Is Michael B. Jordan Gay? Solving The Mystery Of This Handsome Hunk’s Sexuality

Is Michael B. Jordan Gay

Even if you live under a rock, you have heard about Michael B. Jordan at this point. He is currently everywhere starring in blockbuster movies such as Black Panther and Creed. To say he is one of the most handsome people living in the world wouldn’t be an overstatement. His masculine body along with a near perfect jaw is what all men dream of.

Like all the celebrities, there have been quite a few rumors regarding Micheal B. Jordan being gay. Although he seems straight as an arrow, his sexuality has come under scrutiny by many tabloids over the years.

Today, we will bring the conclusion to the speculations about his sexuality. He himself has been fed up with all the questions about his sexuality. So, without beating around the bush, let’s dive deep into finding out the mystery about his sexuality.

How The Rumor Spread Like Wildfire

The rumor about Michael B. Jordan being gay originated in 2016 when an anonymous user posted an instagram story claiming he hooked up with the superstar. He even claimed that he had a sex video of him and he wished to release it if Michael B. Jordan didn’t respond back. How outrageous!

To add fuel to the fire, a publicist named Amir Yass said that Micheal B. Jordan hit on him. He claimed that the actor had been very flirtatious with him on a number of occasions. He described how Micheal B. Jordan used to walk around in shorts and didn’t spare any chance at flirting with him. This began to stir up the rumors even more and people started to question his heterosexuality.

A Retrospective Of Micheal B. Jordan’s Dating History: Is He Really Gay?

Micheal B. Jordan’s Dating History

There are countless litigious media claiming that Michael B. Jordan is gay. But trusting them will be the stupidest thing in the world. To find a source that is truly trustworthy is like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, we closely examined the actor’s previous entanglements to find out what his sexuality is.

Michael B. Jordan has a long list of partners over the years. One of his most prolific relationships is the one with Lori Harvey, the daughter of the famous comedian Steve Harvey. The couple started seeing each other in 2020 and quickly hit it off. Although Michael didn’t want to draw much attention to themselves, the paparazzis were restless.

After two years of being deeply in love, they broke up in 2022. A source has stated that the main reason for this departure was the fact that Michael wanted to commit for a long term while Lorey didn’t.

The list doesn’t end there. He dated Ashlyn Castro for a while but it didn’t last long. He dumped her for pursuing his relationship with Lorey. There were rumors about him dating  the Swedish singer, Snoh Aalegra as both of them were spotted together multiple times but it wasn’t validated.

The Black Panther actor was also seen with musician Kiki Layne for some time. They attended multiple parties but this was also not confirmed. So, this can be said that all of his past relationships were with women indicating that Michael B. Jordan isn’t gay.

Response To The Rumors: A Slap To The Haters

Although Michael B. Jordan isn’t very vocal about his opinions but even he couldn’t keep silent after the diabolical claims. He hopped into his snapchat account and released a now deleted video responding to the claims.

He told his fans to not pay any attention and that Karma is real. He didn’t want to spend any energy on the false news and wanted everyone to just move on. His expression revealed how furious he was after the gay allegations. After the release of his video, the public quickly recognized that the person claiming to have slept with Michael B. Jordan was nothing but a troll.

Is Micheal B. Jordan In A Relationship In 2023? Check Out The Spiciest Gossips

This may be sad news to a lot of people but Micheal B. Jordan is indeed in a relationship. The most eligible bachelor of Hollywood has found himself head over heels again for the model named Amber Jepson.

Amber jepson is a popular manchester based model who has been doing shows for quite some time now. She had a previous relationship with Emir Sejdic.

Michael B. Jordan and Amber met each other in a ceremony of A.F.C Bournemouth. They quickly found a deep interest in each other. There are countless incidents where both have hinted that they are taking things slow and exploring their relationship.

