Is John Travolta Gay? Unveiling The Sexual Orientation Of The Hollywood Veteran

Is John Travolta Gay

While fresh faces are bound to be the successors, it is always great to look back and pay homage to the veterans that made Hollywood into the booming industry that they are today, one of whom is John Travolta.

John Travolta, although inactive in recent years, was the face of showbiz in the 70s. The multi-talented actor who also possessed the ability to sing didn’t just break through because of his fortes as an actor, but was well-liked amongst his peers due to being one of the most down-to-earth people at the time. In addition to starring in renowned blockbusters, John also skyrocketed to stardom with his heartthrob-like persona.

Since everything John touched turned to gold, various individual accolades and successful film franchises lie under his belt and portfolio. The same can’t narrative is non-existent regarding his personal life and sexual orientation, however, since many, to this day, claim that John Travolta is gay.

Moving on, if you too are curious regarding the last bit of the former paragraph, don’t forget to read this guide as we unveil John Travolta’s gender orientation through the revelation of undisclosed secrets!

Is John Travolta Gay? The Dating History And Complex Identity Of John Travolta

John Travolta dating history

Not much of John Travolta’s life has been open to speculation, except for his gender orientation. Although the Hollywood veteran’s life was always under the scope of every media outlet when he was a heartthrob during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Travolta’s identity wasn’t under question until the previous decade due to some undeniable allegations, which mostly claimed he was gay.

Upon breaking through the movie scene, John immediately started working on his love life, being romantically linked with actress Diana Hyland. The pair first met on the set of The Boy In The Bubble, which concluded its production in 1976. The world came crashing down for the then-23-year-old in 1977, however, when Hyland passed away from breast cancer.

During the 80s, Travolta was romantically linked with multiple high-profile celebrities, two of whom were French actress Catherine Deneuve, and Marilu Henner. Despite calling it quits early on with Catherine, John was said to share a “situationship” with Marilu, which ultimately came to an end in 1985.

Travolta found his ride-or-die in the heart of Kelly Preston, whom he met in 1988 on the set of The Experts. The two tied the knot in Paris in the summer of 1991, and were said to attend marriage counselling on a daily basis to make ends meet. The couple welcomed 3 children as their own in 1992, 2000, and 2010, and were said to be madly in love until Kelly Preston’s passing in July 2020. In 2009, Jett Travolta, John’s oldest son, passed away during their trip to the Bahamas due to a seizure.

While John’s dating history does contain a series of highs and lows, it also debunks claims regarding his sexuality, but only in a few ways, until the following portion comes in.

John Travolta’s love life definitely implies that he’s heterosexual, and is heavily backed up due to the credibility of each claim. However, what really puts his identity into question is a pair of claims that were made against the actor in 2012, both of which cited claims of sexual assault on two male masseurs on two separate occasions.

Although the charges were later dropped and dismissed by the victims, many still believe that John Travolta is, indeed, a man inside a closet. And while we’re all for embracing people irrespective of their gender orientation, at the moment, due to credible pieces of information that are almost 2 decades old, it seems as though John Travolta is in fact, not gay.

Early Life and Formative Years

John Joseph Travolta was born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey to a former-professional American football player and an actress. Among the 6 offspring, John is the youngest member. The family was also known for being affiliated with Irish-American and Sicilian-American traditions.

Although he was raised Catholic, John eventually turned and followed the teachings of Scientology once he entered adulthood. By the time he was 21, he fully converted and identified as a whole-hearted believer in Scientology.

Finding very minimal success in academics, John Travolta ultimately dropped out of high school and moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting, where the tables turned in his favor from the very first day!

Breakthrough, Downfall, And Current Status

Upon moving to the Big Apple, John landed a role in the musical Grease and participated in various plays on Broadway. However, due to creative differences, John Travolta took his talents to Los Angeles, California during the early 70s.

Over the following years, John heavily invested in his music career, and eventually produced the single “Let Her In,” which found tons of success on mainstream media. The success not only made him a prominent face from then on, but also won him a role on the show Welcome Back, Kotter, which tremendously added to his portfolio.

