Is Joe Keery Gay? Debunking This Cataclysmic Theory With Credible Evidence!

Is Joe Keery Gay

The amount of influence that Hollywood accumulates on global media is definitely as high as it can get. In addition to producing and releasing shows covering an array of genres and films that are universally accepted and adored, Hollywood’s impact also moves its fans and gives them a sense of fitting in and getting by.

The primary artists behind the art of Hollywood are without a doubt, the actors and actresses. While Sylvester Stallone is the face behind the success of Rocky’s film franchise, Joe Keery, also known as Steve Harrington, is one of the prized possessions whose contribution led Stranger Things to success.

Joe Keery’s career bloomed in front of our very own eyes in 2016, when he depicted the role of Steve Harrington like none other. And while his forte in acting definitely gained all the recognition that it deserved, on the other side were theories regarding his sexuality, with most claiming Joe Keery is gay.

To examine the accuracy behind that outrageous claim, we have not just explored and unveiled titbits regarding Joe Keery’s love life, but also bits and pieces of entertainment, all of which are provided throughout this article!

A Dive Into Joe Keery’s Dating Closet: Is Stranger Things’ Star Really Gay?

Joe Keery’s Dating Closet

Although he started his career right after collecting his BFA degree, the 31-year-old didn’t get enough attention during his formative years. However, even when he broke into the scene after his depiction of Steve Harrington in the spring of 2016, one thing remained unchanged; Joe Keery’s dating life.

As the popularity of Stranger Things kept growing in size, Joe Keery’s acting skills became more noticeable and admirable. Additionally, many were also quite keen on learning about his dating life, which was kept from the public eye for way too long.

One thing led to another, and soon, Joe Keery wasn’t just met with multiple nominations under his belt, but also gutted with fake news generated by news media outlets making assumptions regarding his sexuality, with most claiming that he’s gay.

Though the hoaxes are very much increasing in numbers even to this day, it seems as though they’re nothing but means of gaining 5 minutes of fame on social media and pop culture, as the actor has been romantically linked with Maika Monroe since 2017.

While the current status of the couple is unknown, it is believed that the pair instantly connected on the set of After Everything, a movie in which both portrayed the leading roles. Once the production ended, Joe and Maika not only attended promo campaigns together, but also went to big red-carpet events in the company of one another.

In retrospect, this revelation not just brings some light to Joe Keery’s highly-secretive internal affairs and dating life, but also clears the air on his sexuality. In other words, no, Joe Keery is, in fact, not gay. However, if he were to have a change of heart, we have no doubt that

Fun Facts And Trivia Of Joe Keery: Zodiac Sign, Height, Weight, Hometown, And More!

Now that you’ve devoured the latest scoop on Joe Keery’s sexuality and gained knowledge of all the credible pieces of information that debunks claims about him being gay and reveal the reality of his sexual orientation, it would only be fair if you reward yourself with some de-stressing content. And if you quite like the sound of that, don’t hesitate to dive into the following table, which is shaped up by enjoyable and gripping pieces of trivia regarding Joe Keery!

Full Name Joe David Keery
Birthday April 24, 1992 (31 years old)
Hometown Newburyport, Massescheussetts
Height 6’0 (1.8m)
Weight 74kg (163 lbs.)
Relationship(s) Maika Monroe (2017-present)
Occupation Actor, Musician
Net Worth $4 million (July 2023)
Years Active 2015 – present

A Part Of The Millionaire Club? The Current Status Of Joe Keery’s Net Worth In 2023

Joe Keery was a fresh face only about a decade ago, thriving off through very little screen time, recurring roles, and brief cameos. However, once Stranger Things came into existence, the actor didn’t just appear on the radar of prominent directors and screenwriters but also garnered a dedicated fan base. The success also rewarded him with financial gain, an element which only got heftier as time floated by.

At the moment, Joe Keery’s net worth is said to be standing at $4 million, making the 32-year-old a fresh face among the Millionaire Club.

His primary source of income remains Stranger Things, which has invested heavily into his abilities. Although Joe Keery initially earned $25,000 per episode during season one, the amount increased by triple once the show expanded to two seasons. By season 3, the influence of Steve Harrington earned him $150,000 for every episode, despite having very little screen time.

Although Joe’s contribution to season 4 was quite minimal, the actor netted an impressive salary of $250,000 per episode. The remuneration for the Final season is said to be even heftier, with an aggregate amount of nearly $6 million!

From Humble Actor To Overnight Sensation: A Closer Look At His Life And Career

Life and career of Joe Keery

Joseph David Keery, otherwise known as Joe Keery or “Djo,” was born on April 24, 1992, in Newburyport, Massesscheussetts. Although the occupations of his parents were never revealed to the public eye, it is believed that Joe shares them with 4 other siblings, with Joe being the second oldest among the crew of 5.

Keery had a knack for art in his adolescent years, and broke the deadlock by partaking in  Theater in the Open, a performing arts camp. Although he spent the subsequent years dipping his toe in every pool possible, he gave another go at acting in high school through the suggestion of her sister.

After pursuing and collecting his BAF degree from the Theater School of DePaul University, Keery started chasing his dream of becoming a professional actor, initially starting out by partaking in commercials for KFC, Domino’s and Amiibo. He also secured recurring roles as a television actor during that time.

A year into his decision, he landed the role of Steve Harrington in the Netflix series, Stranger Things, which aged gracefully. Prior to being assigned to portray Steve, it is believed that Keery auditioned for the role of Jonathan, one of the primary actors on the show. It all worked in his favor in the end, however, as Steve’s portrayal earned him a spot as one of the leading actors during the following seasons.

Although relatively minimal, Joe also found success by taking up the leading role in Spree, a recurring role in 2021’s Free Guy, and increased his portfolio with Cold Storage, a 2022 film with Liam Neeson. His next big hit is said to be the fifth season of Fargo, which is said to hit the shelves in 2023.

Outside acting, Joe is known for his career as a musician. Before joining the band “Post Animal” in 2015, Joe released a couple of singles under the alias “Cool Cool Cool.” He subsequently went on to become the lead guitarist of Post Animal, helping them with the production of their first two albums.

As of 2023, Joe no longer is a part of Post Animal. However, he now goes by the name Djo, with an album and multiple solos and EPs under his portfolio.

Concluding Remarks

All in all, regardless of how convincing the rumors may have sounded, the speculation regarding Joe Keery being gay is indeed inaccurate and baseless, being curated and exploited by none other than media outlets desperately searching for their 15 minutes of fame.

In reality, the star has been linked with Maika Monroe since 2017. The couple were first introduced when filming After Everything, which hit the shelves in late-2017, slowly transitioning from friends to lovers over the course of 3 months.

Although the current status of their affair is very hard to accurately pinpoint due to the secretive nature of their relationship, many credible sources claim that the pair discreetly cut ties with one another during the first half of this year, bringing their 6-year entanglement to an end. This also brings all the current speculations regarding Joe Keery’s sexuality to an end, making the prior theories as baseless as they come.

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