Is Dr Oz Dead? US Senate Candidate Linked With Death News

Is Dr Oz dead

Dr. Oz has been a television screen sensation for over a decade now and became central to numerous news regarding different issues. His popularity as a public figure surged in multiple waves, from his days in Oprah to his involvement with the Trump administration.

An individual with the most diverse career paths that often overlap each other, he’s like the jack of all trades in the media business. His controversies kept him under the spotlight for critical conversations, among which some are highly serious subject matters.

Lately one speculation has surfaced on the internet that has gained much coverage. It’s a question that asks: Is Dr Oz Dead? What gave rise to this question? Is he actually alive? How can we be certain of this fact?

Our article is all about this speculation. We have dug deep into this matter to find evidence whether he’s still breathing, and fact-checked with credible sources to support our claim. So to learn about all the details, don’t stop scrolling until you reach the end!

Who is Dr Oz?

Who is Dr Oz

Some of you might know him for any of his involvement from the wide array of his expertise that he’s renown for, and some of you may not know him. To quench all your thirst, we’ve explored his life to briefly tell you who Dr. Oz actually is as an individual.

Mehmet Oz is a Turkish-American television personality who goes by the name Dr. Oz on screen. Born on June 11, 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, he is a descendant from the Konya Province in Turkey. He went back to Turkey to earn his medical degree with outstanding results, and came back to the USA to gain further accomplishments.

Whether you love him or hate him, he actually has numerous accomplishments in the field of medical science. He is one of the most revered surgeons in the States with successful surgery stories of complex nature. Oz has contributed to medical science with a few of his patented techniques and was featured in the New York Times for such feats.

Oz initially gained limelight on the media from his presence in the Oprah show, and eventually he launched his own show namely The Dr. Oz Show which was a huge success at its inception.

However, his controversial opinions and involvement with pharmaceutical business witnessed a decline in his viewership rating and lost the reliability of the audience.

Is Dr Oz Alive?

Now it’s time for us to check the facts regarding Dr. Oz’s well-being. This Republican senate candidate had been in the center of attention due to a message that had been spread across the social media platforms on June 15, 2022. The message claimed that the doctor cum politician had died and a link to the article had been attached titled “DR OZ found dead”.

But the question remains, Is Dr Oz dead? The short answer is: No, Dr. Oz is not dead.

The mentioned article that gained so much popularity was actually a hoax that made people believe and the link actually opened a totally irrelevant news. Even after a couple of hours of this news circulation, Dr. Oz himself posted a photograph where he was following a campaign trail in Pennsylvania for the Republicans, confirmed by The Sun.

Dr. Oz is very much alive and kicking in the social media platforms still, with a highly active Twitter account that you can follow to receive all the latest updates regarding his election campaign.


Let’s now take a look at Dr. Oz’s career overview and personal life’s summary to gain a comprehensive idea of this surgeon, politician and television personality.

Name Mehmet Cengiz Öz (aka Dr. Oz)
Date of Birth June 11, 1960
Education BA, MD, MBA
Political Party Republican
Spouse Lisa Lemole ​(since 1985)
No. of Children 4
Height 73 in (185 cm)
Major Awards Eight-time Daytime Emmy Awards winner
Books Awards New York Times bestseller
Original Profession Surgeon

False Medical Claims

False Medical Claim

Dr. Oz was found to endorse multiple medical claims that eventually turned out to be false. One of which involved a thinning drug that he preached to work like a charm. But in actuality, it didn’t perform as it promised and contained harmful elements for human bodies.

This claim had received accusations of being a scam and Oz was reprimanded by the US senators. And it’s highly scary in the sense that Oz has always been a doctor who has the ability to reach a broader audience due to his on-screen access and reputation.

His most controversial take on coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic had caught the attention of Donald Trump during his presidency run. Looking for a way out of the crisis, the Trump government had borrowed Oz’s false claims regarding this issue and had appointed him as an unofficial consultant to the Trump administration. It was Oz’s first stepping stone into the world of politics, holding hands with the Republicans.

Political Career

After the initial entanglement with the Trump administration, Dr. Oz had become a permanent member of the medical roster for the Republicans. He interviewed Trump on a one-to-one show and had been promoting medical claims that support the Trump government’s approach to certain issues. CNN has stated that Trump and Oz were so similar that they felt like a match made in heaven.

Oz had initially certain approaches to LGBTQ rights, healthcare, abortion, gun laws and climate change. However, he was later on endorsed by Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party in the Pennsylvania senate election. After such a huge connection was made, Oz shifted from his initial takes on the mentioned issues towards a more radical tone.

He promoted gun law and claimed that he himself owned one for safety reasons. He underplayed the risks of climate change and although he supported LGBTQ rights, he didn’t talk about any other rights other than that. Oz became the most fitting face for the Republican Party’s current political approach, and claims himself to be a “conservative Republican”.


Dr. Oz’s career is still shining brightly with no shade of death ruining the fun & party for him. A highly-talented surgeon with controversial takes on social, cultural and political issues place him in an ambiguous position for a lot of his fans.

His election campaigns are at their peak and he hopes to secure the position for the Republican Party with affiliations with Donald Trump. Regardless of his opinions, he does have contributions in the field of medical science as a surgeon and as an author.

An individual who cannot easily be placed in a good or bad binary with supreme charismatic ability can make you fall in love with his activities. And this person is most certainly alive – both physically and spiritually, and the claims regarding his death are most certainly hoax and rumors.

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