Is Kat Timpf’s Husband Missing? Solving The Baseless Claim Using Facts and Figures

Is Kat Timpf’s husband missing

American television personality Kat Timpf isn’t just known for her political views, but is also prominent for her sense of humour. As of 2024, she’s the most watched late-night female comedian in the United States.

Prior to getting her breakthrough as a reporter, columnist, and having her own show to showcase her skills as a standup comedian, Kat Timpf was a regular on “America Live with Megyn Kelly.” She later rose to prominence after becoming one of the main cast members on Fox News Channel’s “Gutfield.”

While Kat Timpf is rather active on social media and never shies away from being transparent with her takes on Gutfield, she often keeps a low-profile when talking about her personal life.

In fact, the information available on the web is so minimal, that fans came up with theories claiming the newly-hitched comedian’s husband went missing. While the theory seemed convincing at first, our stance changed once we did some research. Make sure to proceed to learn more about what we found on claims regarding Kat Timpf’s missing husband.

Revealing The Identity and Current Status Of Kat Timpf’s Missing Husband

Current Status Of Kat Timpf

Although there were various issues that covered the disappearance of Kat Timpf’s husband, he is very much alive and well at the moment and is currently safe in Kat Timpf’s hands.

In August, 2020, Kat spoke about being engaged to Cameron Friscia on “Gutfield,” which was then known as “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”.

While facts regarding Cameron Friscia’s hometown, date of birth, and family remain unknown to this day, it is believed that Cameron is a war veteran who reportedly works at Coatue Management as a Research Associate. Coatue Management is an investment firm that has branches in New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It also manages assets that
is allegedly worth $50 billion.

Prior to becoming a war veteran, Cameron went to Choate Rosemary Hall, a high school based in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA. He joined West Point Academy right after, and was in the military until 2013. He kickstarted his career in investment banking in 2014 as a broker at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, based in New York.

While Kimpf often uses her platform to express her political views, share intimate details about her personal life and upload posts as witty as her humour, Cameron Friscia makes use of his presence on social media by expressing his obsession for lacrosse, which he also considers a primary hobby. This piece of news is hardly amusing, as Cameron played lacrosse during his time at West Point. He was on the roster from 2007 to 2009. Prior to that, he was a starter and the captain of Choate Rosemary Hall’s lacrosse team.

Even though the specific date of the couple’s first encounter was never unveiled, Timpf mentioned that she met Cameron on Raya, an exclusive, members-only, celebrity dating app that helped A-list stars like Drew Barrymore, Matthew Perry, and Chaning Tatum find love on certain occasions.

Prior to taking Twitter, and other forms of social media by storm with the revelation of her engagement, Kat Timpf hardly ever mentioned anything about Cameron Friscia. However, she did reveal a tiny portion of detail regarding her relationship status in 2019 on Twitter, where she poked fun at Cameron’s obsession about lacrosse.

All in all, while certain aspects about their love life will never be exposed to the public eye, we do know that Cameron Friscia, Kat Timpf’s husband, is not missing, and the couple is very much in love with one another.

Kat Timpf Net Worth 2024: Calculating The Current Asset Of The Gutfeld Star

Taking into account all the appearances she’s made on renowned television and radio shows, Kat Timpf must surely have an exceptional amount of wealth. On top of being a regular on “Gutfield!” Kat is a journalist and a television personality. Through all her ventures, she nets around $50,000 on an annual basis and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

The value of her assets is surely no short of monumental at the moment and is believed to increase significantly over the next few years now that she’s the queen of comedy with her very own show.

Career Overview

Kat Timpf career overview

Prior to being a prominent face in the world of comedy, Kat Timpf worked for the Leadership Institute at She also worked as a digital editor for the Washington Times. Additionally, Timpf also worked as a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio, and had a short spell as a producer and reporter for Total Traffic Network, based in California.

