Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? F1 Driver’s True Sexual Orientation

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Stories circulate that at age 10, he boldly walked up to the principal of the Mclaren racing team, Ron Dennis, and proclaimed that he would one day win the championship with their car. He might have prophetic power as he did just that after 12 years and won his first championship under the Mclaren Banner.

If you create a Mount Rushmore for Formula One drivers, Lewis Hamilton will have a place, and it will be accepted universally. He holds the record for most wins, podium finishes, and pole positions in Formula One history. He is also the joint record holder for most World Drivers’ Championships alongside Michael Schumacher.

Being one of the most known people in the world, his every move is under a magnifying glass, and his every movement is monitored and commented upon. There is a rumor about his sexuality that has been circulating recently on social media.

Let’s explore the story’s origin and his relationships to investigate whether there is any basis behind the speculation about his sexual preferences.

Lewis Hamilton Facts and Trivia: Height, Weight, Hometown, and More!

Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the well-known F1 drivers of this generation, but some of you might still not be much familiar with him. Here is a list of facts and trivia about him, which will increase your knowledge about this British race driver.

Full Name Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
Sex Male
Date of Birth January 7, 1985
Occupation Formula One Driver
Hometown Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.75 m)
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth $285 million
Years Active 2001 – Present

Is Lewis Hamilton Interested in Men?

Is Lewis Hamilton Interested in Men

The story about Lewis Hamilton being interested might seem like a laughing matter, but it’s better to properly look at the rumor’s origin before giving any verdict. For that reason, we will look at how all of the rumors started and see if there is any evidence behind them.

There are two reasons behind everyone’s constant questions about Lewis Hamilton’s sexuality. Lewis Hamilton has a unique sense of fashion, and he is often noticed wearing outfits that break gender norms which result in many people questioning his sexuality.

He would wear pieces of jewelry, even when racing. The flamboyant colors of his clothes, alongside his wearing a skirt on a few occasions, confuse people because these are often chosen by men who are homosexual.

Another reason people think Lewis Hamilton is a homosexual due to his avid support for the LGBTQ community. He openly shows his support for them and often defends them in public spaces. Furthermore, he showcases hostility to various anti-LGBTQ groups, making people believe he is a closeted gay.

Even though these rumors have been circulating for a certain period, he has made no cement about it to this day. Hamilton never announcing his sexuality to the public makes people further question his actual sexual preference.

Lewis Hamilton’s Relationships

Lewis Hamilton's Relationships

By going through Lewis Hamilton’s past and present rumored and confirmed relationships, we can get an overall idea about whether he ever had any interest in men or not. When someone is as successful as Lewis Hamilton, you can imagine he will be a part of numerous relationships.

The first relationship that everyone will talk about is Hamilton’s brief 6-month dating life with Danielle Lloyd. In 2002, they had a good start, and Hamilton helped her while she was competing for the title of Miss England during that time. But their long-distance relationship did not work out, and they had to part ways.

The most notable relationship of Lewis Hamilton was with American singer Nicole Scherzinger, which started in 2008. Although they had been together for 7 years and broke up in 2015, their relationship is often called a rollercoaster ride because of multiple setbacks. Before finally separating from each other, they have broken up previously a couple of times.

Hamilton was rumored to be together with Rita Ora in 2016, and she was seen in the gallery cheering for him in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that year. They did not make any public comment about it, but it’s believed that they separated in 2017.

Hamilton also allegedly dated Rihanna, but they denied it, commenting they are close friends who like to spend time together. In 2021, he was seen with Dominican model Camila Kendra, and it’s rumored that they dated for one year before calling it quits.

By analyzing these relationships, we can deduce that he always had an interest in women for sure.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth: Income and Real Estate

Lewis Hamilton's Net Worth

Being one of the best formula one drivers ever, it comes as no surprise that he has accumulated a large amount of wealth over the years. In our estimation, he currently has a net worth of 285 million dollars.

Lewis Hamilton started his Formula One racing career under Mclaren at the age of 22 and set multiple records. He was the youngest driver in history to lead the world championship alongside the most wins, most points, and most pole positions in his debut season. He left Mclaren in 2012, joined Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, and is still under contract with them.

His annual salary is 40 million dollars per year for driving as their formula one driver. He also earns around 10 to 12 million dollars from various endorsement deals every year, making his annual income around 50 to 52 million dollars before tax and expense.

When it comes to real estate, Lewis Hamilton owns multiple luxurious mansions, apartments, and penthouses. Hamilton owns a mansion in Kensington, West London, that is worth $25 million in today’s market, which was built in 1860.

In 2019, he bought a penthouse at 70 Vestry Street, New York, for around 40 million dollars. He also used to own another penthouse in New York which he sold for 50 million dollars in 2021. Besides these, he is rumored to have apartments in his name in Geneva, Switzerland, and Monaco, France.

Final Verdict

As we have reached the concluding part of our article, we need to come to a decision about the rumor about his sexual preferences. By analyzing how the speculation originated as well as his dating history, we can surmise that he is not gay; rather, all of it are telltales.

Hamilton wearing extravagant clothes and pieces of jewelry does not entail him being a homosexual; instead, it is a trend to wear outfits that break the gender norm, and as a fashionista, Hamilton follows the trend. Showing support for the LGBTQ community is also an Admirable trait that does not create any reason to speculate on one’s sexuality.

Although he is currently single, he has dated some famous celebrities, all of whom are women. So we can be sure that he is interested in women, but that does not automatically make him heterosexual. He can be a closeted bi-sexual, but no evidence exists to prove that theory.

One’s sexuality is a personal matter, and Lewis Hamilton’s fans will always cherish him whatever his sexual orientation is and we hope he will be happy and live a prosperous life.

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