Is Pauly Shore Gay? Relationship Status & Personal Info In 2024

Is Pauly Shore gay

Pauly Shore’s sense of humor still echoes through the minds of his watchers starting from his MTV days to the time he produced his own mockumentary. Many still remember him as “The Weasel” because of his stand-up prowess that left people in tears from laughing super hard, while the rest admire him for his long career in films – both live-action & animated!

Many fans have taken an interest in his personal life on various occasions and questions have been raised on social media platforms over the years. The burning question regarding him right now asks: is Pauly Shore gay? There’s no short answer to it because so many variable factors are present behind this premise.

To understand the depth of it in order to reach a conclusion, we must make a journey through this seasoned comedy actor’s life & work to assess his sexuality. His previous relationships as well as some of his social media posts are to be taken into consideration for analysis, and by the end we hope you’ll be able to find some sort of closure on this question one way or another.

Who Is Pauly Shore?

Who Is Pauly Shore

If you’re someone who doesn’t know who Pauly Shore is, then you’re in for a treat! Paul Montgomery Shore is basically a comedy guru hailing from the USA. He has performed as a stand-up comedian starting from the age of 17 and has succeeded in winning over the hearts of comedy enthusiasts.

His improv skills have been on-point the moment he stepped foot on the stage, and this aspect has been carried on throughout his entire career. Only at the age of 21, Shore landed a VJ position in MTV and reached the kids through comedy during that time. The 90s has most probably been his golden era of comedy with a few comedy films like Son in Law (1993) and Bio-Dome (1996) but sadly they didn’t float as Shore would’ve expected.

Early Life

Pauly Shore early life

Pauly Shore was born on February 1, 1968 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. If we take a look into his parents, we’ll realize his interest in the comedy scene and probably understand one of the many reasons behind his success, apart from obviously his natural talent.

He was born to Sammy and Mitzi Shore who are regarded in the comedy arena as two of the most influential individuals to have founded The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California, a comedy club that was opened back in 1972. Sammy was also a stand-up comedian and an actor from whom Pauly found his initial aspiration that carried on until this day.

Shore spent much of his time roaming inside his parents’ comedy club picking up on ideas that set his direction in the latter stages of his career. Shore was raised a Jew by his parents and despite being born in LA, he was raised and schooled in the Beverly Hills neighborhood at Beverly Hills High School.

Question About Pauly Shore: Is He Gay?

Pauly Shore is he gay

Now it’s time for us to uncover the mystery regarding Pauly Shore’s sexuality claims. Is Pauly Shore gay? Or does his sexuality belong to some other gradient? Let’s find out everything with absolute facts now!

Never in history such a question regarding Pauly Shore has been asked because he has had so many relationships and hookups that are significantly difficult to keep track of. Our sources tell us that Shore has had 12 romantic entanglements throughout his life and with one of them he was even engaged.

His former paramours contain the likes of Kylie Minogue, Savannah, Tiffani Thienson among others. His most recent relationship had been with American model and actress Alex Noble, the details of which are unclear till date. The duo started going out in 2014, and some claim that they are still together – married or not.

But the controversy begins right here. This couple hasn’t been seen in public in recent years and speculations began to take shape. It was rumored that Shore is actually dating a guy and is keeping it private because he doesn’t want to come out as gay yet.

This claim was further supported by a Tweet and Facebook post by Shore himself, clearly stating that he is gay. While many pass it off as one of his comedic stunts or activities, others are taking it very seriously. Although his history of dating marks him as a straight man, this statement paired with his recent ambiguous stance on relationship begs to ask this question in hand.

So to sum up, there’s no concrete answer and we may only speculate like any other person until this comedy star himself chooses to make a public statement clarifying this argument once and for all. Until then, let’s endure this mystery for a little bit longer and appreciate the great work he has left for us to enjoy.

Career Overview

Pauly Shore career overview

Shore’s professional comedy venture started with his stand-ups at an early age as we’ve mentioned. Vulture Magazine has briefly covered his career’s highlights in their article titled “The Rise and Fall of Pauly Shore”. Shore in his previous interviews shed light on his school days stating that everyone in his class had been preparing for their SATs while Shore didn’t because he was determined from that age to make it as a comedian without going to college.

His determination was rewarded with his MTV gig which catapulted his career into success. Every 90s kid watched him with beguiled eyes despite his corny and to some extent overly-sexualized jokes. From this point onward, Shore hosted his own show on MTV, appeared as guest host in one of their shows and went on to releasing his own music video.

He then turned his concentration toward films with mostly comedic work as the center of attention. His films didn’t really do well in the industry while critics claimed Shore’s acting to be horrendous and well-below par. Screen Rant’s featurette of most Razzie Award winners list holds Shore’s name in a prominent position since the star was recipient of the Golden Raspberry Award along with multiple nominations.

The awards that he had managed to win were: Worst New Star of the Year, Worst Actor of the Year and Worst New Star; with a nomination for Worst Actor of the Century which he luckily escaped by a miniscule margin to Sylvester Stallone.

After such consecutive blows, Shore decided to create a mockumentary of his own titled Pauly Shore Is Dead in a fragile attempt at redeeming his acting career. He kept on appearing in TV shows even in the 2020s with his latest venture being the voice artist for Pinocchio. This landed him some more popularity to the TikTok consumers due to the manner of throwing a particularly funny dialogue.


Here, you’ll be receiving a brief understanding of Pauly Shore’s personal information along with some of the highlighting information. Going through this section swiftly should equip you with a better conception about this comedy actor.

Full Name Paul Montgomery Shore
Alter Ego The Weasel
Date of Birth February 1, 1968
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Current Residence Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net Worth $30M (as of 2024)
Relationship Status Still a mystery
Height 171 cm (67 in)
Awards Golden Raspberry Awards


Pauly Shore’s speculations regarding his sexuality thus have still not been confirmed due to the factors you’ve seen while going through this article. It means that we have yet to find the answer to this question: is Pauly Shore gay? Until we see him hanging out with his partner or receive a public statement from him, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll receive any concluding point.

However, this isn’t the only thing we should focus on because there are many more educational and aspiring aspects in him too. At the age of 54, this powerful comedy artist is still experimenting with new styles and techniques which is truly remarkable and unforeseen in someone of his age.

It shows that you’re only finished when you give up and not when others tell you off. With this spirit in heart, we bid you goodbye and hope to bring you any information about Shore should he suggest anything regarding his sexuality.

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