Is Jenna Ortega Gay? Finally Answered

Is Jenna Ortega Gay

Due to her titular role in the Wednesday series, Jenna Ortega has become an internet sensation. Although she has worked in several TV series and movies over the years, the 19-year-old actress is most famous for her Wednesday role. Fans speculate that Wednesday is gay and are asking left and right if she is gay and who she is dating currently.

But before jumping to conclusions about Jenna’s sexuality and learning about her partners, let’s take a moment to get to know Jenna first.

Who is Jenna Ortega? The Story Behind the Wednesday Actress

Story Behind the Wednesday Actress

Jenna Marie Ortega, more popularly known as Jenna Ortega, was born in a sweet and loving family on September 27, 2002, in Mexico. The actress has six siblings that she lives with.

Jenna started her acting career after her mom had posted her videos on Facebook which in turn led her to start auditioning for roles on the big screen.

She started her professional acting career in 2012 in Rob and later starred as the Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3 in 2013.

But since then, she has performed in several other roles including Rake, The Little Rascals Save the Day, Richie Rich, and Stuck in the Middle. After a brief break from acting, she came back with a blast with roles in Jurassic World, Yes Day, and TV shows like Wednesday.

Other than these, Jenna has been awarded several nominations and recognitions for her tremendous acting in many roles.

Although Jenna is a very successful actor, she voiced that she was upset because due to her acting she never could manage a normal life in high school with events like proms.

Is Jenna Ortega a Member of the LGBTQ+ Community?

Jenna always has been very openly vocal about LGBTQ rights and any discrimination that they might face.

She also openly said that she supports LGBTQ rights because she thinks that people should be allowed to express who they really are without the fear of judgment.

Jenna’s statements and stance towards the LGBTQ+ community have fueled rumors of her sexuality.

So, what really is Jenna’s sexuality? Is she gay? Is she bisexual? Read more to find out.

What is Jenna’s Sexuality?

Reports say that Jenna’s father came out as gay when she was very little and divorced her mother. This birthed a realization for Ortega of the struggles of the community. Since then, she has been very sympathetic and supportive of the community.

Jenna’s role in The Fallout is often speculated to be gay by the fans and this propelled rumor that Jenna in real life might also be gay. Although the movie did not conclude if Vada was actually gay, fans were still speculating that Jenna, just like Vada might be gay and deciding not to disclose the information.

Jenna also says that her role in Wednesday is a role model for gay and lesbian individuals. She thinks so because Wednesday in the series is a ‘badass’ and is not afraid to show who she really is.

Although she is very vocal about gay and lesbian rights, she herself has never personally shared if she is gay or not. She has not revealed anything regarding her sexuality to her fans. And also, she has neither denied nor accepted the rumors of her being gay.

Who is Jenna’s Lesbian Partner?

Jenna's Lesbian Partner

Jenna Ortega has been linked to her co-star Jacob Sartorius as they were seen on the red carpet together in New York.

Fans also have previously shipped Jenna and Asher Angel as a couple as they cosplayed Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Halloween 2022.

So, is Jenna dating any of the boys mentioned? The answer is no. Jenna claimed that these were just rumors and nothing more. And according to Jenna, Asher, and Sartorius are very good friends of hers and their relationship remains professional.

Rumors about her being lesbian sprouted again when in an interview for TV Insider, Jenna said that Gwendoline Christie is practically her ‘wife’ as she loves her, and adores her. Jenna also said that when Jenna thinks of the Game of Thrones actress, Gwendoline, she feels something special in her heart.

This propelled the rumors that Jenna and Christie were lesbian partners dating. But Christie, although moved by Jenna’s sweet remarks, is actually in a long-term relationship with Giles Deacon. So, we don’t think that Gwendoline is Jenna’s lesbian partner.

Is Jenna Dating Her Co-Actor Sinclair?

Jenna only at the age of 13 said that she was an open supporter of Pride over Prejudice and said that no matter what anyone thinks or says, at the end of the day “you are you”.

And that makes a lot of sense when the Wednesday actress is rumored to be with her co-actress Enid Sinclair. Fans have often shipped Enid and Jenna calling them

The pair have been roommates for a while and have stayed together for their Wednesday roles. Fans fuel the rumor that Enid and Jenna are actually a couple and their interactions indicate so.

Fans say that Jenna and Enid have long hugs and deep gazes toward each other which indicates that the pair is involved in a romantic relationship. Although Jenna and Enid both entertained the idea with cute chemistry, they haven’t confirmed if they were actually dating.

But even if Jenna was gay, she is not currently dating anyone. She is overwhelmed with her work and is very dedicated to her work. In a sense, we can say that Jenna is in a relationship with her work as she said that the idea of a relationship stresses her. Jenna thinks that her obsession with her work does not allow her to think of any relationship for the moment.

Or maybe she cannot trust anyone with her love as she said that she was not ready to be “Vulnerable or trusting” with anyone at the moment to be in a relationship. She is also fearful of meeting her partner’s expectations and thinks that she should not be in a relationship where she would be unfair to her partner.

What Is the Net Worth of Jenna?

The Wednesday actress, Jenna Ortega has come to the limelight due to the immense popularity of the show. In doing so, she has accumulated a huge following on her social media accounts. She is immensely popular on her Instagram and has amassed a following of almost 41 million fans.

Other than working in the immensely popular TV series by Netflix, Jenna also has been endorsed by several advertising companies. Due to her popularity among fans, Jenna’s net worth as of 2024 stands at a staggering $4 million.

Concluding Words

Jenna is very private regarding her personal life despite being vocal about the LGBTQ+ community. She does not share about who she is dating, nor does she share if she is gay or not.

So, although the internet has been going crazy over Jenna’s sexuality, we cannot confirm anything without any official confirmation from Jenna.

But what we can say is Jenna is a beautiful soul and would make an awesome partner with whomever she may be dating.

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