Over the course of her career, Kat Timpf appeared on an array of television and radio programs. One of the most notable gigs includes America Live with Megyn Kelly, on which she was a regular member. The show often discussed controversial and political topics, which typically allowed Kat Timpf to display her perspective with sarcasm and humour.

Some of the other programs that she appeared on are Stossel, The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, and Red Eye.

After being a part of multiple gigs and making various appearances on television programs, Timpf finally got her first breakthrough as a comedian and television personality in 2015 on The Greg Gutfeld Show. She’s been on the rise ever since, and remains one of the regulars as of 2024. Additionally, she co-hosts the weekly Fox News Radio podcast Tyrus and Timpf, with fellow wrestler, Tyrus.

She was also a co-host of Fox New Specialists with co-hosts Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams, which aired in May, 2017. However, the show was later cancelled in September of the same year after Bolling’s contract was terminated by the network for alleged sexual misconduct.

Kat Timpf also has her own show on Fox Nation titled “Sincerely, Kat,” which made its debut in 2019. On the show, Kat usually answers fan questions and talks about her upbringing as well as her personal life.

In addition to all the former projects, Kat Timpf regularly appears on several other programs created by Fox News, such as: Outnumbered, The Five, Media Buzz, and The Faulkner Focus.

Trivial Facts Of Television Personality, Kat Timpf: Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Height, and More!

If you skim through most of the portions, here’s an overview that also contains trivial facts about renowned television personality and comedian, Kat Timpf!

Name Katherine Claire Timpf
Also Known As Kat Timpf
D.O.B October 25, 1988 (33 Years Old)
Sex Female
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Height 5’6 (1.67m)
Weight 119 lbs (54 kg)
Relationship Status Married; Cameron Friscia (2021)
Net Worth 1.5 Million USD
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Occupation Comedian, Television Personality
Alma Mater Hillsdale College
Years Active 2010 – Present
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue

Early Life

Katherine Claire Timpf, commonly known as Kat Timpf, was born on 25 October, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan, USA to Daniel Timpf and Ann Marie Timpf. Her mother, Ann Marie Timpf, passed away at the age of 57 in 2014. The cause of her death was Amyloidosis, which is a rare condition caused by an abnormal buildup of protein.

She has a younger brother, Elliot Timpf, as well as a younger sister, Julia Timpf. Her brother is currently pursuing a career in music, while her sister is a model.

Although kept the name of her high school a secret, it is believed that she went to Birmingham Groves High School, in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2010 from Hillsdale College with a B.A. degree in English.

Kat Timpf currently resides in the city of Manhattan and is a libertarian. She also has a cat named Cheens Timpf, who also has its own account on Instagram.

Health Issues

In June, 2020, Kat Timpf posted about her health condition on twitter. In the tweet, she revealed that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder during her 20s, which affects the growth and visual appearance of her hair to this day.

She also underwent surgeries on her neck and back, but refused to discuss the backstory. She also expressed how self-conscious she is regarding her weight.

Assault At A Brooklyn Bar in 2017

On July 25, 2017, right before speaking at her friend Ben Kissel’s campaign, the American television personality was assaulted at a bar located in Brooklyn, New York. Using a series of tweets, she explained how the culprit came up to her and drenched her using a 1.5 litre bottle of water. She also unveiled that the assailant, who was a man, dumped the bottle on her head and splashed it directly on her face when she turned to see who it was.

Timpf later filed a police report, but the culprit was never found.


Kat Timpf is without a doubt one of the funniest and smartest comedians in the world right now. She’s been a household name in late-night comedy ever since getting her breakthrough on Gutfield! in 2015, and will surely be the recipient of more fame and fortune in the future due to her status, own talk show, and her influence in the community.

Timpf tied the knot in 2021 with Cameron Friscia, a former war veteran who’s currently pursuing a career in investment banking at Coatue Management, a billion dollar investment firm. Although fans have made conspiracy theories about Kat Timpf’s husband, the claims were nothing but hoaxes and extremely bizarre. In fact, Cameron and Kat Timpf are happily married still, and reside in Manhattan as of 2024.

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