Is Lil Tay Dead? The Curious Case Of Lil Tay, The Youngest Flexer Of The Century

Is Lil Tay Dead

Due to the occurrence of COVID-19, 2018 seems like a year that’s light years away. While Meghan Markle becoming a Duchess, reducing the use of plastic straws, and the prominence of sparkling water were 3 good things that happened in 2018, the rise of Lil Tay, while uncalled for, was surely another unforgettable occurrence that happened around that time.

Lil Tay is a Canadian internet sensation, influencer and musician who first rose to fame in 2018 for her relatively foul-mouthed content. Her videos mostly consisted of flashy cars and exuberant jewelleries, but also fancy houses with one-of-a-kind balconies. She would often address herself as the “youngest flexer of the century” and would always have a bundle of dollar bills in her left hand.

While Lil Tay was easily one of the most trending internet personalities and undoubtedly one of the biggest memes of 2018, as of 2024, she remains nowhere to be seen. Although Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, was moderately active on social media for a brief period of time between 2018 and 2021, she has yet to announce her return to the public eye in 2022, which leaves us wondering “Is Lil Tay dead?” Buckle up and keep reading this article to discover the upbringing, highlights, net worth and the current status of the “youngest flexer of the century,” Lil Gucci Tay.

A Deep Rewind On Lil Tay’s Rise To Stardom

Lil Tay’s Rise To Stardom

Lil Tay got her first big break on the internet in 2018, when she posted a clip on her instagram account. On top of being surrounded by high-end cars, bundles of cash, and an environment full of expensive furniture, Lil Tay’s videos mainly went viral because of her skills behind a camera. The then-9 year old was known for using obscene language in her videos and would often boast about being a millionaire at such a young age.

That was only the start, however. While her content was constantly being questioned for being fake, going viral made her an internet sensation around that time. On top of garnering 300,000 followers on her instagram account over the course of one night, Lil Tay was a trending topic to cover in the eyes of prominent YouTubers. While she would mostly be one of the topics of discussion on multiple YouTube podcasts, some content creators, such as Rice Gum, produced content that was solely about Lil Tay, which added to her fame.

Pretty soon, Lil Tay started living the high-life. She would broadcast the wealth and fortune of her family during daytime through a series of videos, and collaborate with internet celebrities right after. She also sat for a series of interviews after rising to stardom and also collaborated with iconic YouTubers such as Jake Paul and Team 10.

In addition to making appearances on podcasts, Lil Tay also kick started her music career and released an EP titled “Money Way,” which is still available on video streaming platform YouTube and has over 500,000 views. Due to her brief time under the spotlight, Lil Tay’s name was also dropped on Eminem’s track, “Killshot.”

Lil Tay was also affiliated with musicians such as Lil Pump, in collaboration with other viral influencers such as Woah Vicky, and was rumoured to be friends with XXXTENTACION; a claim that she confirmed in 2018 after the late-rapper’s tragic muder.

Lil Tay’s rise to fame was surely meant to be taking into account the quality of her content, but was short lived after the material of her videos was labelled as “fake” and Lil Tay turned out to be nothing but a gimmick of Claire Hope. In addition to shooting fake videos, Lil Tay also received backlash for all the materialistic possessions that she boasted about using her content, as they didn’t belong to her or her family members.

What Happened To Lil Tay? Is Lil Tay Alive? Unveiling The Whereabouts Of Lil Tay In 2024

Is Lil Tay Alive

Shortly after being exposed for producing fake content and using other people’s belongings to film her videos, Lil Tay received tons of backlash from followers of social media. Her mother, Angela Tian, who worked in Vancouver as a real estate agent, was also relieved from her duties and lost her job due to Lil Tay’s videos.

After a series of unfortunate events, Lil Tay walked away from social media indefinitely. Her Instagram account, which contained all the materials that made her a trending topic in the media, was wiped clean after her rise to stardom turned sour. Although she removed the videos in which she boasted about her phoney fortune and materialistic possessions, some of the posts, including her first recordings, are still available on her Instagram account to this day.

