Is Karl Jacobs Gay? See Its Origin & Confirmation

Is Karl Jacobs gay

You may know Karl Jacobs as one of the most fun-loving, joyous Youtubers who has spent numerous hours on Minecraft journeys. His child-like expressions and the adorable babyface are some of the main reasons he has gained so many admirers in such a short span of time, apart from his quality contents on the internet.

His fans are often pondering over one question however, that seeks an answer to go with: is Karl Jacobs gay? It has been circulating on social media platforms for quite a while now.

The answer can on one hand break the hearts of one group of people while cheer up another, considering his availability for a romantic relationship.

This article is, however, concerned with whether Kar Jacobs is actually gay or not, what gave birth to such speculations and how we have been able to confirm where he stands in the spectrum – with the relevant background information of his life & work.

Karl Jacobs: Is He Gay?

Is He Gay

Now it’s time for the question that’s been bugging you for quite some time: is Karl Jacobs gay? The short answer is – NO! Then what’s the long answer? Why such a claim and how were we certain that he ISN’T gay? Let’s find out!

Jacobs has always been a delightful personality both on and off the screen. His interactions with his fans in twitch, TikTok and other social media platforms left everyone to adore his buoyant nature.

His playfulness has always been a prominent factor in his Youtube channel and MrBeast’s contents, along with other side projects that he had participated in. Jacob’s on-screen partners Chandler Hallow & Chris Tyson are remarkably close with him and they share a very unique bond together.

During many contests or sessions, they are seen holding hands, hugging or kissing on the cheeks the way close friends would do.

But since Karl Jacob hasn’t been found romantically involved with anyone, and at the same time he never really announced any love affair from his side, the Chandler-Chris interactions with Jacobs had been misinterpreted by some of the fans that left them asking if Karl Jacobs is gay.

Karl Jacobs: Biography

Let’s now take a look at the biography of Karl Jacobs to have an overall idea of how his career has progressed up until now, with some details from his personal life.

Full Name Karl Jacobs
Residence Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Date of Birth July 19, 1998
Height 71 in (181 cm)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Active Platform Youtube, Twitch, TikTok
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $700,000
Pet Oscar (his cat)
Affiliations MrBeast, Chris Tyson, Chandler Hallow

Who Is Karl Jacobs?

For the ones who don’t know him, Karl Jacobs is a famous Youtuber and a permanent member of MrBeast’s crew (yes, he is not fired). Jacobs was born on July 19, 1998 and began his Youtube journey in MrBro’s Last To Leave Halloween Candy Wins $10,000 challenge.

Upon joining MrBeast’s crew, Jacobs remained behind the cameras until JakeTheViking’s departure. After that, MrBeast started allowing Jacobs screen-time on his channel and it was a wise decision by the veteran Youtuber.

Jacobs attended Fort Dorchester High School until 2016 and studied Multimedia in Portland Community College afterwards. Between 2014 to 2017 Jacobs worked as an editor & reviewer for GameTZ.

Jacobs initially had a Youtube channel which he isn’t concentrating on right now, instead his new Youtube channel is booming with viewers & subscribers for his unique Minecraft contents. Currently at 3.63 million subscribers, Jacos aspires to grow it even more & reach the prestigious Youtubers’ club for game streamers one day.

Apart from his Youtube contents, Jacobs has always been known for his knack of participating in challenges. He & his sister had won $100,000 by participating in Push This Red Button For $100,000 which some people jokingly regard as MrBeast’s rendition of Squid Games. Jacobs was picked after more than 50 button pushes and eventually were declared as the winner.

Also, Jacobs & Sean Segre’s house had won the I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House (World Record) under MrBeast’s watch and Sean had been given that $300,000 worth of house as the reward.

The Myth Debunked!

Who Is Karl Jacobs

The confirmation to the question of ‘is Karl Jacobs gay?’ came from Jacobs himself. On a Twitter post from his official account back in November 4, 2020, Jacobs stated that he was very close to being an asexual, and he wasn’t certain where in the gradient he stood at that time.

You might wonder what asexual means, is it celebacy from sexual interactions or is it an orientation? If we have to tell it in short, according to WebMD, being asexual means a lack of sexual attraction, or a low-level of sexual feeligns towards another person. Asexual is actually a broad header, under which one can identify oneself in any of the gradients there may exist – which is what Jacobs was trying to refer to.

Also, an asexual person still particiaptes in romantic relationships with their preferred partner and refrain from intercourse, or even perform intercourse but with not the level of interest someone non-asexual would do.

It’s not a straightforward concept and it should be studied in detail to fully understand the whole concept, but for the sake of your adored individual Karl Jacobs, you should look into it and debunk all the myths that circulate around it!


Jacobs was part of a controversy as well. Due to his involvement with a highly unpopular streamer in his past, Jacobs had to apologize to his fans after older toxic videos got dug up.

However, Jacobs has redeemed himself eventually and his fans still love & adore him for his childish activities on his streams. He was seen on a local Chipotle advertisement and a TV Series featuring gamers & streamers titled Dream SMP that’s been running since 2020.

He even received the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2022 as himself, alongside the likes of Tom Holland, Dwayne Johnsone, Samuel L. Jackson and more!

In a nutshell, your favorite Youtuber Karl Jacobs is not gay, and it’s often hurtful to make such assumptions solely based on someone’s interactions and activities. Also, should they realize or come out as gay some day, you should respect them that privacy until they feel is the right time.

You can then support them with your full commitment, and that’s one healthy way our fandoms can function!

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