Is Noah Beck Gay? Finally Uncovered!

Is Noah Beck Gay

Noah Beck is a popular social media personality who blew up on TikTok during the pandemic. His comedic videos and exciting vlogs entertained people all around the world when everyone was going through a hard time.

He aspired to be a soccer player and played as a midfielder for the University of Portland soccer Team known as Portland Pilots. But his sudden popularity on social media changed his goal. Beck is a member of Sway House, a Los Angeles-based group of TikTok creators, and has his own YouTube Channel.

Beck has become a household name in the influencer community. With his fame, came speculations about his sexual orientation. People started to accuse him of hiding his true sexuality due to his feminine side.

If you are interested to know whether Noah Beck is gay or heterosexual, continue reading. By going through the rumor and his response about it will help us to find the answer.

Noah Beck’s Biography: Intriguing Facts About The TikTok Phenomenon

Noah Beck shares almost everything about his daily life and his fans know it all. But there might be some of you who are not as privy about him as you want to be. The table below can be a source of information that will help you to learn more about this social media personality.

Full Name Noah Timothy Beck
Sex Male
Date of Birth 4 May 2001
Occupation Social Media Personality, Model
Hometown Peoria, Arizona
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 m)
Weight 163 lbs (74 kg)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $5 million
Years Active 2020 – Present

Is Noah Beck Gay? How Did The Rumor Start?

Noah Beck sexuality

Nowadays fans want to know every single detail about their favorite celebrities and talk about it until they find a straightforward answer. The speculation about Noah Beck’s sexuality started after he became a prominent influencer on TikTok.

Beck is extremely hygienic, takes good care of his skin, and follows fashion trends. A lot of people believe these qualities indicate a person to be homosexual. Though Beck never expressed any interest in men in any of his videos, many believed him to be gay.

The Rumors about his sexual orientation escalated even more when a fellow social media influencer Bryce Hall posted a video on YouTube about him. In the video, Bryce Hall jokingly said Noah Back and James Charles are dating when he interrupted them while they were working on a project.

This video spread like wildfire and everyone started to believe in the clickbait.

Noah Beck was also featured on the digital cover of the VMAN. He posted a photo of it on Instagram where he was seen wearing eyeliners, heels, and fishnet stockings. It infuriated many people and he was accused of clickbaiting people with this semblance.

Noah Beck’s Response About The Speculation

In 2021, Noah Beck gave a response to the gay rumors. He posted a short video on Tiktok where he playfully showcased how confused he feels when people think he is a homosexual.

The video made a stir in the TikTok community. It was posted during pride month and many people thought he was coming out as gay at first. But after watching the full clip everyone understood that was not the case. In reality, he is showing his heterosexual side and the confusion he feels about the rumor.

Noah Beck’s Relationship With Fellow TikTok Star Dixie D’Amelio

Noah Beck’s Relationship

The rumor about Noah Beck being homosexual easily gets debunked from the two-year relationship he had with fellow TikTok sensation Dixie D’Amelio. They were known as the TikTok power couple and their fans used to call them DixieNoah.

They met through TikTok and started to post on social media in the summer of 2020. In October of that year, they officially announced their relationship to the public. Both of them were only 19 when they started to date and they were overwhelmed with the amount of attention they were getting from fans.

They finally parted ways in 2022 due to their conflicting schedules and long distance. Though they have separated, they have remained close friends.

If Noah Beck was actually gay, he would not have been a part of such a publicized relationship for around two years. It kind of proves he is a heterosexual man.

Noah Beck’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn in 2023

Noah Beck’s Net Worth

Noah Beck has garnered a lot of fans in quick succession after being exposed to the world of TikTok. His YouTube channel also earns him a decent amount of money. In 2023, he has around a total of $5 million in our estimation.

Noah Beck currently has more than 35 million followers on Tiktok and he regularly posts videos on that social media platform. He daily uploads one or two videos on TikTok and earns $2.5k from each one. Each of his TikTok videos gets more than 300k views.

He also has more than 1.54 million subscribers on his YouTube and his videos get around 30k views which earns him ad revenues. He also does social media promotions by collaborating with various brands, mainly products related to gyms.

Noah Beck has also launched his own clothing line named Ur Luv’d and it’s quite popular among his fans. He is managed by Talent X Entertainment.

Recently Beck bought a condo in West Hollywood which was built in the late 90s for 1.7 million dollars. It’s a 2,100 square feet accommodation with 3 bedrooms and 4 baths. Every modern facility is available in the apartment alongside three parking spots and a gym on the property.

Final Verdict

After properly investigating the rumor about Noah Beck being gay, we can easily surmise that he is straight as an arrow. He is not homosexual and was never sexually interested in men.

The rumor started due to his great hygienic routine and fashion sense as well as the video posted by Bryce Hall on YouTube. Though it was clearly indicated in the video that it was a clickbait, it escalated the gay rumors.

His response to the rumor on Tiktok as well as his relationship with Dixie D’Amelio showcases his heterosexual side. Even if he were secretly gay or bi-sexual, there is no way to prove it unless he shares it with the public. As long as that does not happen, calling him heterosexual will be the best bet.

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