Is David Dobrik Gay? The Answer Finally Revealed!

Is David Dobrik gay

David Dorbik is a Slovakian internet personality known for his short quick-cut style of videos, creating viral moments and creating an atmosphere of laughter for the fans. He started his career making videos on the video-sharing platform Vine before transitioning to YouTube.

He has around 18 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. His second and third YouTube channel has 8.21 million and 1.64 million subscribers, making him one of the most followed content creators under Their banner.

Dobrik’s rise to fame created a lot of interest in his personal life, his fans want to know every minute detail. Recently his sexuality is a hot topic on the internet, many people are speculating if he is gay.

This article will focus on identifying whether there is any truth behind the claim about his gay rumors or if all of it was fabricated by individuals for clout.

Intriguing Pieces of Information About David Dobrik You Might Find Interesting

With Dobrik’s rising fame as a social media personality, there are little to no facts that his fans are not aware of. But everyone doesn’t follow him as closely and might not know him well enough. The table below can help to gather some information about David Dobrik that you might find fascinating.

Full Name Dávid Julián Dobrik
Sex Male
Hometown Kosice, Slovakia
Date of Birth 23 July 1996
Nationality Slovakian
Occupation Youtuber, Entrepreneur, Voice Actor,
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight 165 lbs ( 75 kg)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net Worth $25 million
Years Active 2013 – Present

Is David Dobrik Gay? A Closer Look Into The Rumor

Is David Dobrik gay the rumor

The rumor about David Dobrik being homosexual is quite interesting. He is known for sharing every bit of information about himself with his fans through his social media or the podcasts he attends. So you can always wonder how the rumor started to circulate and whether there is any truth behind it.

There are minor factors that build up and make the fans question David Dobrik’s sexuality. Dobrik is a beloved content creator and is loved by many. Despite his fame, he is very choosy about whom to date. While other influencers with a similar pedigree are seen to be going into new relationships consistently, Dobrik barely dates.

This lack of news about his relationship made many of his fans start to wonder whether he is actually interested in women or not. A few of his fans believe that he is actually a closeted homosexual, and that’s the reason behind his lack of love life.

In An episode of the Views With  David Dobrik and Jason Nash titled Starting an Only Fans, Dobrik was asked if he can imagine himself with a guy in the future. Dobrik answered that he can imagine it happening and completely switched the topic.

This episode created a lot of interest in his sexuality on the internet, especially on Reddit. Fans who listened to the podcast started to speculate whether this was a hint that he finds men sexually appealing. Many wondered if it was him preparing everyone to come out as gay or bisexual.

There are videos compiled by fans by adding different clips together in order to create arguments behind their claim of David Dobrik being gay due to his behaviors with other men. The videos are made by taking scenes out of context, which does not help with proving any point.

The reasons behind the gay rumor are not substantial enough to think of him as a homosexual.  An overview of David Dobrik’s personal life might provide some information to better understand if there is any further inkling that can put this debate about his sexual orientation to rest.

David Dobrik’s Past & Present Romantic Escapades

David Dobrik’s Past & Present Romantic Escapades


David Dobrik often shares what’s going on with his fans, there are hardly any circumstances where they are unaware about it. But the same can not be said about his dating life as  David Dobrik would share very little information about it.

David Dobrik’s relationship with fellow Vine user Liza Koshy is well known to everyone who has a pulse on the social media content creators during that time. Their career started from making videos on Vine and they transitioned to YouTube at the same time.

Their earlier relationship was going strong from the start but they had to separate due to their busy schedule. They could not find enough time for themselves and parted ways in 2017.

His latest rumored relationship is with Natalie Noel, his manager. They were from the same high school and in 2019, fans started to speculate they are seeing each other romantically.

That year they released Christmas cards together which further spread the speculation. Both of them denied this rumor saying they are good friends. Despite their response, many fans still believe they are dating secretly.

David Dobrik’s Marriage With Lorraine Nash

You might not believe it but David Dobrik got married in 2019 to none other than Lorraine Nash, the mother of Jason Nash. The story about this marriage is quite funny and it is clearly done as a comedy bit for their YouTube. But it created a huge splash among the audience.

Jason Nash said that David Dobrik will never find love and no woman will ever be his ex-wife because of it. Dobrik tweeted to let his fans know about it and flew to Lorraine Nash’s house and got married.

Needless to say, the marriage only lasted for one month and they got separated pretty quickly. It was an interesting incident but gives a view of how David Dobrik’s mind works.

David Dobrick’s Net Worth: His Income, Investment, & Endorsement Deals

David Dobrick’s Net Worth

David Dobrik started his career as an Internet personality in 2013 on Vine. Though he has faced some backlash in recent times, he is still one of the most famous people on social media content creators. In our estimation, he has a net worth of 25 million dollars.

He only uploaded his videos on Vine for the first three years before opening a youtube channel in 2016. Dobrik currently has more than 46 million followers on different social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Dobrik was earning around $275k from his videos via ad revenue per month.

Besides his regular content on YouTube, he has other income sources like his clothing brand Clickbait, and his lucrative endorsement deals with brands like SeatGeek, EA, and Bumble. He was also a co-founder of a mobile camera app called Dispo Retro Disposable Camera.

He later had to give away his share due to some controversy but it was primarily a success for IOS. it’s one of the top free apps on the Apple store which also has a paid version for an advertisement-free service.

David Dobrik also opened a pizza parlor in 2022 named Doughbrik’s Pizza on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California.

Dobrik also appeared as a judge for the Nickelodeon show “America’s Most Musical Family” in 2019. He was part of a short film called “An Interrogation” in 2015 and gave voice to the character of Axel in “The Angry Birds Movie 2” which premiered in 2019.

David Dobrik bought a house in 2021 and published a video about it on his second youtube channel. To buy this mansion situated in Sherman Oaks, California, he had to spend around $10 million dollars. Its market value is currently at $12 million. He used to live in a Studio City home before moving into this house which he purchased in 2017 for $2.5 million.

Final Thoughts

By properly investigating the rumor about David Dobrik’s sexuality and going through his dating life, we can come to the conclusion that David Dobrik is not gay. There is no evidence of him dating any men or being interested at all.

The speculation started due to him not dating like other influential social media celebrities. Some fans can argue that when he answered the affirmative about a future where he has an interest in men proves he is gay or bisexual.

But the argument often gets debunked as they then joked about it soon after that statement was made. Plus he has been in a relationship with Liza Koshy and was rumored to be together with Natalie Noel, both of them being women.

If he ever announces that he is gay or bisexual, we as well as his fans will wish him to be happy.

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