Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Know The Actual Answer With Facts

Is Jackson Mahomes gay

TikTok stars have always given birth to a lot of speculations that are yet to be uncovered, and wrapped within such controversies arise Jackson Mohomes. His entire identity is formed around this culture, and his active involvement in this culture is thus understandable to some extent.

In his brief life of 22 years, this individual has been a part of multiple controversies both in person and on social media. One of such controversies include a slur of anti-homosexual comment thrown at him at a football game.

His TikTok comment sections are often flooded with speculations that he might be gay, and his relationships are often kept concealed from the public for good reason. Some of the claims are actually pointless, and some are worth pondering over.

But the question remains: Is Jackson Mahomes gay? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s by checking the facts of life and public statements Mahomes has made regarding this topic, which is what this article is all about!

Who Is Jackson Mahomes?

For the ones who don’t know Jackson Mahomes for obvious reasons, he is the younger sibling of Patrick Mahomes who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL as a quarterback. Jackson is always seen at the pitch side supporting his brother whenever he plays, but also has his own reputation on TikTok for his exquisite dance moves.

Jackson was born on May 15, 2000 at Texas, USA and has another sibling named Mia. He is studying Marketing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and found his fame rapidly in the social media platforms.

He was a student of Whitehouse High School in Texas where he was an athlete playing basketball. His TikTok contents often feature sports like NFL as he makes videos from pitchside during the football games.

Jackson has expressed that in the past he has been a victim of cyberbullying, and the way some of the comments go in his TikTok videos, it’s apparent that the scenario is yet to change for him.

With one million fans and almost 36 million likes on TikTok and 257k followers on Instagram, he’s a self-made social media influencer who is admired for his quirky content and interpretations.

Fact Check: Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

Jackson Mahomes is not gay

It’s time to address the most vital portion of our article today, and it tries to find whether Jackson Mahomes is actually gay or not.

The short answer to this question is: NO, he is not gay. Because initially he has stated on a youtube video in his channel that he is straight. His claims are supported by his interactions with ladies, some of whom are Instagram influencers but he has introduced none of them as his romantic interest to the internet, probably because he wants to keep his dating life private.

The speculations regarding his homosexuality are based on feeble facts. For starters, his fans always call him gay because of how much he denies it, they reinforce it by claiming he’s in denial.

Other reasons behind thinking this way is his feminine voice, which is completely absurd because it has nothing to do with a person being homosexual. Based on all the valid facts, our verdict on Jackson’s sexuality stands that he is indeed not gay.

Anti-Gay Slur Incident

One of the infamous controversies Jackson has been a part of actually finds him as the victim rather than the perpetrator. At a Broncho’s game, Jackson was seen dancing for his TikTok video by the pitch when a fan randomly shouted anti-homosexual slur at him.

Dailymail has the video evidence where you can hear the abuser actually call him “Ma-homo” and Jackson immediately responded loudly that it wasn’t a good thing to say. The accused however was not to be found anywhere and the case was dismissed there.

Clash With Raven Fans

Jackson Mahomes clash with Raven fans

This person is the epitome of clashing with the fans. According to the New York Post, Jackson threw water at Raven fans last year in September. The Raven fans had been making a lot of noise pointing at Jackson & co., to which his reaction was to unload a bottle of water on the mentioned fans.

This issued a serious backlash with the fans, but Jackson kept his stride on the social media claiming in a teasing manner that those fans were thirsty. He was eventually seen in an emotionally vulnerable phase as he complains to his fans that getting bullied has always been an issue for him since his past.

Controversy Regarding Sean Taylor Memorial

Out of all the controversies this person has been a part of, this one is by far the worst and most contentious. During a game between the Kansas City Chiefs & Washington Football Team at the FedEx Arena, the latter held a memorial for the early demise of their star player Sean Taylor.

Taylor’s jersey number 21 was retired from the team to honor his memory on October 17, 2021, and a restricted area was painted the number 21 for the commemoration purpose.

Jackson however took things to a different level. He made a TikTok dance over that reserved logo of Taylor and it was spread on social media like a bonfire. The fans as well as revered critics admonished him on different platforms for his act.

Jackson later on apologized on his social media accounts conceding that the location on his video was accidental and he meant no disrespect to Sean or his family, according to The Sun.

Whichever may his intentions be, his action had prolonged repercussions that he had to endure evidently. It’s a lesson the fans hope that he has learned and will act on afterwards.


In this section, we briefly go over all the stats of Jackson Mahomes to gain a better understanding of his life and career.

Name Jackson Mahomes
Siblings Patrick & Mia Mahomes
Popular For TikTok, Instagram, Youtube
TikTok Fans 1M
Net Worth $10M
Place of Birth Texas, USA
Date of Birth May 15, 2000
Height 68 in (173 cm)
Zodiac Sign Taurus


We hope you’ve found this article useful in finding out the answer to the question: is Jackson Mahomes gay? Apart from this fact, we’ve tried to include a brief overview of his life and the primary information on his background to understand our verdict better.

Apart from all the controversies, one of which even included a homophobic notion thrown against him, there’s no evidence of him being gay. And let’s just say, even if he is gay and hasn’t figured it out yet, it’s not our task to call him out at fans, rather wait for him to realize it and come out whenever (or if) he feels it necessary.

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