Is Martin Short Gay? A Journey To Investigate His Sexual Orientation

Martin Short is one of those individuals whom you’d always find under the radar as an icon who is performing in the highest level of business. He made you both laugh and cry with his acting on & off stage, and it tells you a lot about his talent as an actor.

He is that perfect star with his involvement in all the necessary social movements and is admired by not only his fans but also his critics worldwide. In recent times however, there has been a speculation that led people asking one thing – is Martin Short gay?

The short answer to this question is, NO, Martin Short is not gay. But then you may ask, what pumped up the flame behind this rumor? Also, how is it that we could confirm his sexuality? This article seeks to quench the entirety of your thirst.

Our experts have dug deep into the life of Martin Short to retrieve all the necessary information including his personal & professional life. Follow along this journey to learn about your beloved icon very briefly and see how we found our answer to this burning question in 2023!

Martin Short: Speculations About His Sexuality

Speculations about Martin Short's sexuality

Celebrities are often questioned about their sexuality and sexual orientation regardless of major reasons. There are many rumor and hoax-based websites who produce misleading articles drawing ideas from baseless speculations that often put celebrities in tough spots. Martin Short is one of the most recent victims of such practices.

If you ask – is Martin Short gay? The simple answer would be, No. The speculations were based on three initial aspects of his life which aren’t actually facts enough to support such a claim. Firstly, his wife passed away in 2010 and Short has remained single since then.

Secondly, Martin Short has shared many of his comedy sketches with the beloved Steve Martin. The closeness of this duo and their spot-on chemistry has led some of the online surfers to question whether these two are into each other.

Thirdly, Short has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations and also about his sexuality. Many online articles utilize this gray area and attempt to promote Short as a homosexual. We can assure you with utmost certainty that Short has never come out or even spoken of his chances of his being gay.

Even if he should come out as homosexual one day, you should allow him the time and space for him to be public about it. Guessing blindly only hurts your favorite actor and places him in a cornered position.


This biography section for Martin Short offers us a deeper insight into this celebrity’s personal life by sharing a brief overview. You’ll come out with all the major knowledge about this individual in less than 2 minutes!

Full Name Martin Hayter Short
Date of Birth March 26, 1950
Place of Birth Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Current Residence Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height 67 in (171 cm)
Net Worth $50M
Spouse Nancy Dolman ​(m. 1980; died 2010)
No. of Children 3
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Who Is Martin Short?

If you don’t already know who Martin Short is, then this is where you can start your journey!         Martin Hayter Short is a Canadian-American actor born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Currently aged at 72 years, he was born on March 26, 1950 with three older brothers and one older sister.

Youngest of the children, Short is actually an Irish descendant as his father arrived in North America during the Irish War of Independence. Based on an interview in the Time Magazine, Short stated that his mother had a huge contribution behind him becoming an actor as she had always supported his creative endeavors from an early childhood.

Short married Nancy Dolman in 1980, who is also Canadian and a comic actress. The couple adopted three children and Dolman retired from her professional career to raise them as a homemaker. Her tragic tale is told by the People Magazine as she died of ovarian cancer back in 2010.

Ever since her diagnosis of cancer, Short has been working for the Women’s Research Cancer Fund, for which he received the “Courage Award” on behalf of his deceased wife. Short is also a member of Anti-Racism groups and he even entered the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s celebrity episode to earn for his charity and ended up donating $32,000.

Career Summary

Martin Short career summary

Short’s knack of working for the common people started very early in his life. He received a BA degree in Social Work in the hopes of contributing to society. Toronto’s McMaster University was his alma mater and during his student years there, Short found his love for acting, as stated by the New York Times.

Until 1979, Short worked only in Canada and was casted in musicals, stage dramas, documentaries and sitcoms. After shifting his focus of work towards the US, Short realized his love for comedy work and immediately started working in multiple sitcoms at ABC.

Short’s tenure in the comedy scene began after first joining SCTV being part of the comedy group The Second City. This is the platform that held him upright in this scene for the first time, from which Short made his move to Saturday Night Live in the 1984-85 season. His inclusion in the SNL roster is highly significant, because many believe it was Short who revived the show which was considered to be dying at that stage.

Short went on to create three of his own shows, one of which was named after him as The Martin Short Show back in 1994. Apart from that, he made appearances in numerous prominent television shows such as Canada’s Got Talent, Hollywood Game Night, Difficult People etc. Also some of the popular TV series had the honor of having him featured in their cast.

He also acted in numerous films, among which he was the voice actor in almost half of them. With a wide array of work from Madagascar 3 to the likes of Barbie animated films, this supremely talented actor has proved time and time again what he is capable of attaining.

Martin Short is estimated at $50 million net worth, for obvious reasons. He lives a lavish lifestyle and is highly revered in Canadian popular culture. His works as an actor as well as his contributions as a philanthropist decorates his career as one of the most successful icons of the past 50 years!

List Of Honors Featuring Martin Short

Martin Short has been the recipient of many awards and honors throughout his life. He won some of the most prominent awards with numerous nominations as well. He has been on the receiving end of two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series for SCTV (1983) with a total of twelve nominations over the course of years.

Apart from that, he received a Tony Award, the AFI Life Achievement award: Mel Brooks and  Robert Altman Award in 2014. In Canada, Short has accepted some of the most premiere awards the country has to offer! He even received multiple medals from Queen Elizabeth II as well!


Martin Short’s decorous career is a matter of inspiration for many. Not only that, his works as an individual for certain causes and against particular diseases simply tell us how great of a person he is!

It’s a shame that people only ponder over the question ‘is Martin Short gay?’ than looking into what he actually stands for. However, we hope we’ve been able to satisfy you with our fact-checks and debunking the hoax news that claims him being homosexual which actually have no substantial proof.

But the good thing is, in search of this question you’ve been able to go through the life & work of this iconic individual. We expect this article overall will inspire you the way Martin Short was, so that we can start giving back to the people and fight for what we believe in.

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