Too Hot To Handle? Diving Into Females Having A Crush Over Michael B. Jordan

Crush Over Michael B. Jordan

Over the years Michael B. Jordan has made countless women thirst over him with his charm and physique. There are countless videos you will find on the internet where female celebrities are literally drooling over him.

One of the most famous incidents was during an award show when Nicki Minaj was accepting an award. She flirted with the Black Panther star and even winked at her. Can you imagine how you would feel if Nicki Minaj winked at you.

Iggy Azalea also posted a tweet saying that Michael B. Jordans masculinity is over the roof and he exudes a certain big thing of energy. We are sure you know what we are talking about.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Michael B. Jordan? Covering The Extravagant Lifestyle Of The Creed Actor

Just like Iron man, this guy has his feet in a lot of things. Therefore, his net worth is obviously going to be in millions.

Micheal B. Jordan got an enormous paycheck of 2 million dollars for his role as Killmonger in Black Panther. He then starred in the boxing movie creed and its two sequels. He reported to be paid at least 6 millions dollars combined for these movies. For the 2021 movie called Without Remorse, he has cashed approximately 15 million dollars.

He is also an avid real estate fan. He has a knack for buying enormous houses and then selling it for a higher price. Apart from his acting and real estating, he has shares of A.F.C Bournemouth. So he definitely earns a good chunk of money from the club. In total, his net worth is around 30 million dollars as of 2023.

Fun Facts of Michael B. Jordan: Nationality, Height, Zodiac Sign, And Many More

With a physique of a greek god and a smile of an innocent teenager, Michael B. Jordan has caused sleep disruption in countless females. Therefore, it is obvious that you want to know more about him. Here are the most fun facts and trivias regarding this phenomenal actor. Take a quick sneak peak.

Name Michael B. Jordan
Net Worth $25 Million
Nationality American
Height 1.83 meters
Weight 154 pounds (70 kg)
Shoe Size 13
Birth year 9th February, 1987 (36 years old)
Religion Spiritual
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship status Taken
Siblings 2
Current Residence Los Angeles, America
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Zodiac Animal Leopard
Educational Qualification Arts High School

How The Shy Kid From New Jersey Became The Poster Boy Of Hollywood

Believe it or not, Michael B. Jordan used to be bullied when he was young. Imagine the look on their face after seeing how big of a success he turned out to be.

Jordan always wanted to be an actor. So, he began to partake in commercials for various brands as a child model. After grinding for months, he landed a small role in the popular series “The Sopranos”. He further gained popularity for starring in the first episode of “The Wire”. From there, he didn’t have to look back. He started to appear frequently in movies.

His big break came in 2013 when he starred in the movie “Oscar Grant”. His performance was hugely applauded by critics and public alike propelling him to even more prominence.

In 2018, he literally exploded because of the highly anticipated marvel movie “Black Panther”. His role as the blood thirsty Killmonger even outshined the protagonist himself. He has achieved worldwide stardom since then.

A Conundrum with Rum: Huge Backlash From the Caribbean Community

Although being completely away from controversy throughout his career, Michael B. Jordan received some considerable amount of backlash in 2021.

He decided to launch a rum brand and planned everything to make it as successful as possible. One thing he messed up badly was the name of the brand. He and the marketing team named the brand as J’ouvert.

This sparked a controversy as the name had historical significance. In Trinidad and Tobago, it had a lot of weight and it meant freedom from slavery. Many people along with celebrities thought the name was culturally insensitive and even branded Michael B Jordan as a bigot.

Michael B. Jordan quickly apologized in public. He has responded that he is going to replace the name and asked for people’s forgiveness for his dumb decision.

Final Thoughts

Over the course of time, Michael B. Jordan has been the man, the myth and the legend. With a man of his stature, there must be some rumors that circle around. In this article, we have an end to the debate. And can tell you for sure that Michael B. Jordan is not gay.

So all the females out there, you still have a chance of landing a date with him when is single. And to the male fans, better luck next time.

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