Is Rick Astley Gay? The Story Behind The Speculation

Is Rick Astley Gay

Rick Astley is a man of many talents who has had a constant presence in our life since 1985 and has provided us with some of the most recognized songs like ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, ‘Together Forever’, ‘She Wants To Dance With Me’ etc.

He started his music career as a drummer in local bands, being the drummer of the Soul band FBI was his best achievement before his debut album was published in 1987. He did not have to look behind after that time and gained a place among music fans’ hearts.

Although Astley is a beloved singer and songwriter beloved by many, his fame also made him a victim of speculations from the masses about his sexuality which has not died down even to this day.

Without dilly-dallying, let’s investigate whether there is any basis behind the speculation about Rick Astley’s sexual orientation or all of it are telltales without any pieces of evidence.

Intriguing Pieces Of Information About Rick Astley That Might Interest You

Rick Astley is famous for his music and radio podcasting, but many of the young generations don’t have much information about this musician and personality. The table below will help you to learn some basic information about this English musician that you might not have known before.

Full Name Richard Paul Astley
Sex Male
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Date of Birth 6 February 1966
Hometown Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, England
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net Worth $20 Million
Years Active 1985 – 1993, 2000 – Present

Is Rick Astley Gay? The Origin Of The Rumor

Is Rick Astley Gay The Origin Of The Rumor

In order to identify whether or not Rick Astley is actually interested in men or in truth he is a heterosexual, we need to get to the bottom of the rumor and identify how all of this speculation started.

As many of you already know, Rick Astley started his music career in 1985 and his first studio album is called “Whenever You Need Somebody”. His debut album made him a bonafide star as it was his best-selling album that sold around 15 million copies.

In this album, there is a song named ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ which became one of his most popular songs. Some people modified the original lyrics and cut various clips in a way that made it sound like a confession of being interested in men. This edited clip went viral and created the whole speculation about his sexuality as it is commonly known that singers would talk about their inner desires and turmoils in their songs.

Many fans thought of the edited clip to be original and the song as a confession about his sexuality and this got spiraled really quickly all over the music industry. The rumor is still going on strong all over the internet to this day.

Although Rick Astley has never made any comment about this speculation, his activities suggest that he is not actually a homosexual rather he is a heterosexual male who told a story about a gay man in that song.

We can not come to any solid conclusion from that information alone. Further facts to realize whether he had any interest in men by going through his personal life.

Rick Astley’s Past and Current Romantic Relationships

Rick Astley’s Past and Current Romantic Relationships

Even Though Rick Astley has been a public figure for more than 30 years, he leads a really private life and barely shares any information with his fans about his personal life. For that reason, people don’t have much information about his dating life over the years.

Despite that, we know that Astley is a married man who took vows to never leave the side of his then-fiance Lene Bausager in 2003. Lene Bausager is a film producer whom Astley first met in 1987 when she used to work as a promoter for RCA Records.

It has been 20 years since they married and the few times they talk about themselves, it looks as if they are quite happy with each other and living a drama-free life in the Molesey district of Surrey, England.

They have a daughter from this marriage whose name is Emilie Astley who is currently residing in Denmark and has a master’s degree in Fine Arts. She is currently working as a landscape architect and an artist.

By going through his married life, it is highly unlikely that Rick Astley ever had any interest in men, rather it feels like he has been a happily married man for years.

Rick Astley’s Estimated Net Worth

Rick Astley’s Estimated Net Worth

Rick Astley has been a prominent figure in the English music industry since his debut in 1985 and has branched out in the Radio Show as well. He has done well for himself and in our estimation, he has a net worth of 20 million dollars in 2023.

Astley’s career started as a drummer in numerous local bands in his hometown and got his big breakthrough when he started to write songs and sing them himself. He is one of the top male solo artists whose 8 songs placed on the top 10 UK chart.

He has sold around 40 million albums to this date worldwide. His first album, “Whenever You Need Somebody” is considered to be his most successful album which sold around 15.2 million copies. Although he took a break from the music industry in 1993 to take care of his newborn daughter, he came back again in 2000. He did a major tour in 2004

Rick Astley not only garnered success in the music industry, but he also worked in Radio in 2010 for London’s Magic FM. He was initially contracted as a radio DJ for two months but was later extended for his popularity among the audience.

Astley does not have much interest in real estate, he currently resides in a house in Molesey, the Borough of Elmbridge, Surrey.  The house is quite ordinary compared with many other celebrities but it has every modern facility that you can imagine.

Bottom Line

By going through the origin of the speculation about Rick Astley’s sexuality and his relationship history, we can come to the decision with ease that Rick Astley is a heterosexual man who is interested in women.

The rumor about him being gay started to spread due to an edited version of his famous single Never Gonna Give You Up, which indicates him being in love with a man that many of his fans mistook for his confession. They thought he was coming out as a gay man but in reality, it was a fabricated lie, not his own tale.

Furthermore, Rick Astley has been married to his wife Lene Bausager for around 20 years and they have a daughter from this marriage. If he was really attracted to men, it’s highly unlikely he would have had a successful marriage for all these years.

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