Is Maya Hawke Gay? Revealed At Last

Is Maya Hawke Gay ! Revealed At Last

Maya Hawke, known for her titular role in Netflix’s Stranger Things has done some amazing acting over her acting career. With her appearance as Robin in season 3 of Stranger Things Maya has stirred up quite a fuss in the entertainment industry.

Maya’s touching sequence in the Stranger Things where Robin comes out as liking another woman has stirred up a lot of discussions online. Fans have long been wanting to know if Maya is actually gay after she has shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community and has acted in some queer characters in TV shows and movies.

In this article we will discuss all about Maya Hawke’s sexuality and if she is with a lesbian partner at the moment. But before we move on to Maya’s sexuality, let’s talk about her for a bit.

Who is Stranger Things’ Robin? Meet Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke

Maya Ray Thurman Hawke, more popularly known as Maya Hawke has attracted much attention from the internet due to her popular role as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things.

Maya was born in the house of popular actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman on July 8, 1998. The actress was born in New York. She now lives in New York City. Along with her parents, she has a sibling who played an important part in her dating life. The 24-year-old actress started her career in the entertainment industry with modeling. Later she moved to TV series and Movies and has acted for some of the biggest studios and franchises.

The actress has made her name in the industry with some stunning performances, maybe partially thanks to her parents. But unfortunately, her parents got divorced and separated in 2005. Regardless, her parents are extremely proud of her and what she is doing on screen.

Maya has acted as Robin in the popular series Stranger Things and is mostly known for her role in the show. But she has also acted in some other movies and TV shows, such as Do Revenge, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Fear Street Part One: 1994 among others. She has not only done TV series and films rather also did a slew of music videos as a music artist. She has by far published two albums all with some great music that we love.

Is Maya Hawke Lesbian?

Role of Robin in the Bathroom Scene

The actress has shared a very touching moment with the LGBTQ community with her role of Robin in the bathroom scene in Episode 7 of season 3 of the Stranger Things where her character practically comes out as gay to her friends and subsequently to the audience.

Even the producers had done a great job in the scene portraying Robin’s coming out as a calming and natural scene. This scene has inspired many and even Maya has said that the scene is something beautiful.

So, fans are getting head over heels, saying that Maya like her character is really lesbian, or otherwise how can a straight woman do a coming out scene so perfectly?

But is she really gay in real life? Take a deep dive with us to find out if she is really lesbian.

When Did Maya Come Out as a Queer?

Maya has stirred a storm in the LGBTQ community with her ever so popular role of Robin. This character has won the hearts of many with her coming out scene. But Maya also served the community with another great character Elanor in the comedy-drama movie “Do Revenge” on Netflix. The character Maya plays in the movie gets mocked by their classmate when she comes out as queer.

She also stated that she would be very happy for the LGBTQ community if her way of portraying queer characters in movies and TV series gives them acceptance and respect. Maya says in an interview:

“If I can hope for anything it’s that maybe some people fell in love with Robin and that helped them fall in love with girls who love girls and boys who love boys.”

Maya has always shown her support and empathy towards the queer community and has been vocal about their rights and their needs. Add this to the fact that, she played a queer in two of the most popular TV series and Movies on Netflix so fans really think that Maya is a queer person in real life.

But although Maya has talked about LGBTQ rights, she has not been public about her personal life on social media or on any of her interviews. Although some sources will tell you that Maya has come out as a queer person, there is really no proof of that.

So, in reality, Maya is neither gay nor bisexual and has not talked about her sexuality at all. This tells us that she is not really interested in talking about her sexuality. But this also means that she has not come out as a lesbian. So, no. Maya is not gay. But let’s take a look at her love life to understand who she has dated and is dating now.

Although her fans would love to know the cute girl that Maya is dating, Maya has never been seen with a girl except on-screen. Rather, Maya has been seen dating several men in the past.

Maya With Shirtless Guss Wenner?

Maya With Shirtless Guss Wenner

For starters, Maya and Gus Wenner have been long rumored to be dating. Social media has been going crazy after Maya posted a photo of her kissing Gus Wenner on Instagram which got the attention of 68,983 followers to date.

Gus Wenner is the COO and President of Wenner Media group. The couple was very open about their relationship together and shared photos on their Instagram IDs. Although the couple silently stopped posting their photos together, we can safely assume that the couple broke up as Maya became busy with Stranger Things and her music career.

Is Tom Sturridge and Maya Dating?

After the rumors of Maya being in a relationship with Wenner wore off, new rumors began to emerge. For example, Maya has been seen with The Sandman star Tom Sturridge reportedly very frequently in public. The duo was seen together at many places publicly.

Although the couple had a huge age gap of 13 years between them. When the couple reportedly dated in July 2020, Maya was only 22 when Sturridge was 35. But the relationship only got so long and the couple broke up at the beginning of 2022.

Who is She Dating Now?

Later in 2022, she was seen with Indie pop Musician Spencer Barnett walking in Hampton and going to the beach together. Later they were also seen together in Manhattan taking a lazy stroll. The duo was very close and was affectionately walking together in public.

From then, fans have speculated that they were dating. Bennet and Hawke were also seen to be sharing a kiss together on the streets of New York. Maya met Barnett through her brother Levon Hawke. Spenser is the future owner of Shaklee Corporation and the son of the company’s CEO Roger Bennet.

Spenser is a talented musician and has worked with Maya on her music as well. Spenser makes indie, rock, and pop music. The couple also shared making music and was featured in each other’s music too.

But neither Maya nor Barnett has told the media anything about their relationship and actively avoided conversations about their relationship. Maya hasn’t even posted anything regarding this on her Insta ID as well.  So, fans have no way of confirming if they were dating. But we can safely assume that the couple was dating.

But since the rumors have died down as Maya and Barnett has not posted anything that is more recent about their relationship. So it is possible that Maya is now single and not dating anyone.

What is the Net Worth of Maya?

Maya is a very successful actress and has been acting in some wonderful roles in different TV series and movies. Not only has she had a successful acting career, but she also has a successful music making career and where she sold millions of copies.

She has also earned a huge following due to her fan base going up in numbers in recent years. She has a whooping 10.5 million followers on Instagram.

Other than earning big bucks from her movies and Tv series, she also has a lot of endorsements from fashion and makeup brands. All of these sums up to a staggering $3-$5 million in approximation.

Wrapping Up

Although fans have speculated much about the sexuality of Maya, from what the evidence suggests, in reality, she is straight. Although she is known for her queer characters in movies and TV series, off the screen, she has only dated men in the past.

Although she is not currently dating anyone, there is no proof that she is in reality gay. Rather, the Stranger Things actress is straight.

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