Is Finn Wolfhard Gay? Mystery Solved

Is Finn Wolfhard Gay

If you love the Netflix sci-fi Stranger Things, then you are sure to love its protagonist Mike. Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike has overcome the hearts and minds of his fans with his cute smile and innocent face.

Often a teen heartthrob, Finn has been subject to several rumors surrounding his sexuality. With his androgynous face and on-screen chemistry with gay actor Noah Schnapp, fans speculate that he is in fact gay.

Wolfhard’s fans are head over heels for him and want to know if he is gay, straight, or bisexual. In this story, we’ll discuss all about Finn’s sexuality, who he is dating at the moment, and if he is gay. We’ll also discuss his net worth as of 2024 and give you a short info regarding his career.

But before jumping the gun, let’s talk about his personal life a bit.


A Short Bio of Finn Wolfhard

Finn Michael Wolfhard is most popularly known as Finn Wolfhard. He is a Canadian actor who just got past his teenage. The actor was born on December 22, 2002, making him one of the youngest talents in the industry.

What’s interesting is Wolfhard got his first acting gig from Craigslist. And from there, he never had to look back and acted n The 100 and the Supernatural TV shows.

Perhaps the most well-known character that Finn Wolfhard played is Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things. The actor has received an immensely positive response from his fans after this role.

The actor has also worked in titular roles like in IT, or The Goldfinch. Other than a very successful career in the film and TV industry, the 20 year old actor has also had a successful music career. He has his own band Calpurnia which was formed back in 2017. But the band ended its operation 2 years later in 2019. Later Wolfhard went on to form another band The Aubreys. The band has several singles under its belt.

Is Finn Wolfhard Into Men?

Is Finn Wolfhard Into Men

There is much discussion and online chatter on the topic of Finn’s sexuality, Many fans believe him to be gay because of his androgynous appearance. Also, Wolfhard has actively refrained from commenting on his sexuality on public television or news. This thickened the rumors of him being gay.

In this story, we’ll look into Finn’s dating life and online chatters to verify what Finn’s sexuality really is.

So without further ado, let’s start.

Who is Finn’s Current Partner?

Due to his titular character Mike in Stranger Things, many have often speculated that Finn and Millie Bobbie Brown are dating. With cute on-screen chemistry, the couple has been shipped many many times online. But, the duo has always refuted these rumors and said that they are just good friends.

Finn is a very private guy with few details online regarding his dating life and partners. But Finn has not shied away from sharing photos of him and Elsie Richter online. The duo has been seen together in photos in a cozy embrace on social media spending quality time.

Elsie and Finn had started dating in early 2021 according to reports. They shared one cozy photo online where they are smiling together. But later, the photo was promptly removed. So, as of now, we cannot confirm if Finn is still dating Elsie.

Elsie is a 19 year old born to her mother Dolly Wells and Father Mischa Richer. Elsie like her parents is also a talented actress and worked in Doll & Em (2013) and Di Bibl (2019).

There were later rumors of the couple breaking up. As there are no photos or news regarding the duo being together, Finn may very well be single as of 2024.

Is Finn Wolfhard Dating Noah Schnapp?

Finn Wolfhard Dating with Noah Schnapp

One of the reasons that fans think that Finn is gay is his androgynous appearance. But that cannot possibly be an outcome of him being gay.

Again, another piece of news that stirred up the internet about Finn’s sexuality is his praising his co-actor Noah Schnapp’s coming out. Wolfhard praised Noah’s coming out as gay publicly in an interview and said that he was beyond proud of Noah.

But as Noah has disclosed, his Stranger Things character is in love with Mike. As Mike is played by Finn, fans have gone overboard with the idea that Finn himself is gay as they shipped the duo. But Finn later disclosed that he and Noah are like family.

Despite many rumors about Wolfhard’s sexuality in the public, he has never publicly shared his sexual orientation nor has he discussed it. So, it is impossible for us to say for sure if he is straight, gay, or even bisexual definitively.

But, from where we stand, even if he was gay, it would not have undermined his wonderful personality and his talents.

Wolfhard At a Glance

Here we have a list of things you might want to know about Wolfhard. We have sorted them into a table for your convenience.

Full Name Finn Micheal Wolfhard
Age 20
Birthday December 23, 2002
Lives in Vancouver, Canada
Height 5’10”
Weight 117 pounds
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards (2017)
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards for Best on Screen Team (2018)
  • Atlanta Shortfest Awards for Best Director (2020)
  • Saturn Awards for Best Performance By a Young Actor in a Film (2022)
  • Kid’s choice awards for Favorite Male TV Star (2023)

What is the Net Worth Of Wolfhard?

Well, Wolfhard has accumulated a lot of followers due to his sweet personality and wonderful talents.

The Canadian actor has accumulated a stunning 25.1M followers on his Instagram account where he regularly posts updates and photos.

As of 2024, the actor has accumulated a net worth of $4 million which is staggering at his age. Although this is suiting because he earned a whopping $250 thousand for each episode of Stranger Things.

But he has a bright future ahead of him with unlimited opportunities. So we can hope that his net worth will only rise in the future.

Ending Thoughts

Wolfhard has accomplished a lot of feats at a very early age. He has flourished in his career as an actor and a musician. And with his character in Stranger Things, he has become a heartthrob for many fans.

In this story, we have discussed a short version of his career and his life before discussing his sexuality and dating history. But we have not been able to come to a solid conclusion regarding his sexuality.

Although there is no definitive answer to what his sexual orientation is, from what we know, he may possibly be straight as he has not dated any gay partners.

But regardless of Finn’s sexual career, we believe the actor will continue to win the hearts of his fans with some amazing performances in the future.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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