Is Drew Barrymore Gay? The Truth About Her Sexuality

Is Drew Barrymore gay

It’s no secret that Hollywood is filled with A-list celebrities. While many of them may seem unattainable, there are a few who are down-to-earth and approachable. Drew Barrymore is one such actress.

She has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters over the past few decades and has developed a reputation as a talented performer. But what many people don’t know about Barrymore is that she is also a dedicated philanthropist who supports numerous charitable organizations. Barrymore is definitely someone to watch in the coming years!

There has been a lot of speculation over the years about Drew Barrymore’s sexuality. Some people believe that she is gay, while others think that she is bisexual.  In this article, we will take a look at the evidence and see if we can come to a conclusion about Drew Barrymore’s sexuality. So, let’s get started.

Biography of Drew Barrymore

Biography of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was born in Culver City, California, on February 22, 1975. Her mother is actress Jaid Barrymore, and her father is actor John Drew Barrymore. She has two half-sisters: Blyth Dolores Erlich and Jessica Blyth Hartman.

As a child, she made several films with her father, including “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” (1982). In 1984, she starred in “Firestarter” and “Irreconcilable Differences” (1984). She subsequently appeared in several films throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, such as “Boys on the Side” (1995),  the famous horror movie named “Scream” (1996), and then a romantic movie named “Ever After” (1998).

In recent years, she has appeared in films such as “Charlie’s Angels” (2000), “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (2002), and “Music and Lyrics” (2007). She has also been active on television, appearing in shows such as “Will & Grace” (1998-2006) and “Grey Gardens” (2009). In addition to her work in film and television, Drew Barrymore is also an author.

She has written a number of books, and among them, the notable ones are Little Girl Lost (1991) and Wildflower (2013). In Wildflower, she chronicles her life from childhood through her early twenties. Barrymore has also participated in philanthropy, working with various organizations such as UNICEF and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Drew Barrymore is a successful actress, author, and philanthropist. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. In addition to her work in entertainment, she is also an author and actively involved in philanthropy. Drew Barrymore is a multi-talented individual who has significantly impacted many areas of her life.

Name Drew Blythe Barrymore
Date of Birth February 22, 1975
Place of Birth Culver City, California, U.S.
Age 47 years
Father’s Name John Drew Barrymore
Mother’s Name Jaid Barrymore
No. of Siblings Jessica Blyth Barrymore

John Blyth Barrymore

Blyth Dolores Barrymore

No. of Children Olive Barrymore Kopelman

Frankie Barrymore Kopelman

Profession Actress, producer, talk show host, author
Net worth 125 million USD

Childhood of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s childhood was far from easy. She was born into a family of actors and actresses, and her parents were often absent due to work. As a result, she spent a lot of time with her grandparents.

When her parents divorced, things got even harder for her. She started acting at a very young age, and by the time she was seven, she had already starred in several films. Unfortunately, this led to problems with drugs and alcohol later on in her life.

By the age of 12, she was addicted to cocaine and was blacklisted from Hollywood. She had to go to rehab for her drug addiction. Thankfully, she was able to get help and turn her life around. Today, she is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Drew Barrymore’s childhood may have been difficult, but it clearly didn’t hold her back from achieving great things.

Dating History of Drew Barrymore

Dating history of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been in the public eye since she was a child. She had her fair shares of flings and exes. Moreover, she’s been married three times and has had many high-profile relationships. Here’s a look at all of her relationships and flings.

Corey Feldman

The teen film star and Barrymore briefly dated in 1989. At the Moving Picture Ball, they made their romance known to the public.

Balthazar Getty

Balthazar and Barrymore dated only a year, from 1990 to 1991

David Arquette

Barrymore and Arquette were momentarily associated in 1991, a long time before they collaborated on the films “Scream and Never Been Kissed”.

Jamie Walters

Barrymore and the musician/actor became engaged when she was barely 17 years old. In 1993, after just one year of relationship, they called it quits.

Jeremy Thomas

In March 1994, the Firestarter Drew Barrymore actress wed the proprietor of a pub in Los Angeles. But it took Barrymore less than two months to file for divorce.

Edward Norton

While filming Everyone Says I Love You in 1996, there were rumors that Norton and Barrymore were dating.

Luke Wilson

The actors first worked together on the 1997 movie Best Men, then they reunited for the 1998 movie Home Fries. After that, they split up off-screen in 1999.

