Is Michael Jordan Alive? Let’s Dig Into Details To Find Out!

Is Michael Jordan alive

Michael Jordan is such a personality who needs no introduction and is popular due to multifaceted achievements and involvements across worldwide. His fame in basketball has been due to his iconic playstyle and a successful career marks him among the greatest that NBA has ever seen.

Apart from his highly revered career, Jordan is also famous for his business enterprise with a wide variety of investments. Be it merchandising or vehicle production, golf course or restaurant, you’ll see the Jordan name shining brightly on top of the entrance, or the logo embedded on the product.

In recent times, Michael Jordan has been linked with another story on social media that asks: Is Michael Jordan alive? What is the basis of this claim and why has it been questioned so frequently? To find the answer, we must dive deep into the life & activities of this retired basketball superstar and analyze all the data to reach a verdict.

For your convenience, our experts have done all the hard work for you, your task is only to scroll down to reach the depth of this secret with data backed by viable sources!

Is Michael Jordan Dead?

Is Michael Jordan dead

Michael Jordan’s death allegation has resurfaced on the internet on multiple occasions over the period of one decade. It is put in such a way due to his absence from the media and public appearance. If you’re still thinking: is Michael Jordan alive? The answer is, YES, he is very much alive.

Such rumors have been spread by fake websites that seek to gain attention from spreading such information. There’s no valid foundation on which such claims can be made, and Jordan doesn’t have any fatal disease that might see him depart early. So don’t worry, your favorite icon is still breathing strongly.


Now we’ll take a look at Michael Jordan’s life and career overview to see this icon’s achievements, honors and personal details at a short glance!

Full Name Michael Jeffrey Jordan (MJ in short)
Date of Birth February 17, 1963
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Net Worth $1.7B
Height 78 in (198 cm)
Wife(s) Juanita Vanoy (1989-2006)

Yvette Prieto (2013-present)

No. of Children 5
Playing Position Shooting guard
Current Ownership Charlotte Hornets
Major Awards 6 NBA Finals MVP, 5 NBA MVP
Olympic Gold Medals 2 (1984, 1992)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

When Was Michael Jordan Born?

Currently at 59 years of age, Michael Jordan, shortly known as MJ, was born at Cumberland Hospital in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York, U.S. In five years his family had moved to Wilmington, North Carolina where Jordan had spent most of his childhood in.

There in the Emsley A. Laney High School, Jordan first displayed a glimpse of promise that he had the talent inside him to become a great basketball player. Thus, New York and Carolina had become two of the cities that tied down this superstar, one for being his place of birth, and the latter that offered him the initial platform to stand on.

Chicago Tribune has confirmed that this iconic celebrity was born on February 17, 1963 in the family of Deloris and James R. Jordan Sr., who were bank employees and equipment supervisors respectively. Initially, his move from NY to Carolina was vital in his becoming of the giant sports icon today, that he or his family may not have anticipated at that time until certain opportunities arose.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan net worth

Michael Jordan has had a decorous career since his college days in terms of basketball. He was spotted by the NBA due to the reputation he had been able to generate for his diverse skills in front of the basket. Looking at his NBA career and the following business ventures, his fans often ponder over one thing: how much is Michael Jordan worth?

To properly assess his value, we must first understand the width of his career, how much galore he has achieved and how his business has thrived afterwards. Initially, after getting picked from college, he entered the NBA 1984 draft and was selected by the Chicago Bulls. Before committing fully to his basketball career, Jordan returned to finish his BA degree in Geography.

Prominently playing as a solid shooting guard, Jordan’s NBA tenure had started with the Bulls and ended with Washington Wizards. During this time, Jordan had won 6 NBA Championship trophies among other honors, that are discussed later on in this article.

After retirement, his affiliation with Nike has seen a boost of sales in their specially signatured shoes that are named after him as “Air Jordan”. Jordan appeared in shoe commercials promoting this line of footwears. ESPN has listed down 10 of the greatest commercials done by Jordan himself.

Jordan’s co-owned automotive company by his same name had paired up with Nissan for distribution. Jordan produced some of the most eye-catching sports cars that had won the hearts of all the onlookers. Accumulating from all his investments including the restaurant, golf course and sports contest businesses, Forbes has estimated Jordan’s net worth to be around 1.7 billion USD as of 2024.

Info On Michael Jordan Children

Michael Jordan children

Michael Jordan has in total five kids of his own! The eldest child is Jeffrey Michael Jordan who was born on November 18, 1988. Jeffrey initially started playing basketball like his father in college, but never went on to participate in the professional scene. He is currently married and works for the Jordan brand at Nike as the brand’s digital innovation lead. He also oversees the philanthropic department of Michael’s organization and manages investment & recruitment for sports or entertainment startups.

Marcus James Jordan is the second child of Michael and was born on December 24, 1990. Marcus played basketball at University level and was a partner of Adidas back then. However, according to the LA times, he lost his school a handsome amount of money by wearing an Air Jordan shirt instead of Adidas at a game in front of the public, which hurt his contract greatly. Marcus currently owns a boutique store online, selling Jordan-based products under the umbrella Trophy Room.

Jasmine Mickael Jordan is the third child of Michael and his first daughter who was born on December 7, 1992. Although she didn’t pursue her career in basketball, she followed the game very intensely and regularly. She currently works with Marcus for Air Jordan as a senior executive for the organization.

Michael’s fourth and fifth children are twins named Victoria and Ysabel Jordan who were born on the valentine’s day of 2014, which is February 4th. Since they are only 8 years old, Michael has understandably kept their lives under secrecy, but we hope once they are of age, we’ll be able to learn more on how they proceed with their life, and would they carry on their father’s legacy.

Michael Jordan Wife: A Detailed Overview

Michael Jordan has been married twice in his lifetime, one at the early stage of his basketball career and the other, long long after his retirement. Fans often want to know more about his married life and how things had ended. Well, satisfy your thirst for knowledge in this section!

His first wife was Juanita Vanoy whom he met during his time in Chicago. Vanoy was an executive secretary for the American Bar Association at that time. After almost four years of dating the two got married in 1989. In 2002, they decided to split up, but reconciled shortly after.

But in 2006, they finally decided to part ways and it was regarded as one of the most expensive divorces in history as Vanoy received 168 million USD, according to People Magazine. Vanoy currently travels around Europe, collects paintings and lives a luxurious life. Michael’s first three children were raised with Vanoy in their 17 years of marriage.

Michael’s second wife is Yvette Prieto who is a Cuban-American model and the two met at a nightclub back in 2008. They got married on April 27, 2013 in Florida, and the wedding approximately cost him around 10 million USD. The couple had signed a wedding prenup, confirmed by Daily Mail and the legal document was made public during that time. Michael and Yvette are the parents of Michael’s twin children that we’ve told you about, and the couple reside in both Florida and North Carolina in turns.


Michael Jordan will always remain as the greatest basketball player ever to step inside the court. His iconic superman 1988 slam dunk is still stuck in the memories of ones who ever got to witness it in person. After exploring all the facts and details from his life, we can guarantee that Michael Jordan is still alive and kicking at the age of 59.

We hope for his long and healthy life, and success for his children in the future. Who knows, maybe his youngest twins will be able to fill in the big shoes that Michael leaves behind for worthy basketball stars. But it’s still going to take a significant while for us, the fans, to find out how things pan out. Till then, best wishes for our beloved superstar and his family.

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