Is Cody Fern Gay? Revealing The Sexual Orientaion of AHS Cast Member

Is Cody Fern gay

If you’re a follower of American Horror Story and haven’t missed any of the 11 seasons that they’ve produced, then Cody Fern’s existence is something that you should be well acquainted with.

While becoming an actor was beyond the Australian’s wildest dreams, it seems as though the 34 year old was meant for Hollywood. Starting his acting career in 2008, Cody rose to prominence years later due to his influential roles on American Horror Story. While being the recipient of fame has been rather monumental for the actor and director, it also came with its fair share of drawbacks.

Apart from being a topic of discussion for his acting skills, Cody Fern is also talked about on the regular for his yet to be identified sexuality. Even after carrying out months worth of research, many journalists as well as media companies weren’t able to tackle this issue effectively. However, that’s where we come in.

If you still haven’t figured out whether Cody Fern is gay, heterosexual or finds comfort in being identified as one of the other sexual orientations out there, make sure to stick around until the end to find your answer!

Addressing Speculations and Revealing The Real Preferences Of Cody Fern

Preferences Of Cody Fern

Even though Cody Fern is very much comfortable with the praise that he’s received so far as a professional actor, and regularly talks about his initial plans of pursuing a career in finance, his private life is far off from the eyes of the public.

Speculations about Fern’s compatibility with Eric Smith did entertain the lives of many, and convniced a substantial portion of the audience that the actor may have identified as a homosexual individual. However, since most of the evidence remains baseless and is solely based on assumptions, we can’t do anything but refuse to side with that claim.

Another reason that contributed to one’s thought about Cody Fern possibly being gay is his taste in fashion. Over the course of his career, Cody has had a rather flexible and experimental wardrobe. The actor has broken various gender stereotypes, and often does so by wearing dresses, fancy tops made with intricate garments, a bright shaded trench coat with soft colored boots, and loads of prominent womenswear. On special occasions and high-profile events, the AHS star even carries a purse to further explore his taste in fashion.

However, despite dropping multiple cryptic hints, and becoming a fashion icon, his identity to this day remains as open as his wardrobe. In short, we believe that the actor is not gay, or straight. In fact, taking into account all the materials that are currently out there regarding Cody Fern’s identity, it seems as though his preferences are rather fluid; which means that he tends to go with the flow and his identity is variable.

Regardless, while we do hope the speculation in the previous segment is sufficient, we also believe that everyone should wait for Cody Fern to reveal his sexual orientation himself before coming to a concrete conclusion. We also believe that he should be provided with nothing but positivity until he makes the revelation.

Facts and Trivia

Now that you finally have learned about Cody Fern’s sexuality and have acquired an adequate amount of knowledge on where it stands, here are some facts and trivias about the Australian actor that you most definitely should learn about!

Name Cody Fern
D.O.B 6 July, 1988 (34 Years Old)
Sex Male
Occupation Actor
Nationality Australian
Hometown Southern Cross, Western Australia, Australia
Height 5’10 (1.8m)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth 1.5 million USD
Notable Work(s) American Horror Story; Apocalypse(2018), 1984 (2019)
Zodiac Cancer
Alma Mater Curtin University of Technology
Years Active 2008 – Present


Cody Fern was born on 6th July, 1988 in Southern Cross, Western Australia, Australia. He             went to Merredin Senior High School for his secondary education, and enrolled at Curtin University of Technology, graduating with an Honors Degree in 2009.

Cody Fern biography

Prior to pursuing a career in acting, Cody Fern worked a job in finance. Despite liking some aspects about his previous career, Cody was extremely dissatisfied more often than not. In an interview with Anthem Magazine, the actor revealed how he initially had pursued a career in finance in hopes of fitting in with his mates, but quit shortly due to the nature of the job.

Before landing a role on American Horror Story and getting his breakthrough as an actor, Cody Fern was a theater actor. Between 2011 and 2013, he received critical acclaim and starred in prominent plays such as Romeo and Juliet, and War Horse.

He was also the recipient of the Annual Heath Ledger Scholarship, which solely focuses on funding as well as providing Australian actors with a scholarship program at the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles, California. It also features a crash course, which is typically conducted by Heath Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger.

Over the course of half a decade, Cody Fern has added an exceptional amount of wealth to his belt. His net worth currently stands at $1.5 million and taking into account his role on American horror tv show, American Horror Story, we believe that his fortune will only be changing in a positive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve got the latest scoop on his personal life and know more about what the Australian actor did before rising to prominence, here are some questions and answers regarding Cody Fern that are regularly looked up on the internet!

Question: How old is Cody Fern?

Answer: Cody Fern was born on 6th July, 1988, and is currently 34 years old.

Question: How tall is Cody Fern?

Answer: Cody Fern is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. When converted into meters, his height is just about 1.80m.

Question: What movies has Cody Fern been in?

Answer: Apart from starring on American Horror Story, Cody Fern has also had roles in movies such as ‘Hole In The Ground’, ‘Still Take You Home’, and ‘Pisces’; all of which were short films.

Concluding Words

We hope this write-up has enough information and evidence to uncover the mystery of Cody Fern’s sexuality. Even though some of the facts and figures were rather compelling and almost convincing at times, the Australian born movie star hasn’t yet clarified where his preferences stand currently. However, we do hope that the actor takes all the time he needs, and is met with unconditional support when he does.

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