Is Jeff Goldblum Gay? The Truth Finally Revealed

Is Jeff Goldblum Gay

If you are a fan of Jurrasic Park, you are sure to know Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum acted as Dr. Ian Malcom in the franchise.

The 70 year old actor has also acted in Independence day, The Fly,  Earth Girls Are Easy, Silverado, and others. The Fly had earned him the Saturn Award for Best Actor in 1986. He’s also starred in many TV shows such as Will & Grace, which had earned him a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2005.

Jeffery Lynn Goldblum is popularly known as Jeff Goldblum for his signature performance in the Independence Day and the  Jurrasic Park series. When you are a long-time celebrity like Goldblum you are sure to come across rumors and speculations.

In Goldblum’s case, it was the rumor about his sexuality. Over his long acting career of 49 years, there were multiple rumors of Jeff Goldblum being gay.

But is Jeff Goldblum Really gay? Let’s end this debate once and for all.

Is Jeff Goldblum really gay

Is Jeff Goldblum Really Gay?

Over the years there have been multiple rumors of Jeff Goldblum being gay. The most recent being in 2019, Jeff Goldblum was seen dancing at a gay Mardi Gras Southern Decadence.

Southern Decadence is a  debaucherous party often known as a Gay Mardi Gras.  Although this has strengthened the speculations, rumors about his sexuality had been brewing far before this video of his dance has gone viral.

But Goldblum has never paid heed to these rumors and has lived a bold life quoting his homosexual brother’s conversion therapy: “Cruel”. He despised his father’s treatment of his older brother.

The final Answer is Jeff Goldblum is not gay. He is confirmed to be heterosexual. He has been in multiple heterosexual relationships throughout the years. He even has been married three times to straight women.

Right now Jeff Goldblum is married to Emile Livingston, a Canadian gymnast. The couple has two kids together.

Jeff Goldblum’s Love Life and Former Partners

Jeff Goldblum’s Love Life

Jeff Goldblum have been in multiple relationships over the course of his career. All of these relationships have been with straight women. His first wife was Patricia Gaul,  with whom he co-starred in Silverado by Lawrence Kasdan in 1985. Although, this couple had been married even before they co-starred in the film.

Goldblum and Patricia had been married since 1980. But this co-star couple seemingly divorced without a clear reason soon after they co-starred in the movie.

But Goldblum had soon found love with another co-star. This time, he met Geena Davis.

Jeff Goldblum had co-starred with Geena Davis in 1985. They starred in the popular movie Transylvania 6-5000 in 1985 and had found love after starring in the horror comedy. Soon after, in 1987 they got married. This couple also co-starred in The Fly, Earth Girls Are Easy.

But, soon this love story would also come to an end. In October 1990, Geena started the couple’s divorce process. And the couple broke up in 1991 due to unknown reasons. But there are also rumors of the couple being incompatible with each other.

Jeff Goldblum stayed single for most of the 2000s. But similar to his previous love lives he had dated the Jurrasic Park Co-star Laura Dern for a brief period.

But later he married Emilie Livingston, a Canadian gymnast, on November 8, 2014. Livingston competed in the Olympics in the late 1990s and the 2000s. Livingston is 30 years younger than Goldblum. But still, their love is going strong to this day. The couple has been married since and has two children together.

Current Relationship Status and Kids

Current Relationship Status and Kids

Jeff Goldblum is currently married to Emilie Livingston and is living in their Pennsylvania home together with their two kids.

Jeff’s partner Emilie Livingston is a former Olympic Gymnast. She had competed in the 2000 Summar Olympics in Sydney. She is originally from Canada and had relocated to Russia at the age of 10 to train with Russian Rhythmic Gymnasts.

She has perfected her craft as a gymnast and aerialist in Russia and had won the national Championship of Canada 3 times as a rhythmic gymnast.

Livingston had also competed in the Pan American games in 1999 which was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the games, she had won the Gold medal for Canada in the Individual All-Around category. Later, in the 2000 Summar Olympics, she finished in 18th place and competed for Canada.

Livingston had further acted as a body double for Rihanna in the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Emilie also acted as the body double aerialist in La la Land for Emma Stone.

The first child of the couple came into the world on July 4, 2015. The couple named their first child Charlie Ocean Goldblum.

The couple also gave birth to their second child on April 7, 2017. This child was named River Joe Goldblum, similar to their first child. The couple has kept their children private from the eyes of social media for reasons unknown to us.

What Goldblum Is Currently Doing? The Latest Appearances

Jeff Goldblum has most recently been popular among young movie fans for his Marvel role in Thor: Ragnarok as the iconic role of The Grandmaster. He started this role first for Marvel in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 back and 2017.

Up until now, he has starred in three marvel movies, ending in Thor: Love and Thunder. But, the movie’s final cut did not feature Goldblum due to time cuts in the movie.  Goldblum has not yet confirmed if he will return in a future movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But fans cannot get enough of him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How Rich Is Jeff Goldblum?

Jeff Goldblum seems to have lived a simple life as he often likes to keep his private life secret in social media. The actor has not revealed his net worth to the fans, rather keeps a low profile on his worth and money.

But as of 2024, it is estimated that the actor has a net worth of around $40 million. But this is only a speculation as the actor has not revealed any official information about his net worth.

Although the Jurrasic Park actor has seen fame and money, it has not moved him from living a simple life. The actor has been living in their New York house for the past few decades since 1982. The house is only over 3000 square feet and contains only three bedrooms.

By today’s Hollywood standards, the actor has lived a pretty simple life with only 3000 square feet of real estate. The actor also has not seen flexing any luxury watches, or clothes on social media.

Concluding Words

Although, there are rumors about Jeff Goldblum’s sexuality, Jeff Goldblum has never been with a Gay partner. All of his previous and current relationships have been with straight women. Although this 70 year old actor has been supportive of his late older brother who was homosexual, Goldblum himself is not gay. Rather he is happily married with two children to Emilie Livingston since 2014.

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