Is Nathan Chen Gay? Unveiling The Truth

Nathan Chen is an accomplished and talented skater from the United States. He is known for his incredible technical skills on the ice, particularly his ability to perform difficult jumps. Chen has won multiple national and international competitions and has become a well-respected member of the figure skating community.

Recently he has been in the spotlight for commenting on a gay statement related to his sports. He is a very young talented individual and his fans are always eager to know about his personal life. So his recent comments made doubt among the critics and his fans, everyone is assuming Nathan Chen is homosexual.

So to know the actual truth of the allegations, here in this article, you will find all the necessary answers regarding his sexuality along with his early life, career, and relationships.

Original Name Nathan Wei Chen
Date Of Birth May 5, 1999
Age 24
Hometown Salt Lake City, Utah
Nationality United States
Height1.67 meters
Weight132 lbs
Zodiac Sign Taurus
ProfessionFigure Skater
AwardsWon Olympic in 2022, Three Time World Champion

Is Nathan Chen Gay? Sexuality Revealed

Nathan Chen is a young sportsman and he likes to keep his personal life private. Though there are some allegations questioning his sexuality, the answer to the confusion is Nathan Chen is Not gay. He has never been seen to be dating any male and he has denied these speculations publicly in many interviews.

Nathan in his young career has achieved many awards, but still he is striving for more. Everything was fine until his provocative statement against the LGBTQ community came into the limelight. Though he cleared the allegations but still is facing doubts about his sexuality rumors.

Let’s find out the actual reasons why Nathan Chen is suspected to be gay and what he has actually done!

How Did The Gay Rumors Start?

Nathan Chen Gay Rumor

It all started with a podcast in which Nathan Chen talked about how uncomfortable he felt skating and how it was challenging for straight guys to participate because skating is a sport dominated by homosexuals. This statement made a lot of noise in the media and his fans thought he told this to hide his actual sexuality.

Later on, Nathan cleared his statement and answered the question that he is not homosexual. He supports the community as well as the players who participate in skating competitions. He also apologized for sounding a bit harsh on the Gay community.

Who Is Nathan Chen Dating Now?

As of now in 2024, Nathan Chen is single. He is currently focused on his growing career and has no intentions of getting involved in any romantic relationships right now.

The one public relationship that Nathan ever had was with fellow skater Amber Glenn. In or around 2016, the two were dating as teens. Yet nothing is known about their relationship, and by 2017, they had parted.

Chen is enjoying his single life, he is smart enough to handle his rumors. There is actually no hard evidence to prove his homosexuality also his previous relationship with a girl proves that he is straight.

Early Life And Career Of Nathan Chen

Career Of Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen was born on May 5, 1999, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and grew up in nearby Murray, Utah. He began skating at the age of three and quickly showed a talent for the sport. Chen’s family moved to California when he was seven so that he could train with renowned coach Rafael Arutyunyan.

Chen began competing at a young age and quickly began to make a name for himself in the skating world. In 2010, he won the novice men’s title at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and followed that up with a win in the junior men’s category in 2011.

Chen continued to rise through the ranks, and in 2016 he won the silver medal at the U.S. Championships, earning himself a spot on the U.S. team at the World Figure Skating Championships.

Chen’s first major breakthrough came in 2017, when he won his first U.S. senior men’s title, at the age of 17. He went on to win his first Grand Prix Final title and set a new world record for the highest score in the short program at the U.S. Championships. Chen continued to dominate the sport, winning multiple national and international titles, and setting new records along the way.

Chen represented the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, where he won a bronze medal. He also won his first World Championship title in 2018 and has since won multiple World Championship medals, including a second world title in 2021. Chen is known for his incredible technical skill on the ice, particularly his ability to perform difficult jumps, including quadruple jumps.

Net Worth Of Nathan Chen

It is estimated that he has earned significant amount from his successful figure skating career, including prize money, sponsorships, and endorsements. Chen has signed endorsement deals with companies such as Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, and Bridgestone, among others. Additionally, he has been featured in advertising campaigns for Visa and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

In 2024, Nathan Chen has an estimated net worth of $5 Million US dollars. For his brilliant talents, he earned his wealth within a very short time.

Final Words

Nathan Chen is a highly accomplished figure skater from the United States who has made a name for himself through his incredible technical skill and performances on the ice. Chen is also an advocate for environmental sustainability and has worked with nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about climate change.

While details of his personal life remain private, Nathan Chen’s accomplishments and contributions to his sport and advocacy work are a testament to his dedication and passion for making a positive impact on the world.

As he is very young, his whole life is ahead, so there will be many updates on his relationships. Also, the rumor of his sexuality will be clearer in the near future, and we will surely keep on updating all the possible information. Thank you for reading!

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