrot Top’s sexual orientation. The first reason is pretty absurd, can you guess it? Well, it’s his dress-up choice. Carrot Top likes to wear vibrant clothes and wears his red hair really long. He plucks his eyebrows and they are often dyed.

His visual often appears feminine due to these choices and fans wonder whether they are signs of his closeted sexuality. The way he presents himself these days has been a popular look for many gay celebrities so it’s understandable why fans are confused about his real orientation.

The second reason why a lot of people think he is a homosexual is due to his real name. If you are a Carrot Top fan, you already know his real name is Scott Thompson. There is another famous comedian and actor who bears the same name and his sexual preference is men.

Due to both of them having the same name and occupation, people often confused them as the same person. Scott Thompson who is openly gay, hails from North Bay, Canada, and does not use any pseudonym. They are two different people and though they share the same name and occupation, their sexual preference is different.

Carrot Top rarely shares his private life information with his fans and often jokes about gay rumors, we can safely presume he is straight from his dating life. He has never been linked with any men till this day which would have been impossible if he were gay considering his long career.

Is Carrot Top Currently Married To Amanda Hogan?

Being a successful comedian and one of the highest paid to ever do it regularly, he has been linked with numerous women. None of them were confirmed by Carrot Top except for his relationship with Amanda Hogan.

Carrot Top and Amanda Hogan have been dating each other since 2015. When they first started to see each other and the news got public, some people criticized it due to their age gap which is around 18 years.

They were not bothered by the criticism, their still being together shows that. Though they have been seeing each other for more than 7 years, there is no news of them getting hitched yet.

There are instances of celebrities secretly marrying and keeping everything under wraps. Carrot Top might have done the same but there is no sure way of saying that. Whether they are married or not, their social media posts show a healthy and loving relationship.

Carrot Top’s Net Worth in 2023: His Accumulated Wealth Over The Years

Carrot Top’s Net Worth

Carrot Top is one of the most accomplished comedians based in Las Vegas comedy. He regularly does standups for the Las Vegas crowd and earns a decent amount of money from that. In our estimation, Carrot Top’s net worth is 70 million dollars.

Top’s primary source of income is from the stand-up comedy that he headlines at the Luxor Hotel of Las Vegas. He started doing this stand-up in 2005 and signed a new contract in 2019.

According to that contract, he will be the main attraction of their show till 2025 at the very least. Carrot Top performs six nights a week for his stand-up in the hotel and his annual earning is around 8 million dollars.

Before focusing all of his attention on stand-ups in Las Vegas, he worked in television and movie roles as well. Hollywood Squares, Scrubs, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast are some of the works that make him known to the mainstream audience.

He owns one house in Las Vegas and another one in Florida. He spent around 2.9 million dollars on purchasing these properties. These houses are not extravagant but have all the modern facilities including a swimming pool and Spa.

Final Thoughts

After going through all the available information about Carrot Top’s sexuality, it’s safe to assume that he is not gay. He is a heterosexual man who is often misunderstood by his fans due to his flamboyant getups and having the same name as a Canadian gay actor.

Carrot Top was never rumored to have dated any man since his first emergence. He has been a part of relationships with numerous women including his current girlfriend Amanda Hogan. They have been dating since 2015 and despite their age gap, spending a good time.

Many people argue that he is a bisexual who is still closeted but there is no evidence behind that claim to this day. If there is any update about his sexuality, we will be the first ones to cover that.

No matter what his real sexuality is, his fans will cheer for him and show the love they have always displayed.

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