Is IShowSpeed Gay? The Truth About The Notorious YouTuber’s Orientation

Is IShowSpeed Gay

Being over the top will always get you tons of attention. That’s exactly what happened for IShowSpeed. When he first started his youtube journey in 2016, no one really batted an eye. He was your everyday youtuber who used to play and react to viral videos.

Then, a phenomenal idea struck IShowSpeed’s mind. That was to be as loud and obnoxious as possible. So he went full over the top during his reactions and this quickly garnered him an immense fan following.

With the fans came a bunch of haters. Although some of them lampooned IShowSpeed for no reason, his antics didn’t help either. Over the years, IShowSpeed has gotten himself involved in a number of controversies. Even at such a young age, he had some serious allegations of rape threats and a myriad of other things.

Amongst these allegations, one became the talk of the town. The allegation of him being gay was reported by many youtube channels and media outlets. Even fellow twitch streamers accused him to be gay. But was all this true? So, today we will answer the question of “Is IShowSpeed gay?

How IShowSpeeds Anger Got The Best Of Him

Although everyone acknowledges the fact that IShowSpeed is just 18 years old, it still doesn’t justify his uncontrollable anger. Over the years, his anger has led to outbursts that caused tons of controversies. The accusation of him being gay came in a similar manner.

In the month of september, 2021, IShowSpeed and a fellow streamer called Ava was discussing love and desperation. It was a pretty meaningful conversation. Out of nowhere, IShowSpeed dropped a huge bomb saying that he was gay and extending this conversation for a long time.

Fans everywhere became shunned by his remarks. They didn’t know whether he was joking or not. Some welcomed his coming out while others bombarded him with criticism saying he was too young to be involved in this kind of sexual thing. His bold statement stirred up quite a controversy in the twitch and youtube realm for some time.

Repentance For His Actions: A Quick Response To The Gay Allegations

IShowSpeed personal life

After just one day, IShowSpeed seemed to come to his senses and posted an apology. He told his fans that he got angry and shouted being gay. None of the things he said were anything serious. He also apologized for all the inconvenience and misunderstanding he had caused.

Now things don’t stop that easily especially for a streamer of this magnitude. Many of his fans were utterly disappointed by his actions saying he was irresponsible and childish.

While most people believed that IShowSpeed was not in fact gay, there were others who were a bit skeptical to say the least. A fellow influencer called Peepjxsh posted that his entire apology was a ploy as IShowSpeeds fans are mostly homophobic.

If they knew he was gay then they would just abandon him. So in the fear of losing his fans, IShowSpeed rejected the gay allegations. Now we don’t know how much of this is true but as IShowSpeed himself has claimed to be heterosexual, we will take his words for it.

Is IShowSpeed Gay? A Deep Dive Into IShowSpeed’s Bizarre Dating Life To Find The Truth

To be honest, just by analyzing his youtube and twitch videos, he seems to be more interested in Cristiano Ronaldo than women. For a long time, he was obsessed with the Portuguese striker. His dream finally came true when he met him during a match and took a photo with him. Still to this day, he says that he loves Ronaldo and even wants to marry him.

Apart from this, he didn’t really have any serious relationships as far as we know. During his visit to Japan, he hired a girlfriend and went on a date with her. He also went on a date with a woman in America but it was also for the views.

He regularly interacts with women from all over the world through the omegle app. But still to this day, IShowSpeed hasn’t found his true love. So, as his interest is only in women, it’s safe to say that IShowSpeed is not gay.

What Is IShowSpeeds Net Worth in 2024? How The Ohio Boy Made Millions

IShowSpeeds Net Worth

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you’ve probably seen the face of IShowSpeed on the internet. He is pretty much everywhere. His crazy obsession with football and even crazier reactions made him a worldwide star. With the immense popularity came some hefty amount of cash.

His main youtube channel has recently crossed the 20 million mark. It was reported that from his youtube channel alone, he garners about 5.5 million dollars in revenue. He has two other channels with over a million subscribers. So those two channels also generate a tremendous amount of revenue.

Beside his youtube, he streams in twitch every single day and is one of the most watched streamers currently active now. Through donations from his fans, he earns a lot of money.

His music has taken off recently as well. So those songs are contributing a lot to his net worth as well. It seems like IShowSpeed is firing through all of the cylinders. After combining everything, his net worth goes up 12 million dollars. Not bad for a 15 year old.

Mind Boggling Facts And Trivia About IShowSpeed; How Many Did You Already Know?

Although IShowSpeeds entire life has been well documented as he seems to always keep the camera close to his face, there are still a lot of secrets hidden behind his masculine persona.

His eccentric personality and a knack for trouble has garnered quite a lot of interest from his fans. Therefore, they want to know more about him. So, here are some of the most mind boggling facts about IShowSpeed which will make your jaws drop. Tell us in the comment how many did you already know.

Name Darren Jason Watkins Jr.
Net Worth $12 Million
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters)
Weight 132 pounds (60 kg)
Shoe Size 10.5 (US)
Birth year 21st January, 2005 (18 years old)
Religion Christian
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship status Single
Siblings Two
Current Residence Cincinnati, Ohio
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Zodiac Animal Owl
Eye Color Dark Brown
Educational Qualification High School

Hiding Pain Beneath The Smile: IShowSpeed’s Secret Disease

Wherever he streams or comes online, we see IShowSpeed smiling and making jokes. But underneath the smile, there is a hidden disease lurking inside him. During many of his streams, IShowSpeed was seen to be rubbing his head and exclaimed that he was feeling tremendous amounts of pain.

Later he explained that he had a cluster headache and oftentimes the pain was so much that he couldn’t handle it.

Although it may not seem that serious, he has been hospitalized for it and even went through surgery. After the surgery, one of his eyes was bandaged and he came to the stream after a long hiatus. He thanked his fans for all the good wishes and wanted everyone to keep praying for his good health.

Wardrobe Malfunction Incident: How IShowSpeed Became IShowMeat

Recently an incident happened which probably could’ve ended his career once in for all. While he was streaming on Twitch, he was playing the popular horror game called Five nights at freddies. It was like every other stream. He was screaming and going over the top in his playthrough.

Suddenly, the antagonist of the game called Chika came to the screen and out of shock, IShowSpeed’s pants kind of dropped off. The viewers could easily see his private parts and it took him a while to know what just happened. After he realized his mistake, he quickly ended his stream. The look on his face was something that shattered a lot of people’s hearts.

This sparked a lot of controversy. Many youtubers talked on this topic saying that he will get banned for showing explicit images on stream. But thankfully this didn’t happen as Twitch let him off with a warning.

But after this incident, his fans started to call him IShowMeat instead of IShowSpeed. This mentally broke him and he even cried on stream. He literally begged the chat to stop spamming the word but they seemed to pay no heed to his request. So right now, his career has taken a bit of a nose dive.

Final Verdict

IShowSpeed has gotten himself involved in controversies after controversies. There are many people who just think he is an immature and rude guy who doesn’t know when to stop. But despite all this, he is just an 18 year old kid who is trying to make a name for himself.

So all the allegations that are thrown at him are kind of harsh, especially the one about his sexuality. As we’ve researched in this article, IShowSpeed doesn’t have any interest in men and seems to gravitate towards women. So, there is absolutely no doubt that he is not gay.

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