Is Post Malone Gay? The Sexual Orientation Of The Rapper

Is Post Malone Gay

In the rap industry, Post Malone has cemented himself as one of the famous artists with millions of followers. Austin Richard Post, better known by his rap name, has created his unique tone by blending hip-hop, pop, R&B, and trap that attracted music lovers’ attention.

He is a bonafide rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has become one of the highest-grossing hip-hop artists. Although he has achieved incredible success in this short time, it came with some drawbacks.

Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny, and it’s very common for rumors to be spread without any evidence to back them up. Post Malone has been the victim of being a closet homosexual for years based on his outfits and manners.

Despite his dating several women over the years, the rumor has not subsided. Let’s take a deep dive to identify whether there is any basis behind the stories of him being gay or all of them were gossip generated by his haters.

Post Malone Facts and Trivia: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, Hometown, and More!

Even though Post Malone is one of the most popular and well-known celebrities, there is a lot of information about him that many of you might not know about. This table will help you easily gather facts, like his height, weight, zodiac signs, etc., and understand him better.

Full Name Austin Richard Post
Sex Male
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Record Producer, Songwriter
Date of Birth July 4, 1995
Hometown Syracuse, New York
Height 6 feet (1.84 m)
Weight 194 lbs (88 kg)
Relationship Status Engaged
Partner’s Name Jamie (Alleged)
Children DDP (Initials)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth $45 Million
Years Active 2011 – Present

Is Post Malone Gay? The Whole Story

Since his popularity in 2015, speculations about Post Malone’s sexuality have been circulating among his fans and haters. Due to his flamboyant styling sense, the rumors of him being a part of the LGBTQ community kept coming.

Some people think of him as a homosexual, while many believe he is bisexual due to his past relationships with multiple women. Even though there is no end to these rumors, Malone is living his regular life and keeping his focus.

Post malone Gay Story

The Origin

In terms of dressing style, Malone wears extravagant clothes that are often gender-neutral. There are some instances in particular where he wore skirts in public that caught everyone’s attention.

In addition, he is a soft-spoken person compared to many rappers, which many people connect with him being a homosexual. In our culture, it’s common to stereotype homosexuals as mild-mannered, well-dressed individuals. Post Malone falls in the same category, which results in him being called gay.

Another reason behind the circulation of this rumor is his private personal life. He doesn’t share his dating life on social media, which makes many people speculate about his sexuality further.

Malone’s Response

Regarding the stories about his sexuality, Post Malone rarely comments about them. He often says that he doesn’t care about what people think about his sexuality, as he knows the speculations will keep on coming.

His response might seem vague without giving any actual answer to the rumor, but it provides with a piece of interesting information: he doesn’t care what people think about him; he is happy with his life.

Post Malone’s Relationship History

Post Malone's Relationship

Although Post Malone doesn’t share his dating life on social media, he was spotted multiple times with different women. It was reported that he had short-time relations with some of them while some lasted for years.

The first name that circulates the most is Ashlen Diaz. It’s alleged that Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz dated for around 3 years, starting in 2015.

Malone was not a household name during that time, and they had a good run, but it all crumbled in 2018. Alongside his fame, Post Malone became busy with his career, and the two couldn’t find time for themselves, resulting in their breakup.

After the breakup, the rapper briefly connected with Kano Shimpo, a model, in 2019. It was a really short-lived fling that only lasted for three months, and too much information about it is unavailable.

In 2020, a rumor started circulating that the American rapper was romantically involved with MLMA (Me Love Me A Lot), a virtual artist and singer named Baeck Ye-jin, a Korean-born American. Various crazy photos of these two on social media added more fuel.

Post Malone is currently dating an unknown individual with whom he has welcomed a daughter. He later confirmed on social media that he is not only a father, he also got engaged to his then-girlfriend and will get married shortly.

His fiance’s name is still a mystery; Malone has not revealed it to his fans. But many netizens have used their deduction skills and identified a woman named Jamie as his fiance and the mother of his daughter.

Despite not giving a straightforward answer about their identity, his social media post helps deduce that they are having a good time as a new family.

Post Malone’s Net Worth

After getting recognition in 2015, Post Malone didn’t have to face any financial difficulty and has garnered a decent amount of wealth that few can achieve at such a young age. In our estimation, his net worth is around $45 million.

For a concert, Post Malone charges around $500,000 per concert, and it’s alleged that he made close to 55 to 60 million between 2019 to 2020, a staggering amount for any young artist. It resulted in him being one of the highest-grossing rappers ever during that period.

He also had massive endorsement deals like Bud Light Seltzer. In addition, he also has his brand of rosé, Mason no. 9, which earned him millions.

Post Malone has a $3 million mansion in Utah, where he is currently residing with his fiance and baby daughter. The house contains every modern facility with ample space ideal for raising a kid.

Concluding Statement

We have arrived at the concluding part of the article, and I think we can all reach a verdict that Post Malone is not a homosexual; instead, it’s all hearsay due to his dressing style and mannerism.

He has dated numerous women over the years, and currently, he is engaged and has a daughter with his fiance. Despite not sharing her name, his social media posts show a happy new family enjoying their life.

Even though it might seem he is straight, he can be a closeted bi-sexual which we can never prove unless some shocking evidence arrives or he announces in the future. No matter what his sexual preferences might be, he will be loved by his fans nonetheless.

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