As of 2024, Lil Tay hasn’t yet posted anything or responded to the messages and comments that were left by her fans, but we assume that she’s alive to this day.

The last time she posted on social media came in April, 2021, which featured a post about her GoFundMe campaign, in which her brother revealed that Lil Tay had been a victim of abuse since the age of 5 from the hands of his father, Chris Hope. Jason Tian, Lil Tay’s brother, also revealed how Lil Tay was struggling financially, and needed help from her fans to “fight against her abusive father.”

Trivial Facts About Lil Tay: Height, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, and More!

Now that you’ve received the latest scoop about Lil Tay, below comprises a table that contains trivial facts about Lil Tay, which contains her birthday, horoscope, alma mater and more! Make sure to check it out if you’re curious to know about her real date of birth!

Name Claire Hope
Also Known As Lil Tay, Lil Gucci Tay
D.O.B 29 July, 2009 (13 years old)
Status Unknown (Last seen in April, 2021)
Sex Female
Hometown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Currently Resides In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height 4’9 (1.44 m)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth 500,000 USD
Zodiac Sign Leo
Occupation Musician, Internet Celebrity
Years Active 2018 – 2021

Lil Tay Net Worth 2024: How a 9-year old Lil Tay Almost Became a Millionaire

According to our research, Lil Tay’s net worth was an estimate of $500,000 in 2018. While her current net worth is far from the public eye, the estimated assets that she had a little over 4 years ago was real unlike her persona.

A majority of her wealth came from the views she got online. On top of garnering over 10 million views per video on her Instagram account, Lil Tay also had over 1 million followers on the media sharing platform. She was also relatively active on YouTube around that time, which currently has over 200,000 subscribers and has received over 4.2 million views so far.

In addition to releasing her first EP and sitting for interviews on a daily basis, Lil Tay also had her own show titled “Life With Lil Tay,” which aired in 2018 and lasted for only one season.

Even though Lil Tay once seemed to have it all and had an impressive estimated net worth of $500,000, the current status of her wealth is unknown due to her inactivity on social media.

The Horrific Tale Of Lil Tay: An Insight Into Lil Tay’s Life Behind Closed Curtains

Once it was unveiled that Lil Tay’s content was anything but real, things quickly went south for the then-9 year-old influencer. On top of being the primary reason behind her mother’s dismissal, Lil Tay was also in deep waters for using her mother’s boss’ vehicle for one of her famous videos.

Claire Hope’s gimmick, Lil Tay, was also revealed to be a product of her brother’s. Jason Tian, Hope’s actual sibling, was known for coaching Lil Tay before shooting all her videos. He was also slammed by fanatics of social media for encouraging 9-year old Claire to use profanity during her videos and being verbally abusive when she didn’t comply with his commands.

In 2021, Lil Tay made a rare appearance on social media after a 3 year hiatus when she posted on Instagram. While the post (which has since been removed) mentioned Lil Tay and described Lil Tay’s current situation, the material was published by her brother, Jason Tian.

The post was mainly used as a means to boost Lil Tay’s GoFundMe campaign, which was primarily being held to free Claire, also known as Lil Tay, from her abusive and incompetent father, Chris Hope.

Final Takeaway

Regardless of how preoccupied we were with the internet in 2018, Lil Tay’s brief rise to fame was not necessarily monumental, but unforgettable to say the least. While her content was rather perceived in a bad light, it also did allow a 9-year old to take the internet by storm; which almost made her a millionaire.

Despite being extremely active for a lengthy period of time after obtaining a fair share of success, Lil Tay’s whereabouts remain unknown in 2022. However, taking into account the most recent post that she published in 2021, we assume that she’s currently in a legal dispute against her father, and resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as of October, 2022.

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