Is Liv Morgan Married? Current Women’s Champ Hit With Sham Marriage Claims!

WWE superstar Liv Morgan is definitely in the spotlight right now for all the right reasons. On top of being the Women’s Champion of Smackdown, Morgan is known for her endless charisma in the right and her underdog mentality. She is also known for her skills on the mic and the way she’s always able to walk the walk at all times.

Winning the title this year wasn’t just another occasion to celebrate for Morgan, but was written in the stars and had been a dream of hers for as long as she could remember. Being a wrestling fan since 14, Liv Morgan completed her lifelong goal of becoming a WWE Champion in July of this year by defeating Ronda Rousey. While cashing in her Money in the Bank contract surely paid a part, the superstar’s hard work was also a compelling contributing factor.

In recent times, Liv Morgan has also made headlines for her love life. An avid enthusiast of WWE revealed the spiciest titbit about her private life and said that the Women’s Champion wasn’t just dating someone, but also married!

Furthermore, even though the news is surely an occasion to celebrate for the WWE Universe, the precision of the statement is also at stake, partially due to the untrustworthy source that leaked it.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will finally take this issue into our own hands and solve whether Liv Morgan is actually married, or whether she’s just being used to help unreliable news companies with achieving their 5 seconds of fame.

Revealing The Current Relationship Status Of Liv Morgan

Current relationship status of Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan’s skillset wasn’t just in the spotlight years before she won the title; her dating life was, too!

Prior to joining NXT, when Morgan was working at Hooters, she crossed paths with Enzo Amore, former WWE wrestler that was signed to Smackdown at the time. The two began dating shortly afterwards and even lived together for a brief period of time in 2016.

Liv was also linked with former NXT UK Champion, Styler Bate after she cut ties with Enzo. While their chemistry was often not revealed to the public eye, fans as well as journalists were somewhat convinced they were dating after they took into consideration the flirtatious tweets they exchanged on Twitter on the regular. However, both superstars shot those rumours down in 2018, insisting they were just friends.

2 years after that fiasco with Styler Bate, Liv Morgan was again creating a buzz in the WWE Universe. However, she wasn’t being talked about for her potential as a wrestler, but for being romantically involved with WWE wrestler and fellow colleague, Jake Anderson.

The couple started dating sometime around March 2020, and were pronounced husband and wife in October of that year in a private ceremony. Unfortunately, the pair called things off and finalised their divorce in September, 2020; 11 months into their marriage.

After parting ways with her then-husband, Jake Anderson, in 2020, it was unveiled that Liv Morgan was dating Bo Dallas in February, 2021. The couple have been going strong since then, and even have their own farm.

In addition to having their own farm, they also expressed their desire to have their own real estate business once both of them hang up their gloves.

Furthermore, even though the couple have been dating since February, 2021, and will surely tie the knot someday, they haven’t yet gotten married, which means that Liv Morgan, despite being accused of being married and getting hitched, hasn’t yet replaced her last name with that of someone else since the summer of 2020.

In conclusion, although Liv Morgan was indeed married 2 years ago for a short period of time, the WWE wrestler is not married at the moment. However, she seems to be extremely content with her current beau, Bo Dallas.

The pair are currently living together, but haven’t yet tied the knot. If that would have been the case, we’re sure there would have been loads of photographic evidence for everyone to get access to. Moreover, we’re certain that Liv Morgan herself would have made an announcement and celebrated with her peers if she would have been married by now!

Liv Morgan: Height, Weight, Zodiac, and More!

Here are some facts and trivias about Liv Morgan that you surely didn’t know about! Did you know that before pursuing a career in wrestling, Liv Morgan was hoping to be a real estate agent?!

Name Gionna Jene Daddio
Ring Name(s) Gionna Daddio, Liv Morgan
D.O.B June 8, 1994 (28 Years Old)
Sex Female
Hometown Morristown, New Jersey
Height 5’3
Relationship Status In a relationship; Bo Dallas (2021 – Present)
Net Worth Approximately 1.5 Million (USD)
Zodiac Gemini
Occupation Wrestler
Professional Wrestling Career
Billed From Elmwood Park, New Jersey
Trained By WWE Performance Centre
Debut June 27, 2015
Years Active 2014 – Present

Before The Fame: A Closer Look Into The Early Life Of Liv Morgan

Gionna Jene Daddio, professionally known as Liv Morgan, was born in Morristown, New Jersey on June 8, 1994. She has five siblings; four of which are older and one that is younger than her. After her father passed away at a young age, Liv’s mother took care of all six children on her own.

Morgan always had a passion for wrestling. When they were being raised in Elmwood park, Gionna and her siblings would often partake in backyard wrestling, which further led her to make up her mind.

Growing up, Liv Morgan’s favourite wrestler amongst the divas was Lita. During an interview with The Bump in January, 2022, the superstar revealed how she admired Lita because of her tomboyish aura and how much she resonated with Lita’s persona. “She reminded me of myself.” Morgan stated. “All the divas back then were so girly and glamorous. When I saw Lita come out in baggy pants and sneakers, and fight against the boys, I thought that was so cool,” she recalled.

Before pursuing a career in wrestling, Liv Morgan wanted to become a real estate agent. She was also a competitive cheerleader, and an employee at Hooters, where she also worked as a model.

What is Liv Morgan’s Current Net Worth?

Liv Morgan’s Current Net Worth

Even though all the hard work she put in as a wrestler finally started paying off this year, any financial issue or burden that Liv Morgan had were light years away in 2016, shortly after she left NXT to be one of the upcoming talents on Smackdown.

While her yearly earnings between 2015 and 2018 were never revealed, it is believed that the current WWE Women’s Champion earned a whopping $50,000 in 2019 just for performing.

The salary as well as merch sales for her gimmick increased with each year, and is currently growing significantly with each day. In fact, as of 2024, Liv Morgan’s net worth is over $1 million, which is, without a doubt, a remarkable feat.

Championships and Accomplishments as a WWE Superstar

In addition to becoming a one time Smackdown World Champion, Liv Morgan also won The Money in The Bank Ladder Match in 2022; a feat that enabled her to go for the title. She also won the WWE Goddess Championship 2 times, and held the WWE Women’s Championship once throughout her career. Morgan also won the Women’s Tag Team Title two times in her career alongside Ruby Riott.

Final Verdict

Overall, while Liv Morgan did get married once in her career, things didn’t pan out in her favour, as she and Jake Anderson had to file for a divorce. However, as of 2024, she is dating, but is still not married. Make sure to do your research next time before coming to an abrupt conclusion.

Furthermore, we hope the additional segments in this article also allows you to learn more about the current WWE Smackdown Divas Champion and makes the whole experience memorable.

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