“In a January 2022 interview with Kate Hudson, Barrymore recalled, “I was dating him, but I assume he was dating other people. “It was an honest partnership. We were kids.

Tom Green

Drew Barrymore and MTV comedian Tom Green were one of Hollywood’s most talked-about couples during their brief relationship. The two actors met in 1999 and started dating shortly after.

After dating for almost a year, the couple got married in July 2001. Their relationship was very public, as they often appeared on Tom’s MTV show and on red carpets together. However, their marriage only lasted five months, and they divorced in December 2001.

Fabrizio Moretti

Barrymore dated Fabrizio the longest than the other guys she had been with. “I’ve only ever been with someone for two to three years, so I’m in unknown territory,” Barrymore told Harper’s Bazaar when dating the Strokes drummer from 2002 to 2007. “Right now, I’m more interested in defending him as a person than pouring adoration for him.

Justin Long

They parted in July 2008 after dating since 2007. Before collaborating on He’s Just Not That Into You and Going the Distance in 2009, Barrymore and Long temporarily gave their relationship another try.

Will Kopelman

Early in 2011,  Drew Barrymore started dating the art consultant Will Kopelman (who is also the son of a previous CEO of Chanel). After four years of marriage, the pair called it quits. They were married in 2012. She had her two daughters with Will and their names are Olive (born in 2012) and Frankie (born in 2014).

So, we can say that the dating life of Drew Barrymore was not boring at all. It was quite eventful and full of adventures.

Is Drew Barrymore Gay?

No, Drew Barrymore is not gay. She has been married twice, first to actor Tom Green from 2001-2002 and then to will Kopelman from 2012-2016. She has two children with Kopelman. Barrymore has also dated men in the past, including Justin Long and Fabrizio Moretti. However, she is currently single and focusing on her career and children.

Despite being married to men in the past, some people still speculate that Barrymore might be gay. This could be due to her close friendship with actress Cameron Diaz, which has led some to believe that they might be more than just friends. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, and it is likely that people are just reading too much into their friendship.

So, to answer the question, no, Drew Barrymore is not currently gay, and there is no evidence to suggest that she ever has been. However, her personal life is her own, and she can choose to date or marry whoever she wants, regardless of their gender.

The Net Worth of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s net worth is estimated at around $125 million. She has earned her fortune through her successful career in Hollywood. She has starred in many hit movies and television shows. In addition to her acting career, she has also made money through her work as a producer, director, and author.

Barrymore is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and her net worth reflects that. While Drew Barrymore’s net worth is impressive, it is not as high as some other celebrities. However, Barrymore’s net worth puts her among the richest people in Hollywood.

Controversies of Drew Barrymore

While some controversies are little more than gossip, others can be serious enough to damage or even end careers. In the case of Drew Barrymore, her career has not only survived but thrived in spite of a number of scandals.

One of the earliest and most well-known controversies surrounding Barrymore is her drug use. As a teenager, she began experimenting with drugs and alcohol and soon developed addictions to both. She entered rehab several times but was never able to kick her habits for good. This led to a period of estrangement from her family, particularly her father, who was also struggling with addiction issues.

In the early 2000s, Barrymore’s personal life became the subject of intense media scrutiny after she married actor Tom Green. The couple’s marriage was tumultuous and filled with domestic violence, which led to their divorce after just five months.

More recently, Barrymore has been the subject of controversy for her involvement in two high-profile relationships. In 2016, she began dating businessman David Hutchinson, who is more than 20 years her senior. This relationship raised eyebrows due to the significant age difference between the two.

Then, in 2018, Barrymore caused even more scandal when she began dating actor Justin Long, who is also her ex-boyfriend. The fact that she was seeing someone who she had previously dated caused many to question her judgment.

Despite all of these controversies, Drew Barrymore remains one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses. She has continued to find success both in front of and behind the camera, and her personal life seems to be back on track. It just goes to show that even when it seems like everything is falling apart, it’s possible to pick yourself up and start again.


So, now we know the answer to this question – is Drew Barrymore gay? No, she is not. There were lots of rumours that raised suspicions about her being gay, but all these were just mere rumours. Throughout her years, she always dated men, and this proves that she is heterosexual.

No matter what the sexual orientation of  Drew Barrymore might be, she is an incredibly talented actress and producer who has achieved great success in Hollywood. Thanks for reading.

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