Is Jason Momoa Single? A Dive Into The Love Life Of Aquaman

Is Jason Momoa single

Jason Momoa is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities of Hollywood. He’s got a long stride, is known for being a fitness freak, and is loved by everyone in and out of Hollywood because of his fun-loving personality.

Jason started his career in 1999 as a teen in Honolulu when he landed a role in the American series, Baywatch Hawaii. After years of taking up minor gigs and landing minor roles, Momoa rose to prominence in 2011 as Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

Although it took him years to achieve success as an actor, Jason Momoa was in a league of his own when love was in the mix. The actor has worn his heart on his sleeve for only a handful of women, but was also a specialist in keeping things under the radar.

Additionally, if you’re eager to learn more about what the actor’s love life is looking like these days, stick around to be revealed with the latest scoop!

Lisa Bonet, Eiza Gonzalez: Jason Momoa’s Dating History and Current Relationship Status

Jason Momoa’s dating history

Even when Jason Momoa was unfamiliar with the highs of success, he knew what it was like to be in love.

He found love for the first time on the set of Baywatch in 1999, when he was introduced to actor, Simonne Jade Mackinnon. The two were inseparable from the start, and began dating shortly afterward. After 5 years of dating, the couple became engaged in 2004. However, 2 years later, the couple broke off their engagement and parted ways permanently.

Jason moved on fast, and fell into the arms of Lisa Bonet in 2006. Prior to meeting her for the first time at a jazz club, Momoa was a big fan of her work. In a 2017 interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he revealed how he fell in love the moment they met and the surrealness of the experience. Lisa Bonet, on the other hand, wasn’t necessarily on the same page from the start, but gradually caved in after grabbing a late-night bite with Aquaman.

The pair welcomed their first child, Lola Iolani, in July 2007. A year later, they expanded their family and welcomed another child, Nakoa-Wolf, in December, 2008.

The couple tied the knot in October 2017 during a private ceremony at their home in Topanga, California. The bond remained unbreakable for 4 solid years until January 2022, when the couple announced their split on Momoa’s instagram account.

While Jason and Lisa parted ways in January, their divorce became official in September, 2022. During that time, the Game of Thrones star sparked dating rumours with Mexican actress, Eiza Gonzalez. The rumours hit tabloids in February, but the couple took until May 2022 to address and confirm the speculations.

Jason and Eiza Gonzalez had a meaningful but brief spell. The pair broke-up in June, 2022 due to having irreconcilable differences.

As of October, 2022, Jason Momoa is single and very much up for grabs. While he’s very much working around a tightly packed schedule, we hope that the DC superhero makes time to find a reliable counterpart to support him.

Chemistry With Amber Heard

Shortly after the first instalment of Aquaman hit the screens, Amber Heard and Jason Momoa were stars in fanfics as well. However, in reality, things weren’t as pleasant as they seemed.

During her testimony at the defamation trial, Amber claimed that her career as an actress took a significant hit after the Johnny Depp controversy. She even claimed her role in the future film was trimmed due to the issues she had with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

However, during the trial, when president of DC Films Walter Hamada testified, he debunked the claim made by Amber Heard, and said that the actress lost her significance due to the chemistry she lacked with the protagonist of the film, Jason Momoa.

From Baywatch Teen To DC Superhero: Estimating Jason Momoa’s Net Worth in 2024

Jason Momoa’s net worth

Taking into account the influence he has on Hollywood at the moment, Jason Momoa’s net worth of approximately $25 million isn’t just remarkable, but extraordinary in some ways.

After getting his first gig in 1999, Jason pursued a career in modelling to finance his expenses. Throughout the early and late 2000s, he landed a minor role in the film Johnson family vacation, and was cast as a recurring member on shows Stargate: Atlantis, and The Game.

When he obtained his role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, the star was reportedly broke, and was struggling to put food on the table. However, things changed when DC Films offered him a $15 million contract to play Aquaman. The estimated payout that Momoa will receive for the sequel is said to be even higher, and currently stands at $20 million!

In addition to landing a huge movie deal with the DC Universe, Momoa also stars on the Apple TV+ show “See,” for which he gets paid $600,000 per episode. He also appeared in the 2020 Super Bowl Ad, which added at least $5 million to his assets.

On top of being one of the A-listers in Hollywood, Momoa also has his own aluminium water bottle company called “Mananalu.”

In retrospect, it’s safe to say his net worth isn’t a fluke or a hoax. Of course, the fortune that he currently possesses only came into existence due to the work he put in, which we hope increases significantly in the next few years.

Jason Momoa: Height, Birthday, Zodiac Sign and More!

Now that you know everything about Jason Momoa’s love life and past entanglements, here’s a table containing trivial facts of the future Fast and the Furious star that you will definitely enjoy skimming through!

Name Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa
Also Known As Jason Momoa
D.O.B August 1, 1979 (43 Years Old)
Sex Male
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Height 6’4 (1.93m)
Weight 214 lbs (97 kgs)
Relationship Status Single
Spouse(s) Simonne Jade Mackinnon (1999-2006); Lisa Bonet (2006-2022)
Children 2
Relative(s) Zoe Kravitz (step-daughter)
Net Worth 25 Million USD
Zodiac Sign Leo
Occupation Actor
Alma Mater University Of
Years Active 1999 – Present

Early and Personal Life

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa was born on August 1, 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. His father is a painter, while his mother is a photographer.

Jason is an only child. When he was just six months old, he moved to Iowa, where he finished his secondary education. He then moved to Des Moines to attend the Des Moines Area Community College, where he chose to major in Marine Biology. Shortly afterward, he transferred to Colorado State University, where he changed his major to wildlife biology.

When Jason was almost done with his tertiary education, he made the decision to drop-out and move to Hawaii to learn more about his father.

After moving to Hawaii in 1999, Jason worked at a surf shop for a brief period of time. The move proved to be a blessing in disguise, however, as it landed him his first ever acting gig in 1999. On top of being a star on Baywatch, Jason pursued a career in modelling to expand his portfolio and collect paychecks.

Momoa knows Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a fan of heavy metal music. He also considers himself a hobby musician and can play bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and guitar.

Jason also has a series of tattoos, with the most prominent one being the artwork on his forearm, which is a tribute to aumakua, his family God.

How The Game Of Thrones Star Became Scarred For Life

In November, 2008, Jason Momoa got into an altercation which left him with facial scars across the face. It occurred when the assailant slashed him in the face with a broken bottle of beer.

Jason received 140 stitches during reconstructive surgery, and has had a scar over his left eyebrow ever since. The assailant, on the other hand, ended up receiving 15 stitches for four hand injuries and was later sentenced to 5 years in prison for the assault.

Bottom Line

Jason Momoa’s career currently has a very high ceiling. On top of having a prominent role in the DC Universe and starring on the Apple TV+ sci-fi show See, Jason will also be given the opportunity to showcase his abilities as a writer when the series Chief Of War is available on Apple TV+ later this year.

While his career is at its peak, his love life has surely seen better days. The actor is currently roaming in the streets of Auckland, but also happens to be riding solo.

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