The first breakthrough he obtained was when he starred in back-to-back blockbuster hits Saturday Night Fever, and Grease, which accumulated over a couple of hundred million at the box office. The ventures also gave him a chance at starring in Urban cowboy, which was released in the early 80s.

After completing a hat trick with 3 successful films, things went south for John Travolta during the 80s throughout the mid-90s, where the actor was said to miss out on multiple renowned films and settle for mega flops instead. That slump didn’t last for long, however, as Travolta once again came back to the spotlight in 1994 after the release of Pulp Fiction, one of the best movies in the history of film. The actor further enhanced his prominence throughout the following years, landing roles in Phenomenon, Broken Arrow, Get Shorty, and A Civil Action, respectively. He also became a successful songwriter and musician during that time frame, sealing his name as one of the most influential people in Hollywood history.

John Travolta’s Net Worth In 2023: The Lavish Life And Hefty Fortune Of The Actor-Turned Business Tycoon

John Travolta’s Net Worth

John Travolta is one of the very few comparatively active Hollywood actors who obtained his breakthrough during their formative years. This aspect not only added to John Travolta’s career by increasing the gravity of his portfolio, but also rewarded him with financial gain, loads of it.

In fact, as opposed to most actors and actresses all over the world, John Travolta is one of the wealthiest members on the list, with an estimated net worth of $250 million as of July, 2023, proving how hard work and longevity ultimately lead to an admirable amount of wealth.

After spending a brief time as a television, John Travolta first started adding to his wealth massively during the early 70s, primarily due to the influence of Grease, one of his earliest gigs. According to various sources, Travolta still earns royalties from the franchise, which has grossed over $300 million at the box office.  And although the 80s found Travolta struggling to secure big deals and partake in successful ventures, John managed to work past that slump after finding tons of success through his role in Pulp Fiction in 1994, which only provided him with a paycheck worth $150,000.

However, from 1995 onwards, it is believed that John Travolta’s salary for most prominent films netted an average remuneration of $15 million. The script changed for the better during 1997’s Face/Off, a movie which rewarded him with $20 million despite having a budget of just $80 million. Over the next 4 years, Travolta earned a solid sum of $130 million with the help of the movies A Civil Action, Primary Colors, and Have Gun Will Travel respectively.

The 2000s, although relatively dry, were still quite generous to him. Movies such as Hairspray, which was released in the second half of 2007 offered him and cashed in a paycheck of $20 million for John’s services. The 2008 film Bolt also did the same.

Alongside the ungodly amount of sum that John added to his net worth through his successful acting career, John further increased his wealth by founding Constellation Productions, Inc. The company was solely established to allow Travolta to enjoy his double life as a private pilot, which is supported by the actor’s 7 private jets. John also produced various movies under the company name, which not only increased his brand image, but increased his net worth by a significant amount.

Enjoyable Facts And Trivia Regarding John Travolta: Height, Weight, Birthday, And More!

Now that you’ve almost reached the end of the article, here’s a segment that will allow you to unwind and recuperate from all the reading you’ve done so far. In other words, here is a list of facts and trivia regarding John Travolta that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Full Name John Joseph Travolta
Birthday 18 February 1954 (69 years old)
Hometown Englewood, New Jersey, US
Height 6’2 (1.88m)
Gender Orientation Straight
Partner (s) Kelly Preston (1991-2020)
Children 3
Occupation Actor, Musician, Producer
Net Worth $250 million (July 2023)
Years Active 1972 – present


All in all, based on the research we’ve carried out, it is safe to assume that John Travolta is indeed, not gay. In reality, he has had multiple success stories with the help of romantic affairs, all of which involved a person of the opposite sex, and was even married to actress Kelly Preston from 1991 until her tragic passing in 2020. Kelly is revived by John and two of their three children in this day and time.

Furthermore, while the lawsuits John had to battle in 2012 had instances of sexual assault against two masseurs, the charges were later dismissed by the plaintiffs themselves, further proving our previous point.

However, since the world of Hollywood is full of stories that are eventful, and tragic tales that are often swept under the rug through unethical activities, the tale of John Travolta’s gender orientation may still be open to speculation in the eyes of many.

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